Bacon Cheeseburger IN A CAN - WHY?? - WHAT ARE WE EATING???

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Billy Bob : No thanks Tide Pods is a faster way to kill my self

Billy Bob : If you can eat this, you can eat anything

Knorkrax : This is German cuisine at it's finest and I speak from experience.

Sir Galahad : +7 Rads +2 HP (Fallout players)

Dr Jake's Very British Reviews : You said worcestershire sauce correctly!

krazy raccoon98 : Looks like a krabby patty supreme

Zelada212 : That burger looks like what they give me at school

CipherBytes : How does the company that makes this stay in business?

Jon Showen : Zombie apocalypse levels of survival kinda food.

Anthony v : You have failed as a parent if you make your kids eat this.

Range Ryder : SteveMRE will eat food from WWII and this dude wont even eat canned food

Ja Kite : The ingredients were solid. The execution was criminal.

NOLA Queen : looks like diabetes...and death💀🤦🏽‍♀️

Todd's Kitchen : oh wow... No.... Just no.......

Robert Kester : Not even worth killing the cow for the quality of the burger

Torxx : And ppl still ask themselves why everyone's got cancer these days...

Clankplusm Gaming : Legend has it Americans have these injected via IV these days as standard meals

zappy bear : I'd rather eat chicken livers. Actually, I'd eat chicken livers anyway.

Madchen Lear : I'm German and I've never seen this before, I guess it's cause my parents love me

Taran Amrit kaur : Where's the cheese?

Annette B : Lord.What are they going to think of next 🤢🤢🤢Yuck 🤮

] ginock [ : It says premium quality twice. I'm convinced.

Daniel : The sad part is the ingredients were 100x healthier than any fast food bacon cheeseburger.

M y t h i c a l B e a r ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : I love this guy's sense of humor. 😂

Dr. K : Umdercooked burger in a can... RUNNNNN

TheRailGunner : If the zombie apocalypse were upon us, I think I'd rather take my chances cooking the virus out of deer meat from a deer that had been bitten lmao.

WuzNab : Would you rather eat this or raw beef. Life for burger Comment for beef.

kallibaer32 : Made in that's embarrassing

Larry Bundy Jr : I've tried a regular hamburger in a can before, you can salvage it a little by pulling the bun away and sticking it in a toaster, give it some texture too!

Gavin Roddy : It probably has the same nutritional value as sock

Mayor Fuglycool : They included the BUNS !???! WTH ! Mayor Fuglycool

Alex Youngberg : Good video dude. I like your dry humor! 😂

Ricky : The perfect burger for a man living alone and don't know how to cook

yo yo bigs : It's The Walking Dead Burger lol

Isaac Yoder : So are the buns made from canned bread??

Les Rosin : scary to be sure,,, don`t know I would toss it to a dog.


Gaming vlogs Millan : Premium quality cheeseburgers

FireAdrix : Honestly it's not that bad... If ever had an anti zombie bunker I would tons of canned food and probably love to have something similar to a cheeseburger xd

Esmeralda Gomez-Martinez : 0:32 sounded like chuckys laugh 💀😂

smiley TV : Id want a canned cheese burgur if i there if i was in the. Woods and i nothing to eat

wiggle nancy : For when the nuke drops but you dont think the radiation is killing you fast enough

jrzmark : That burger expires in a month

mkay1243 : Trying to cut through a damn brick 😂😂😂

CarlosChip Morales : Only in America

This Old Geek : I'll stick with spam

Korakaris : In a survival situation, this can save your life. In all other situations, it will ruin it.

anonymous #68311 : So where's the fried chicken at

Ville : I would rather chew my shoes than take a bite of this.

Hugh Jass : The next wolfepit video includes the narrarator's trip to the emergency room, Stay tuned!