Man freaks out on humble security guard doing his job Security guard handles it like a pro despite guys crazy accusations

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Dexi : LOL dude how did you upload this and actually think you're right??? I bet you sent this video to party city trying to bully them, too.

Ben Navarre : Quite pathetic, Mr. Pitts

Frede Fup : "I'm also black" .. "No you're not. You're from Africa". LOL

Targaryen : Stop using your color as an excuse for your personal actions, being black does not mean you are automatically a victim most people don't care what color you are.

Costa stinis : I never have left a comment on a video but man if you put this video as a joke you need to go find another hobby than bothering this poor security guard trying to work. If you truly believed he racially profiled you and assaulted you from this video it does not show that. Therefore I really hope you think about the actions you have taken in trying to make this security guard look bad for no apparent reason, because defamation is a not only unethical but can be charged for damages. If this man had lost his job for no reason without significant evidence, he should take legal action towards this YouTube channel.

Mark Dola : lmao poor guy, you're delusional.

Mike Wilson : I'm black, my brother, and this video is crap. 5 things that you did wrong! 1.Asking the security guard for his badge number. He's a security guard, not the police. 2. Telling him is not black because in was born in Africa. Are you kidding me....!!!! 3. Saying he is assaulting you. C'MON man! 4. Accusing the security guard of racism while he's doing his daily rounds around the store and glances at you. 5. Saying he doesn't have the same history as you. He probably had it much worse than some brother living in SF.

protozerox : You're a bully Charles pitts

Q6lQSRaIgt6MwRhkNhEBf3K8rQHaTcLSxZxW63xo : That's not assault and battery. Nor is it racial profiling. You want to make an issue out of nothing.

Jaime Hernandez : lol brooooo check yourself into a psychiatric hospital, your thoughts are twisted.

MadMycal : I hope this man gets a raise... As for you Charles Pitts, you're exactly whats wrong with this country. I hope you read these comments, sit back, reflect, and eventually return to apologize to this man...

bizophone : "You're not black" LOLWUT.

Dicks Largest : You seem like a very sad, paranoid, angry person. I feel very bad that you live your life this way. You'll never experience anything other than hatred.

GB988 : Asking a security guard for his badge number LOL

M J : The uploader clearly has mental health issues, check out his other videos.

brady : you gotta chill guy and read up on the law

BBDSmint : Imagine pulling the race card on a Black African man. Absolutely hilarious

The Semi Chef : Jesus Christ. This is so cringey and pathetic. Someone set this security guard up a Gofundme to sue this dingus.

Lum Bago : I would've smacked the soul out of you. Be happy that this was a gentleman and not a piece of chit like you.

kurtrussell : "Everyone has their own history". The security guard alludes to a crucial fundamental concept that you seem to not understand. You accused this man of racism. His response is to point out that you and he are of the same race. You then counter with "but we have different cultural history". You're right about this, but here's why that doesn't matter: You are not your group. This principle was literally the foundation of the civil rights movement of the 1960's. The idea that a person cannot be reduced to their group identity, but rather should be judged individually on the content of their character. By reducing the personal history of two individuals to their group identity (as you've done here) you aren't elevating anyone. You aren't accounting for the personal struggles/triumphs of any individual. You are behaving in a way that is directly anathema to the principles upon which so much progress in the realm of race relations has been made in the last half-century. You are making humanity less whole. Please break out of your mental prison. Stop viewing people as demographics and start viewing them as individuals. And if your instinctive response to this comment is to wonder what my race is (if hypothetically, you were to learn that I'm white, you might feel as though that entitles you to wave your hand and disregard the point I'm trying to get across by saying something like "you haven't lived the black experience"), then you've missed the point entirely. Be well.

DWB : You are a ridiculous human being. Take a long hard look at the focus of your frustration; It's misplaced. Your cause is obvious and just, but your knowledge of it seem lacking. Do you honestly believe any ground can be gained by cornering a grocery store security guard and accusing him of racial profiling? Put the effort into getting into the fight where it counts, or maybe don't get in at all. Simplifying systemic racism by pointing at a single person, in a mundane video, has no effect. This man is not the Hitler you're trying to make him out to be. It's unnecessary to document every shitty little experience you have... I mean damn dude, in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table!

kkaaon : Did he just say the security man wasn't black?? šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

modifieddevice : congrats on bullying a dude just doing his job also pulling the race card.

Tyler Oliger : I just want to hug this security officer. The shit he has to put up with, just to earn a living, and he stays this calm and logical? BAMF.

sixstrings : To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You sir, are a crazy hammer of ignorance creating your own racist world to live in. Very sad. You've really had a number done on your mind. Hopefully you can wake up some day. That security guard was so cool while you berated him.

jackcarterog001 : Can we send Charles and people like him to Africa in exchange for real African men and women like this security guard: honest, kind, hard-working, responsible African men and women?

Joannah Harless : Wow. I guess the downvotes are painting a pretty clear picture for you. Get a hobby.

FructoseComa : get some rest mate

Mike Reynolds : Lmao I've never seen someone so desperate to be a victim. Poor security guard trying to do his job and this dude is harassing him.

fdre3wsd : Lay off the meth, the paranoia may still be reversible.

Benny Martinez : This was a decent security officer, Iā€™d hire him asap. The person recording may have felt uncomfortable and reacted with anger. Situation over and just a video to watch and comment.

professor bonghitx : Do security guards even have badge numbers?

Jennifer Walp : I hate it when "where are you from" comes into play. Cameraman is a total tool. This security guard is an amazing human being.

None None : You are a bad person and I hope YouTube deletes your channel and all of your videos.

Darren Margolias : Wow. I feel so bad for this security guard. The cameraman is a first class a55h01e

Abdul SA : Charles Pitts, please go this instant to this place and apologize for this man. And just because you're black it doesn't mean everyone else is racist

st199 : When you uploaded this did you think people were going to take your side?

King Idiot : I love this security guard.

Enigmatic Engineer : How is he not black? So ignorant. You don't know HIS history. The guy obviously came to the US because it is a better place than where he came from. BUT you are the victim.

crobbe fdfd : Charles world would be better without pieces of shit like you. Go cry that race card somewhere else. I bet that security guard has had a tougher life than you.

Arturo Guajardo : Drama queen, this man is not even worthy of licking the security guys boots

farfletched : Charles, Your T-Shirt sewing project sucks.

DisgruntledSideQuestNPC : Dude behind the camera is nuts.

Kieran1878 : Damn you have some issues pal.

X SorryAboutThat : @Charles Pitts You are ridiculous, nobody agrees with you and nobody is on your side. You are harassing what seems to be a nice guy just doing his job. Shame on you.

Fred Lind : Dude obviously has mental health problems, if he's being for real in this and his other videos. I'm not trying to be rude or insult him, I'm seriously convinced that he is sick. He should see a proffesional. Some medication and therapy and he might become a normal person.

damnjabroni : Hey Charles Pitt... Did you know security guards are not police and they don't need a badge? They don't even need to wear a uniform. Judging from this video I bet you didn't know that. Tell you what buddy, if you can show me a law that saws a private security guard needs to wear a badge, I'll donate $1000 to a charity of your choice, and another $1000 to your paypal. Go head, bet you can't find a law that says that. And it didn't look like he was following you around at all, it looked like he was hanging out by the employee door. But even if he was, that is the job of loss prevention and there is probably a loss prevention guy following you around on the cameras half the time you shop. It's their store and they are allowed to watch people shop, in fact, it's their fucking duty to watch people shop. WTF you doin sayin that man ain't black. Just because he has an African accent that means doesn't experience racism like the rest of us. Yea, I'm black like you, but I don't consider myself a "real black" like you. Fuck you man, YOU'RE THE RACIST. Yea, a decent percentage of black people in the US had ancestors that were enslaved and we should never forget what happened to our ancestors. But you're not a "better black man" or a "real black man" because your ancestors came to the US before his. His ancestors may have suffered from slavery the same as yours or mine. His ancestor may have had her husband and son stolen from their village in Africa, and just because your ancestor may have been that lady's son who became a slave in the US... you think that makes you a "real black?" Or maybe they were slaves and escaped back to Africa. You don't know someone's history. Also, this security guard handled this well.

Sol Guerin : This guy Charles Pitts is absolutely bonkers. He's homeless and poor and goes around filming calling people racist when he's clearly being an asshole. I've seen this guy near the tenderloin in San Francisco the other day when I got off the Muni bus. It's crazy that I ran into his channel from people posting this video. Also a vast majority of homeless people get free distributed android or apple phones in San Francisco. So he's using this platform to flip the situation against the store workers when they question him calling it "Racist".

auroraborememalice : Security guard deserves a medal.