George Carlin --- Religion is Bullshit
Religion is Bullshit

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Goose WITTA Noose : Who else is looking though the comments to see if any religious nuts are triggered.

Explicit Low : Religion was invented to control the masses. It's also a money making scheme.

Deeson Jame : Plot Twist: George Carlin is God.

Empress Atheism : Making fun of Christians is the best hobby when I'm bored

The Mad Pioneer : "but he loves you" is one of the greatest quotes of all time

Bob the definitely real humanoid : God is a basically the equivalent of a narcissistic ex-lover who threatens to kill you if you think for yourself

Zachary : Absolutely the most brilliant stand up show ever.

Lucas the Lemur : there aren't enough people like you, mr. carlin. rest in peace ya funny guy.

z3k3_ : Me:Goes in an angry Christian Also me:comes out a laughing athiest

Jon Maderos : Why don't churches have WiFi? They don't wanna compete with an invisible power that actually works.

moboutmen : "God is a which we measure our pain." John Lennon

Awuondo L. : Religion is like an abusive relationship

Eric Sell : "...but he loves you!" hahahaha! Yes! Perfect delivery!

Oh Wowow : Religion is just multiple failed attempts to control everyone on Earth. Hence why there are many religions.

daym tlili : "but he loves you" hahahahha . i'm dead . who's still watching in 2019 .

SPZ Max : 7,800 triggered Christians need a safe space.

Ryan Slater : I watch this once a month. It's very refreshing.

Osamu Yashinobu : God has left the chat πŸ’­

Raymond Quadros : How many people agree with me that 'King George' Carlin deserves the Nobel Peace prize for Comedy? There may Never be anyone else like him.

mr Dr? its strange : when I die I get to sleep all I want.

UltraVerse Studios : I know God is not real, but let's imagine that he is real. 1. If God is said to be merciful to all humans living in this Earth (good or bad), why does he sent some of the bad people to eternal torture instead of giving them a chance to redeem themselves? 2. Why did he kill many Innocents? 3. How did he create the universe from nothing? 4. Why does he favor a specific group of humans? 5. Why didn't he realized that sending Satan to Earth is a idiotic and greatest mistake? 6. Why did he say 90% of art, entertainment, games, and music are evil? 7. Where did he, the angels and the demon came from? 8. How did they came to existence? 9. Why did he create the universe? 10. Why won't he show himself? 11. Why does he want people to do what he want them to do? 12. Why doesn't he answers all prayers from all humans? 13. Why didn't he get rid of worldwide issues/situations (poverty, wars, etc)? And finally..... 14. What's the reason for him to act like a tyrant to the souls that return to him? How can we worship this divine being if he isn't as righteous as he wants us to think? He is completely flawed, and considerably worst than any human on Earth or at anytime. He doesn't even explain origins of him, how he got his power, or how he was able to create the universe. He doesn't deserve the respect of his creations, especially since he doesn't respect all of us, or makes the right choices since the beginning of the universe.

1pilot2000 : The "Bible Slammers" and "Jesus Freaks" are the real scary ones! The "Catholic Church" is the oldest. most wealthy, and most corrupt corportion on earth!

MaxBashx : 2019 and still the best god damn video on religions ever.

John Smith : Religion is the root of all evil since it's very inception! Makes for better workers, laborers and slaves!

Amine Sebai : This guy never fails at brightening up my day!

James Bond : As I know George Carlin, he went to hell in 2008, now he’s running the place.

Specialized 29er : Why would the Devil want to punish his flock, I'm looking forward to going to hell. Orgies and hard parting sounds good to me.

BadMoonofMartyr : If this god guy does exist, and jesus did die for our sins than why would we be punished for our sins? That would make Jesus' death completely pointless. And that would make god not only the worst father of the year, but eternity.

1231θŽ«ι‘»ζœ‰ : Great respect for this guy πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Robert Young : One time I saw a preacher holding a microphone speaking to around 5000 audiences in a comfortable air-con auditorium in a crazy hot summer day, and said: I don't understand what those scientists have been looking for? The answer is in the bible." Religious people take full advantage of science but talk bullshit.

iWeeGouldyi : "But he loves you" Spat my drink out

Trueantitheist : Lots of salty Christian Npc's in the comments section lol.

That Famous Feeling : I'm the Invisible Man in the Sky (tm). What if George Carlin is my religion?

C R : I wish Carlin was still alive

Scepticul : I remember when I first saw this video I was not at high school and I hated George Carlin, after I got to high school and I became passionate about physics and I read a lot of books, I got rid of religion and now I'm think of a career in physics.I'm an ex-chiritian thanks to science and I found this video very true and very funny.

Captain-K'nuckles : Isn't it funny how men will fight so eagerly for their religion, and yet so reluctantly live by it's rules?

Nicco Visconti : Religion...the root of all evil!!

Fish Mann : Best Stand Up of all time! There is nothing better

R Fuhrer : Church is known as " The Sinners Club " ! Forgiven every Sunday , for you to repeat what you do the following week ! Then there is always " Sunday "

Bryan John Nierves : Best thing is, in thee end, he still said God bless Joe Pesci. :D

The Brothers Pong : Too funny because it's too true πŸ˜‚

Luna Tuna : Hey George! Have you considered the Flying Spaghetti Monster? May the sauce be with you and bless you. R'amen !

WhiteFeather : He's all powerful, all wise and all knowing, but he just can't seem to handle money!

demons attac : He always needs money!

Johnny Collini : The man was a genius.

Dz Nutz : I come to this channel everyday for guidance and inspiration.

wt8012 : 9:23 No god? Actually, George, there *_is_* a god... YOU!

atish shakya : I love George Carlin so much. I hope his soul is now in heaven.

Charlie Huber : One part of religion I have a huge problem with is how we are supposed to credit any success, achievement, or accolade to God despite receiving no help from him at all. For instance, let's say you just lost your job due to office politics and a loved one has been admitted to a hospital. Now it is your responsibility to work hard and correct the situation that has fallen upon you. However, at the end of it all, once you (and you alone) have made everything right you must give all credit to "The Lord" because it actually wasn't your hard work but an "omnipotent" entity that fixed everything. Oh, and I forgot, if you don't your going to hell. Forever.