Bacon Cheeseburger IN A CAN - WHY?? - WHAT ARE WE EATING???

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Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger in a Can! WHY?? WHAT ARE WE EATING?? Social Media Links: Patreon: Website - https://TheWolfePit.Com Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: "Broken Reality" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Comments from Youtube

Sir Galahad : +7 Rads +2 HP (Fallout players)

Watersplsh : It expires today

Walter Phillps : Not even worth killing the cow for the quality of the burger

WuzNab : There is so much oil, the US wants to invade that burger.

Big gulp Slurpie straw : I feel bad for the cows how died to be a burger in a can

Anthony v : You have failed as a parent if you make your kids eat this.

Sarah O. : Mostly for survival, starvation situations where you would be grateful to eat a canned burger. x'D

] ginock [ : It says premium quality twice. I'm convinced.

Ja Kite : The ingredients were solid. The execution was criminal.

Range Ryder : SteveMRE will eat food from WWII and this dude wont even eat canned food

Gavin Roddy : It probably has the same nutritional value as sock

Torxx : And ppl still ask themselves why everyone's got cancer these days...

Trustygamer : Let’s get this onto a tray...nice...oh wait wrong YouTuber

Billy Bob : No thanks Tide Pods is a faster way to kill my self

Annette B : Lord.What are they going to think of next 🤢🤢🤢Yuck 🤮

Isaac Y. : So are the buns made from canned bread??

kd9bwi : I'd rather eat chicken livers. Actually, I'd eat chicken livers anyway.

zcp 17 : The burger finally expired

Dr. K : Umdercooked burger in a can... RUNNNNN

Ben Resenberger : It’s expired boys

P y : That was gross and I lived on mre's in the field, that says it all. At least the bun should have been separate in it's own plastic sealed bag.

TheRailGunner : If the zombie apocalypse were upon us, I think I'd rather take my chances cooking the virus out of deer meat from a deer that had been bitten lmao.

Billy Bob : If you can eat this, you can eat anything

Paul Forester : How long were you on the can for? Sitting or kneeling?

William Nelson : Its probably Australian dingo. Or kangaroo.

thegreatgrumdini : Live in the UK You nailed Worcestershire sauce Perfect pronunciation

Isham2 W : Yo this guy is unintentionally hilarious. 😂

wiggle nancy : For when the nuke drops but you dont think the radiation is killing you fast enough

Hugh Jass : The next wolfepit video includes the narrarator's trip to the emergency room, Stay tuned!

Tom O : What came out of that can looked like an old army ration from 1950 that was just opened after 70 years.

Jono Hoog : iI CALL FOR A 10% moratorium on FAT/SALT content

Sara Hatchett : I discovered you at 3am last night. I intend to watch all your videos. You sir are awesome👍✌

Korakaris : In a survival situation, this can save your life. In all other situations, it will ruin it.

Cheyenne or whoever she is. : I am British. Yes, you said Worcestershire Sauce perfectly...

diadems blackswan : Had a couple of those in a cabinet with various other soups and stuff. Watched this vid and immediately tossed them. Thx man 👍

ian forde : You said the sauce name correctly sir

Jovanne Travers : I love the part when he said "it's like trying to cut through a damn brick!"😂😂🤣🤣💀

FavOnIcon : at least it has more meat than McDonald's big mac

Rock Snot : Someone in the UK made it. What do you expect? Wooster sheer sauce!!

Matt Trombetta : I would have just fired my gun at that thing when I removed it from the can... good lord!

Wayne Wojcik Jr. : 3:27 even the can didnt want to be near it anymore

Steven Malchiodi : put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

Mad Dog : We are now in the year this would expire. 3 years flys doesn't it?

Daniel : The sad part is the ingredients were 100x healthier than any fast food bacon cheeseburger.

Spyro420 : Hey I subscribed lol 😂! Have u ever done one on steak-ums?

itsmyonly option : Suppose to boil the can first .

CFT : Starving to death probably tastes better than this shit

Mr. GOD : I eat mine with the shell but ok

JUST*PASSING* THRU : I could see just the meat, in the can, maybe, if it was well done. Especially for emergency purposes.