Testing Lego Worm Gear HIGH TORQUE Performance
Testing Lego Worm Gear HIGH TORQUE Performance

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Lego worm gear is a fast track to high gear ratios. But is it efficient? Let's find out.


Imperial Guardsman : Thanks for making me realise how important lube is

Uncle Ned : Those poor axles!!

Rozza : you need some metal axles let's be honest

Toboter XP : Can you break a standard 2x4 brick apart using only Lego Technic? Would be intersting to know.

J3n555 : This has more torque than my honda

Brick Experiment Channel : Thanks again for the feedback guys. A steel axle video will come.

un.garçon : It seems like the axles are the weakest points as they also twist in your other videos. Why not try to reinforce them somehow? I imagine two 24-gears could be connected using 4 axles for extra strength.

lostme : Didn't try to lube two gearboxes in series. I am not satisfied.

THE ___BULDI___ : Black worms are stronger because they can say the n-word

Kevin Becker : I love it. Have you thought about testing contraptions with counterweights or something with insanely high ratios? :D

inashaulk : Yo dawg, I heard you like gearboxes

Leonox : The sounds of the bricks snapping together º-º so satisfying

Forssa1 : Lets see pneumatic stress test next.

dayyou : Are black worms better? my ex would say so.

NoiseBomb : You’re a hero my friend! Thanks for breaking your lego so i can keep mine intact!

Zex Maxwell : I hope my YouTube premium money goes to you to replace those rods.

TacticalMoonstone : Ran your stats through a 1-tailed t-test (which admittedly didn't have enough data for a definitive test), and there isn't enough evidence to suggest that black worms are stronger than gray worms (P-val 69.8%).

jake : at this point we know the axles are the weak point. why not get some steel axles and really push the limits.

Scott Dobbs : Kind of curious now if you could build a functional, albeit much more bulky, fishing reel.

Jesse GD : But can it separate two flat lego pieces that are stacked together?

SnivyTries : So the worm gears and the gearboxes allow for more compact / simple builds, at the cost of 20-40% efficiency.

Aethgeir : I love how you display the casualties at the end of the episode!

Legends Keeper : The title should be: How to give stress Lego Parts, and showing that the Lego parts are very flexible and won't Break easily.

Dorf von Gaulf : may you should get metal axels so they last longer. people do sell metal axels

Dominik Bejma : I very like your wideos. They are giving point of view on what happens in real mechanical devices. How was the efficiency of transmission measured?

Justin Y. Revelation : Just a little more and you can bend time and space itself with this monstrosity

b ware : It usually sounds like you’re using dc motors but at the start of the video it seemed like a AC motor was being used??

WhippySpoosledorf : 4:32 1945, The Bomb is Dropped on Hiroshima

Mr.Memer : bruh the assembly part is like asmr

Егор Вильгельм : It is dangerous for motor?

Epix Wheelz : wow lego makes better worm gears than vex robotics does

EllipticGeometry : This channel is so torturous. And yeah, worm drives are horribly inefficient. That is precisely why the output can’t drive the input. That can be an advantage, plus they’re compact. But if you want more power, avoid them.

MeowCow 21 : 4:24 Looney toons falling sound.

Napalm : wait so a LEGO motor with just one worm gear in a gearbox can lift my cat?

Arno Mathei : Can someone send a link to where i can buy all this?

Sir Hoodie : 4:00 He went to far.

Farmer Cyst : Me: watches Brick Experiment Channel Also me: "I'm an engineer now"

Mateusz Raś : You deserve more subscribers

LunarAvenger : I love how you are experimenting through engineering. Though I do get a smile at every oops, especially since I was waiting for #2

Sonari N. Roulette : Wow! I thought worm gears were designed for heavy torque loads! Intriguing to see the comparison between regular gearboxes. Informative! Ps i just love how watching someone else's semi-chaotic experimentation can be so satisfying.

Gabriel Gelli : Thanks for the great video!!

Clayton Dorneman : Why am I watching this I should be asleep

Fat Boz : Just Subscribed, never knew Lego was so involved. Lego Lathe Maybe?

Nalothisal : Daaaaaaaaaaamn! Are we going to see a future video of these worm gears doing heavy lifting?

parazels83 : Wow, looks like I always underappreciated the regular gears!

Sodapop Cowboy : *watching video* 4:01 "YOU MADMAN!!!"

Melissa Bee : Where does this guy get so much gears and axles! Amazon? Maybe?

Em P : top 10 forbidden lego building techniques

Basic Creative : Im sure u craft a space x Rocket powerd by gears soon 😍