Testing Lego Worm Gear HIGH TORQUE Performance

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Uncle Ned : Those poor axles!!

Brick Experiment Channel : Thanks again for the feedback guys. A steel axle video will come.

Akyer : skidaddle skidoodle your axle is now a noodle

Rozza : you need some metal axles let's be honest

Toboter XP : Can you break a standard 2x4 brick apart using only Lego Technic? Would be intersting to know.

un.garçon : It seems like the axles are the weakest points as they also twist in your other videos. Why not try to reinforce them somehow? I imagine two 24-gears could be connected using 4 axles for extra strength.

jake : at this point we know the axles are the weak point. why not get some steel axles and really push the limits.

lostme : Didn't try to lube two gearboxes in series. I am not satisfied.

Leonox : The sounds of the bricks snapping together º-º so satisfying

EllipticGeometry : This channel is so torturous. And yeah, worm drives are horribly inefficient. That is precisely why the output can’t drive the input. That can be an advantage, plus they’re compact. But if you want more power, avoid them.

Kevin Becker : I love it. Have you thought about testing contraptions with counterweights or something with insanely high ratios? :D

Forssa1 : Lets see pneumatic stress test next.

Zex Maxwell : I hope my YouTube premium money goes to you to replace those rods.

inashaulk : Yo dawg, I heard you like gearboxes

TacticalMoonstone : Ran your stats through a 1-tailed t-test (which admittedly didn't have enough data for a definitive test), and there isn't enough evidence to suggest that black worms are stronger than gray worms (P-val 69.8%).

Sc S : Black worms are longer and stronger

Nico71's Lego Technic Creations : Worm gear has about 30% of efficiency regarding standard transmission that is why there are not used in trial truck for instance. Interesting experiment about the silicone grease !

Cargo Crusader : may you should get metal axels so they last longer. people do sell metal axels

NoiseBomb : You’re a hero my friend! Thanks for breaking your lego so i can keep mine intact!

Mateusz Raś : You deserve more subscribers

Sir Hoodie : 4:00 He went to far.

James Carron : A quick note: a rigorous statistical analysis of black vs grey swirls can be done based on your data! The null hypothesis (or status quo) would be that they are equal, and the alternative hypothesis may be that the black ones are better. The underlying model might be that the two swirls come from normal distributions with certain means which may be different (and for simplicitly, equal variances, although you can change this assumption). FInally, you could just calculate the probability of your results given that the two swirls have equal mean tolerances, and infer a conclusion about the null hypothesis from there!

Tepa racing : Tällä kertaa ilman rypsiöljyy😂

KoliKoliKole : i love your videos. please upload more

parazels83 : Wow, looks like I always underappreciated the regular gears!

J3n555 : This has more torque than my honda

NULLOBANDITO : I think the main problem here seems to be friction on the worm gears, maybe try oiling them a bit and test again ;)

김성윤 : Someone get this guy a metal axles

puking emoji : Is your m motor modified?

Nexarius : Next time you have to use metal axels 😂

Spin Clips : I can feel that *TORQUE*

M Λ M B Λ C U R I Λ L : more T O R K

Henri Tuhola : It's obvious those axles are preventing you from going higher with this one. One rod can just handle the 350N/mm and that's it. Each rod you add gives you that amount of pull, so you should reach 70kg with two rods, and so on...

President Saad : Awesame video

Евген Сиренко : плохо что я не знаю англиский

DragonTechRoyale4k : 720p is low resolution

Sion : 5:19 *Why is the difference in lifted weight so large when the gear ratio is almost the same?* (Don't say: "because the efficiency is lower", that means nothing because the efficiency is calculated from the lift & gear ratio) I think it has something to do with the radius of the worm-gear, it's veery small compared to for example a 40 tooth gear, and this difference in "leverage length" makes the difference?

Belias Phyre : Wait, were the spur gears deforming the output shaft that much at the same ratios? Something's not making sense.

Ainan Kashif : I'm just wondering where did you get all of these lego technic pieces from?

Conrad Andrew : This stuff is insane. Using toy gears and motors, you could lift a small child! The power of mathematics. I love your videos man!

kammarat serqui : tunnekku nyt kun pirkka paljasti kansallisuuden ni puolet kommenteista on suomeks eikä muiden maiden asukit ymmärrä paskaakaa kommenteista xd

PsychoBelka : A minute of silence for the fallen axles...

Giacomo Borghi : try to use lego motor as a dinamo i'm arrive to 30V in output

Radu Melunte : Grey is spelt wrong

Sack TV : Love your vids, keep up.

thumb nail : Denmark would be proud

Coflorin vaimo : Puhu joskus enkkua ja hyvä kanava tykkään.

Po prostu! : Great, Kurwa!

BarbaPapa * : Wow,. Awesome test,. Great job greetings from the Dutch lego fanclub,. Thumbs up👍🏼

Mr Hist : Great video!!! Keep it up!!