The Long Legs Monster: The Strangest

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The Strangest : Hello Strangers! We hope you enjoyed the Video! What do you think the Long Legs Monster could have been? Let us know in the Comments Below!

UNIT #522 : lol awesome video man ! thanks for taking my suggestion !

MichaelScot : Creepy story! I know I’ve said it before, but I love how much effort goes into each episode! It’s a lot of work to get all those shots!

Sexy Grandma Darkness : I ❤ This Creepy as 💩 Thank You 💋 I hope that you and Everyone else has a Terrific Thristy Thrusday 🍻 Too ❣❣ much love Sexy Grandma Darkness ✌💙💙

Gregory Johnson : Wow!!!! For a few weeks my notifications were shut off, not sure how that happened!!.. as for this story......... HOLY MARY WILSON MOTHER OF MOTOWN!!!!! This really strikes close to home with the casual footage of the opening drone captures over the woods.. wow... !!! Makes me wonder what could be under those trees!!! As usual my friend 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

BDet313 : I've never heard of the Long Legs Monster, and I watch a lot of paranormal-type videos. Thank you!

MrPeacockman : Tarheels hat and a duke sweatshirt?  Yeah that makes just about everyone in NC angry...  Choose a side BOY!

Kris Wilkinson : awesome video. I live in Connecticut. I am a new subscriber, did you discuss the Bermuda triangle yet?

Damarys Torres : It does exist. I'll be so afraid about it. I enjoyed the video and Thank you for scared me..😱

James Herington : It looks a bit photoshopped. Than again, I could be wrong :)

Jean MRI : That was terrifying! no more words, so scared! lol.

Grace : Nice video!!! I like how y'all do reenactments of the stories. I can't tell if you're being serious the whole time, but that gives it a humorous quality too. Srsly tho, the reenactments and the film quality remind me of some of the shows I've watched on the ID channel! (And some of them are corny and overdramatic AF) XD

Ken Battor : Really? A pink gun?

Mattyd : Shadow people?

Douglas Suggs : Very Good. I wonder if someone has pictures of this thing still. Great reenactments btw lol

We Vlog Ghosts : This was scary - loved the recreation of events you put together. If this legend is true its very frightening.

After Dark Analysis : Another great video guys! The footage is a really nice touch.

Riley K : Great video man! Please make more videos like this where you cover more obscure paranormal events/creatures. It gets very boring hearing about the same monsters over and over again from larger channels.

PlunderedBeauty : Nice story!

the greatest green : Spoopy stuff....... really spoopy stuff

telsah1 : X -Files for real

telsah1 : They must have been scared out of their wits. Why they not call the Police to investigate?  It must be why the Lochness monster not been seen for so long he found a way out of the loch emigrated and shape shifted.  Weird happening. I know not what to think.

Zach Blake : Great job