Bacon Cheeseburger IN A CAN - WHY?? - WHAT ARE WE EATING???

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Billy Bob : No thanks Tide Pods is a faster way to kill my self

Billy Bob : If you can eat this, you can eat anything

Knorkrax : This is German cuisine at it's finest and I speak from experience.

Zelada212 : That burger looks like what they give me at school

krazy raccoon98 : Looks like a krabby patty supreme

Terry Adun : This is disgusting 🤮🤮🤮

Range Ryder : SteveMRE will eat food from WWII and this dude wont even eat canned food

CipherBytes : How does the company that makes this stay in business?

Dr Jake's Very British Reviews : You said worcestershire sauce correctly!

Sir Galahad : +7 Rads +2 HP (Fallout players)

Jon Showen : Zombie apocalypse levels of survival kinda food.

Anthony v : You have failed as a parent if you make your kids eat this.

NOLA Queen : looks like diabetes...and death💀🤦🏽‍♀️

Todd's Kitchen : oh wow... No.... Just no.......

Clankplusm Gaming : Legend has it Americans have these injected via IV these days as standard meals

Annette B : Lord.What are they going to think of next 🤢🤢🤢Yuck 🤮

Taran Amrit kaur : Where's the cheese?

Brady Knapp : Yo this burger looks delicious. Asf. I would actually eat it.

Madchen Lear : I'm German and I've never seen this before, I guess it's cause my parents love me

Torxx : And ppl still ask themselves why everyone's got cancer these days...

Daniel : The sad part is the ingredients were 100x healthier than any fast food bacon cheeseburger.

TheRailGunner : If the zombie apocalypse were upon us, I think I'd rather take my chances cooking the virus out of deer meat from a deer that had been bitten lmao.

Dr. K : Umdercooked burger in a can... RUNNNNN

Larry Bundy Jr : I've tried a regular hamburger in a can before, you can salvage it a little by pulling the bun away and sticking it in a toaster, give it some texture too!

zappy bear : I'd rather eat chicken livers. Actually, I'd eat chicken livers anyway.

Ja Kite : The ingredients were solid. The execution was criminal.

Ricky : The perfect burger for a man living alone and don't know how to cook

Mayor Fuglycool : They included the BUNS !???! WTH ! Mayor Fuglycool

Les Rosin : scary to be sure,,, don`t know I would toss it to a dog.

Robert Kester : Not even worth killing the cow for the quality of the burger

Alejandro Kudo : I know it will come to this

Alex Youngberg : Good video dude. I like your dry humor! 😂

M y t h i c a l B e a r ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : I love this guy's sense of humor. 😂

kallibaer32 : Made in that's embarrassing


Isaac Yoder : So are the buns made from canned bread??

mkay1243 : Trying to cut through a damn brick 😂😂😂

wiggle nancy : For when the nuke drops but you dont think the radiation is killing you fast enough

GabEZ : This is gourmet

GabEZ : Id eat it because its german and as an american, european food seems interesting

Yung Melvin : So... the government should stop you from having bad ideas. K bucko.

] ginock [ : It says premium quality twice. I'm convinced.

Korakaris : In a survival situation, this can save your life. In all other situations, it will ruin it.

Daniel Davey : Good video. Idiotic point of view thinking that government has any intention, let alone obligation, to protect you from this kind of thing. And the Darwin Award goes to....

the real PewDiPie : Booger in a can

Scott Daunhauer : No one seems to remember that every 'problem' in this country (or any country, for that matter) was allowed to happen or Made to Happen by the GoVeRnMeNt. Everyone needs to keep that in mind.

janner : Germany fights back!!!

Donnie Zoller : Germany, What's wrong with you? It's our job as Americans to make disgusting food in a can like this. It's your job as Europeans to have higher standers, so we Americans can complain about not having the same high standers for food safety. :P But in all seriousness though, can hamburger patties makes sense for camping and food storage and what not, but bun and all? That's just all kinds of nope.

Hugh Jass : The next wolfepit video includes the narrarator's trip to the emergency room, Stay tuned!

Lewis Wright : Hat Films anyone?