The Incredible Shrinking Man | Jesse Shand Lost 350 Pounds

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WettyB : No one knows the story better than I, and yet, this video even surprised me. They did such a great job and I cri errytime Thank you all so much and I love each and every one of you like family

maxmoefoetwo : Beautiful

Jaii Rela : Wow, I officially have NO damn excuse.

RawCarrot : I've been trying to lose weight for about a year or so. I've had a really bad two months and I've felt incredibly guilty about it. This video is a lot of motivation for me and I respect that guy so much. I'm so happy for him. He's really changed his life for the better. Feel like crying tbh. I'm very happy for him and I look up to him. He's a great rolemodel to look up to for those who struggle with their weight and want to lose weight.

A Ghost : Damn I'm really proud of this guy. He didn't have a personal trainer to help him or nothing. He did it all himself. Wow

Joey Meyer : 18, 5'9", 220 pounds. Today is the day I turn this around. I'm gonna be 180 pounds by my 19th birthday.

Chris W : If you dont gain inspiration from this, your not human

King Lando : The extra skin is probably is 30-40 pounds

awildmoose : He said one year is 356 days. Other than that, good job.

Rashad Nagi : At my heaviest weight in 2014, 404 pounds to now 323, this story really touched me. In all honesty it made me cry, you are an inspiration Jesse!

Mario Tejada : my mans got bars

XOmarcelo Gaming : motivation to finish what i started years ago. I've been overweight my whole life yet I've made progress. down to 200 but i want to get rid of the unnecessary chest and stomach. watching this gave me motivation that it is possible if i want it enough

Llama Wayne : I'm 6'0 17 at 325 lbs. I hope in a year that can change tremendously. videos like these motivate me to become the person I've always dreamed of being :-)

Colin Weiss : incredibly motivating. undereating skinny guy here always on a bulk, found great motivation in this.

Leo Ix : He has a great attitude. "Started my cutting phase after a successful 25 year bulking phase..." hahahahaha Well done.

II Davood II : This guy is sick and I support but there is 365 days not 356

Hussein Kilkal : And I thought my 80 lbs was impressive LOL

Matt Edwards : "Today I'm starting my 'cutting' phase after a VERY successful 'bulking' phase" lmao I lost my shit xD

Koenma : at least he is not < 6'

Andrew Tolmasoff : Watched this after just waking up. Great way to start the day! This guys is so inspirational! An attempted Joke/Troll thread changed this guys's life

Rob Wilson : Wetbreasts was probably the most active thread we have ever had on the Misc over at the forums. While there were some jackasses (still are), the vast majority of people you come across are genuinely interested in helping people achieve their goals and looking for support to achieve their own. We at BB can be some of the most hyper critical folks on the planet, but we are also a tight knit community and we come together and circle the wagons when one of our own is in trouble. Lots of us reached out to help him, including some good old fashioned tough love, both in the initial thread and the ones that came after it. There is a massive amount of fitness and nutrition knowledge amongst our members, but this thread also showed lots of compassion. People willing to hop in their car or on a plane and come to Michigan to offer assistance, but at the end of the day he had to help himself. I could not be more proud of what Jesse has accomplished, and continues to accomplish, both in fitness and in his life in general. He has slipped up a couple of times, but he still keeps coming back and is still active on BB. This story is old now, but perhaps it can still serve as a reminder to never give up, and maybe even dispel the myth that the body building community is little more than a bunch of pretentious egomaniacs. To use a Misc battle cry, "we're all gonna make it brah!"

LILY : Wow this is amazing. I use to weigh 140-145 and now I weigh 200 pounds, I always try to find excuses to not go to the gym. I mean I have a car, a gym membership and I have only gone about 4 times in a month. I'm tired of feeling like crap when I see my body, thanks for the inspiration. I'm gonna make a change today :) this made me excited!!! Good luck to everyone wanting to make a change!!

angel raval : i just seen again how beautiful and great humanity is...

Derson Nett : So you will get that big by just playing video games, watching tv for hours with eating junk foods drinking beer?

Daniel Enyel : thank you man, please pray for me I'm on hard journey to be like you

Sal C : I can relate to this. My situation was already terrible so I just kept doing the same things over and over again. Credit card debt.

Ghost227 : Oh god. The man tears that are coming out right now!

X325 : Count your blessings for going to a sub-forum that is full of angry frat boys rather one of those fat acceptance or health at every size groups.

Ben Withington : Set this video to start up every time I open chrome and i'll watch it every time I miss a day of training

Donald Dumas : Tremendous mon, u giving reason to keep striving, God bless!

BL000OOO000D : I went from 175-350 in a year

Joe : Damn onions, man.. The stuff we take for granted, it blows my mind. I'm here complaining about how I hate shave and how and my car isn't fun enough, not thinking about those who can't wait to shave again and are totally unable to drive, and it kinda makes you feel like such a shit person for being upset about such petty shit. My heart goes out to this guy, he's a hero.

melissa gibbs : This vid made me cry. Truly amazing.

XxXxXxXx : "Very successful, "bulking phase".

GawdShaq Tv : Wow this made me cry keep up the good work man

Rocketboy : I'm working on losing weight myself. Cool to see this guy pull that off.

superman4ever101 : why so many dislikes???

Gaming with J : 13;46 It is an amazing story this guy is amazing but 356 days

Gavi Shapiro : I lost 60 pounds in the past 4 months from insanity and insanity max 30.

Hardy Marty : This guy deserves respect. For all those who have given up on themselves learn from this man. God bless all those who helped him through his life changing journey.

Zombie Slayer99 : i'm 16 5'6" 240, this video is very inspirational...wonder what i'll be in a year

OneToOneSucc : I watched this video for the first time at 200 pounds and I am rewatching it now at 155, and I'm like shit...

ExPloJay : 13:43 reply if u hear the mistake

Tyler G : 13:49 "he guys, it's been 1 year, 356 days"

WaxCat Roberts : he's adorable and I love his personality

Mark Sneddon : "Start my cutting phase after a successful 25 year bulking phase." hahahah :'D

Juan Pretorius : Don't know if it's the music or something else but at 12:30 I had to stop so that I wouldn't cry? And then his mother spoke and I was like OKAY let's take a break from this. Touching stuff, man.


Sebastian Skydsgaard : Who else came here to see the result because you are going through the same? ;(

Jamil Goldsmith : Congratulations. Enough said.