George Carlin --- Religion is Bullshit

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ChrissyA1 : George Carlin on Gays

iWeeGouldyi : "But he loves you" Spat my drink out

I Am My Greatest Mistake : R.I.P. George. And may Joe Pesci bless your soul!

Simon Harbuckle : Science flew people to the moon. Religion flies people into buildings.

Ajay Verma : Today I came out as an athiest 😭😭😭 I am from a christian family And today my father has scolded me horribly. He just give me no chance to explain and gve me two option get out or follow jesus christ I am very upset as I am not against my father or family but he don't understand.

Michael Huikeshoven : Aah the Bible. The best selling fantasy novel ever written by men.

Niki Wonoto : smart, thoughtful, real-honest, & really brave for saying the 'unpopular' truth out loud. i really respect this man a lot.  "Some people seem to mistake Objectivity for Negativity, and wishful-thinking for Positivity." "Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." - Friedrich Nietzsche - greetings from Indonesia -

John Henderson : Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool

Explicit Low : Religion was invented to control the masses. It's also a money making scheme.

hm landis : I never really understood why God would send anyone to hell if he loves everybody so much.

Tieflingamer : This guy transformed me from an Evangelical priest to an active atheist

loszhor : 4:00 "PRAISE THE SUN!" - George Carlin

Julian Araneta : When some christian/religious rant tells you that you need jesus/ a god, tell them that they need george carlin

Anonymous 007 : 7.4 k religious folks offended.. 😂😂

James P : I think deep inside, people knows that god doesn’t exist. They are afraid of admitting god doesn’t exist!

Mathew Kanter : 2018 anyone?

InformationIsTheEdge : George Carlin IS God! White hair, beard... All that's missing is the flowing robes!

MemeMations : I hate religion. I’m tired of people, including my parents, telling me to “find my faith” because god wants me to. Most people only have faith because they were told some magical being in the sky exists, and they believed it, just like they believed Santa Claus exists. Only difference is people realize a big fat man In a big red suit flying with his magic reindeer is really far fetched, but they don’t realize a magical being that created everything and wants you to obey its every command or else it’ll send you to a fiery pit to burn for years upon years is ALSO far fetched. When I was religious, I would ignore things like this. I remember not wanting to believe something, despite all of the evidence, and just deciding not to.I remember liking the way it sounded to go to a good place after I died where I could do whatever I wanted so just deciding to believe THAT. I wish religion as a whole didn’t exist so I didn’t have to go through telling people I’m an atheist and being shunned.

rick freedom : worshipping the sun is actually the right thing to do. as a matter of fact, stars create matter and elements in a process called stellar nucleosynthesis. so yes worshipping stars make sense.

strawberry mango : I miss this glorious bastard. I really do.

Osamu Yashinobu : God has left the chat 💭

Vincent Gagné : Theres only 2 reason for people to believe in religion. 1. You're born in a religious family and you get brainwashed. 2. You live a miserable life, so you use religion to escape the reality of certain things, like the fear of death.

Sniper Boss : religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told Think about it religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do every minute of every day and the invisible man has a special list of 10 things he does nto want you to do and if you do any of these 10 things he has a special place full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever till the end of time BUT he loves you!

Goose WITTA Noose : Who else is looking though the comments to see if any religious nuts are triggered.

Chefi Cheese : Christianity alone scams 80 billion each year.

Jon Maderos : Why don't churches have WiFi? They don't wanna compete with an invisible power that actually works.

Argoth The Terrible : I'm a Christian but he is 100% right.

Think About It : If what he says is real, then that means God did not create people, people created (the idea) of God.

chocobonita : ah religion, the bastion of under-educated unintelligent people.

Sweet Raw Healing : This is almost psychological :) HE is going to punish you, put you to hell BUT He still loves you. That would be considered as toxic behaviour. Just like humans on earth that have gone through trauma and abuse and have become narcissistic, bipolar or borderline and never learned what love actually is. That mentality of "HE will punish you but with love" is so fucked up. wow.

-PaulYang2- : Thanks god for creating earthquake, volcano, tsunami and tornado.

Marce SilBe : I like this pastor!! 🤣🤣

eastlondonhustler : Considering the fact that religion was created by humans and humans have a tendency to lie for their own gains, i highly doubt that there is any connection between religion and a deity, despite the general consensus.

Ana Laura Leyva Luna : Religion sucks, but God doesn´t have anything to do with religion. It´s 2 different things. I believe in God with all my heart, I know there is a creator. But I know that religions is corrupted and full of lies and division. I hate religion, and I love God.

TheAudivisioner : Religion The longest running form of mind poison of all time.

Parthian Capitalist : I'm atheist but I'm not an antitheist. This video made me antitheist

Nicco Visconti : Religion...the root of all evil!!

Awuondo L. : Religion is like an abusive relationship

S Parker : Why hasn’t “joe bless you” caught on yet?

daydreamerindian : I am Hindu, I am Theist but I totally agree that religions are bullshit simply because even though religions are built around "persons" who has mystical experience but they are built by people who had no idea/experience. For example Bible was not written by Jesus, Quran was heavily modified by ruler to suit their political interests. Same way Many Hindu Scriptures were edited by clergy class known as "brahmins" to suit their selfish motives.

Shewolf460 : All religion has ever done is separate and divide us

Smokey 420 : I worship Weed

Timmy Collins : I completely agree with this guy

UltraVerse Studios : I know God is not real, but let's imagine that he is real. 1. If God is said to be merciful to all humans living in this Earth (good or bad), why does he sent some of the bad people to eternal torture instead of giving them a chance to redeem themselves? 2. Why did he kill many Innocents? 3. How did he create the universe from nothing? 4. Why does he favor a specific group of humans? 5. Why didn't he realized that sending Satan to Earth is a idiotic and greatest mistake? 6. Why did he say 90% of art, entertainment, games, and music are evil? 7. Where did he, the angels and the demon came from? 8. How did they came to existence? 9. Why did he create the universe? 10. Why won't he show himself? 11. Why does he want people to do what he want them to do? 12. Why doesn't he answers all prayers from all humans? 13. Why didn't he get rid of worldwide issues/situations (poverty, wars, etc)? And finally..... 14. What's the reason for him to act like a tyrant to the souls that return to him? How can we worship this divine being if he isn't as righteous as he wants us to think? He is completely flawed, and considerably worst than any human on Earth or at anytime. He doesn't even explain origins of him, how he got his power, or how he was able to create the universe. He doesn't deserve the respect of his creations, especially since he doesn't respect all of us, or makes the right choices since the beginning of the universe.

Greg Kisinger : George Carlin was one of the GREATS!! Regarding religion, it's too bad everyone doesn't watch this video and really consider how goofy religion is and how mindless its followers are. What a shame.

slap chop : I remember when I was religious, a long time ago when I was still young and dumb, I saw this and hated Carlin's guts.  I'm an atheist now and I came back to this video just now - and I'm in awe of how ignorant and blind I was.

1231莫须有 : Great respect for this guy 👏🏻👏🏻

Jared Reid : See a lot of triggered snowflake Christians in the comment section😂😂

Arkd Dee : George Carlin made me an atheist!

JAKUB MALISZEWSKI : 1:14 "...but he loves You"!!!