Dansje doen @ Awakefest 2013 (Benny Hill) ORIGINAL

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Mac Lethal : This video will never get old.

MITCHELL WIGGS : I wish this was 10 hours long.

Gameking : This song is actually older than the Benny Hill show. The name is "Yakety Sax".

TEQTONYK : I liked the part when the entire video.

beyondthetech : Perfectly timed when they get into it at 0:16. Hilarious!

tobo86 : Oh god I've watched this at least 10 times straight and it gets funnier every time watching the guy on the right go for it at 0:16

Lew Bear : I'm watching this at 8:40 am and I've just realised I may as well go back to bed, coz I'll see nothing better today :-D

Brooke Schlaphoff : The girl in the background stroking her hair repeatedly, tho.

Shira Lazar : dance y'all!!

Juls Mac : good god this makes me happy

Vili Creations : when the beat drops at 0:17

Anthony Salcedo : whoever put the benny hill song to this is genius

NormanZavlandid1066 : This is the funniest video I've seen on Youtube in quite a while.

G_MAC : I'm so close to pissing my pants everytime I watch this...my head hurts, my side hurts...a masterpiece! :-))

Snoot Snooterton : The beat drops at 0:16

Andy Wardle : If I feel sad or low or just on a bit of a downer. I watch this video And suddenly The world is right again 😘😘

SirGrimbo : They're better than 100% of the juice head roid-rage fist pumping douche bags i see everywhere i go

Mimi Neko : Anyone else feel like grabbing a rake though?

MyNameisNobody : anytime i need a pick me up i just come here. never gets old lol

Jane Doe : I love the part starting at 0:35 when dude dances away to the side, lol. 

Edward Goodeve-Docker : Raving to Benny Hill, this has made me smile a lot :D

ThisISETHANBRADBERRY! : lol those guys are going to look back at this video in 20 years and say "wtf was I on again?"

Sarys : wow I have been in need of a good laugh for some time ty so much for the post

Literal Trash : Oh my god, somebody please make more of these. 

Garry Stonehouse : A video of a group of lads dancing to rave music at last year's Awakefest, but with Benny Hill music over the original soundtrack, which makes it hilarious.

Lara Q : Everything is better when it`s set to Benny Hill music.

Emma D : Whenever I feel pissed off I just come here and watch this!.. :-D

Marcin Tandecki : I think 5M of the 5.1M views came from me!


CalculusCrush : I've been watching this video pretty much daily since it was released.

Sergio Felix : To be honest I could've watched this for hours lol

Denver William : This is awesome!

MysteryFlavour : Humans are amazing creatures

prettyghostbubble : favorite thing ever

Daniel Cornejo : I can't stop watching this!

Laurie Martin : The ultimate cure for a bad day. It never gets less awesome.

Isosceles Kramer : This is the second time this week that something made me laugh so hard i peed a little. It's a good world.

Wells Rutland : at time of watching there were 2,823,110 views - I claim responsibility for probably a good third of those... somehow this does not get old...

Stephen N : This made my life.

James Mathew : This is still funny...

AAA DJ : Why can i not stop watching this?

WeylandYutani : I think this is the music they're actually hearing in their head.

Renard frak : hahahahahahahaha

Ben Ostrowsky : Everyone else is talking about how hilarious this is. I'm just amazed that they got this many people at a rave to act like time was going at half-speed so the resulting sped-up film looks normal!

Aurel Leboncoin : I don't know what's happening ! Can't stop watching and laughing !!!

Christina Cardel : Life is good with videos like these 👍😁

Giles Morin : I could watch this all day

Ragnar Danneskjöld : There needs to be a 10 hour version of this.

Štěpán Brunclík : make 1 hour version, plox! :D

Uli Kdmabaalz : Lol. Also I think people at these festivals go and find things to throw on the ground.