Bacon Cheeseburger IN A CAN - WHY?? - WHAT ARE WE EATING???

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Todd's Kitchen : oh wow... No.... Just no.......

Billy Bob : No thanks Tide Pods is a faster way to kill my self

Billy Bob : If you can eat this, you can eat anything

Knorkrax : This is German cuisine at it's finest and I speak from experience.

C T : dude stop eating canned foods you are gonna get sick

BassManBobBassCovers : 6:04 LMAO

Will KA : imagine someone actually comes home looking forward to eating that burger

PREPFORIT : I think it would be a nice change from military rations to have a cheeseburger in the F ing middle of Nowhere Fighting to keep generation snowflake safe !

Mayor Fuglycool : They included the BUNS !???! WTH ! Mayor Fuglycool

Fharish Ahmed : WHY??? Why would you eat that?

Dr Jake's Very British Reviews : You said worcestershire sauce correctly!

Brady Knapp : Yo this burger looks delicious. Asf. I would actually eat it.

bababoy : 3:24

Alex Youngberg : Good video dude. I like your dry humor! 😂

ButtOnAStick : #SchoolLunchFood

M y t h i c a l B e a r ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : I love this guy's sense of humor. 😂

Clankplusm Gaming : Legend has it Americans have these injected via IV these days as standard meals

Zelada212 : That burger looks like what they give me at school

Nigeria Parker-Riggins : I just can't. This looks omg...

iiOdin : Not even joking that is actually cancer

Vortex : Ekoli poisoning

krazy raccoon98 : Looks like a krabby patty supreme


mkay1243 : Trying to cut through a damn brick 😂😂😂

rapturekevin : I had sheppards pie in a can. It looked like sombody already ate it once. It tasted even worse.

Stephanie Bailey : Well worst comes to worst one day we might be eating out of cans I hope we don’t tho know what I mean? We have to be prepared.

Fred Miller : I watched this while eating breakfast and it actually made me lose my appetite.

Range Ryder : SteveMRE will eat food from WWII and this dude wont even eat canned food

NOLA Queen : looks like diabetes...and death💀🤦🏽‍♀️

Larry Bundy Jr : I've tried a regular hamburger in a can before, you can salvage it a little by pulling the bun away and sticking it in a toaster, give it some texture too!

Hugh Jass : The next wolfepit video includes the narrarator's trip to the emergency room, Stay tuned!

TK Summoner 27 : Not bad you said, ill start buying it and serving it on my 10 star restaurant :okhand:

HZM Gamer : Me: *Sponsor this video to Gordon* The next week after he gets this video (IN THE FACTORY) G.Ramsay: Oh babe's I told you man's not hot! I told you man's not hot! They guy's told me to take off my jacket but I said babe's man's not hot! Bong!!! The Ting Goes Skraaaaaa!! Ayyy!!! Pak kakakakak!!!! Skidid papak! And the Tru to drum!! Skiak!! Ah! Tutuntuntuntuntum! Tum Tum! You don't know!

Pretty please With sugar on top : We don’t have dollar trees in Canada 🇨🇦..... I’m not sad about it

wyatt bostock : I can't believe you put that in your mouth

kallibaer32 : Made in that's embarrassing

Les Rosin : scary to be sure,,, don`t know I would toss it to a dog.

Jamie Lee : This makes McDonald's look like a 5 star restaurant.

Dude Winning : Somebody introduce this vegan to the modern invention of Fire so he can stop fingering unprepared food. 4:21 who puts gouda cheese on a burger!?

wiggle nancy : For when the nuke drops but you dont think the radiation is killing you fast enough

janner : Germany fights back!!!

Torxx : And ppl still ask themselves why everyone's got cancer these days...

Alejandro Kudo : I know it will come to this

JakubdotPLGB : It's pronounced "wes-tah-sher-sauce" I think

Lil Strand : I want to eat that. I think it like good, not even sarcastisc

DEMOLITION GAMER101 : I'm a kid and I joke around a lot but that shit is not funny. Words can not even express. This looks like something from off of bestgore

Bryan Rodriguez Is a Terrible Person : Omg this company needs to be shut down. That stuff isnt even fit for human consumption.

Chucky Lozano : I would never eat something canned like meat. That’s complete cancer.

PrettySavage : I literally threw up on my hands and some got on my fav blanket. Luckily it was a small amount of vomit. But anyways, that thing looks like it won’t even digest. It’s gonna turn into parasites in your stomach

Rayray Reyes : This is still healthier than pork. If you eat lobster and shrimps which are ocean "roaches", you would eat this too.