Can a Cockroach Get Stuck in Your Ear? | How Common Is It? | SELF

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Rebeca A. Goitia Tirado : This is my worst fear😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cratorzfrom scratch : 2:52 -puts phone down and sleeps with ears covered.- yup goodnight..

Jan Piet : deeply regret watching this video before going to sleep

Ed T. : I’m not watching this because I will have nightmares, and I’m an old dude.

mas sprite : omg im watching this at night

Johanna Nicole : Nooo, why am I even watching? !

Ambiyan ღ : Ngl this was a fear growing up. A bug in my ear... *I would probably die*

Dead Fool : What😳:|

hannah : nonono STOP

Jada. KTH : Ahhhhhh WHY AM I HERE?!?!!!

Carlos Santos : WTF 😵

Snaysha Smith : why did i do this to myself

Battleboi 1998 : I got a roach in my ear right now

Julie Susan Lopez : I once had a moth entered my ear. I brought it home to show it to my kids

ASMR Phan : “This happens all the time” WHAT IN THE?!?!?!? Why did I watch this 😭😖🙉

J Z : “This happens often!” Omg wtf. This is so scary! I’m so wise to sleep with earplugs whenever I’m on vacation.

heyy people : This is why i coved my eara with my blanket when i sleep

Elisa Nin : Who else going to sleep with headphones on?

Tristan Huggins : wow i'm only here because a german cockroach went in my sister's ear its good that they mentioned it thank god i only have house spiders and german roaches in my house not those first 2 monstrosities 3:28

Jammidose Gacha skits and more : Do you know how good it would feel when they come out of the ear you're ear will be so refreshed and you can hear again

Donnie Ray Phipps : Hi