Game of Thrones - VHS Intro (UPDATED music)

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***ATTENTION!*** I did not made the visuals NOR the sound for this clip - I used the VHS intro made by Hunterlsanders and music by Steve Duzz, cut it a bit and uploaded for all to enjoy. No profit is made of this clip. Have a good day and check out the original uploads by the respective creators: Original VHS GoT intro by Hunter L Sanders: 80's style GoT theme remix by Steve Duzz:


fraz6354 : They'd all have American accents too

Error 404 : Watch this in 240p for the best experience.

Ivan olivas : Stannis Baratheon ,played by Chuck Norris 

Paranoid Dog : Cersei looks so naive and innocent in this. They did a nice job with the footage selection.

Jia L. : Oh boy, my Dad loved this show. I watched it with him when I was only 8. Great show.

Micah Johansson : Man, 80s TV was full of smiles and family moments. I would totally watch that.

NewRetroWave : Haha!!! This is EPIC!

ElAshtonio : 0:20 the part where bronn throws the guy down into the hole just looks so unbelievably 80s lol

Dżordż Nonszalancki : The remake we got now is too damn dark. I loved the original 80' series for it was not so damn stiff...

nematube : Ah, the good old days. They don't make great shows like this anymore :D

Michael Hickey : The best part is Sean Beans double take

TheGreatCali : The ironic thing is that in those old 80-90s intros it always showed the characters in a happy mood. In GOT majority of the characters are miserable 90% of the time and are dealing with some kind of struggle.

Jorge Allthedrums : Damn, Sean Bean looked so young back then.

tenchu006 : This is literally one of the best things I've seen and heard ever

Towarzysz Misza : One of the best videos on YouTube.

McgoganLives : Ah, I remember Game of Thrones. I've got a few episodes of season 1 taped on an EQ-180; forgot to label it though, so I'm stuck with episodes of Fort Boyard every time I try to track it down. I did tape season 2, but my bloody mother taped over it because she wanted to record Diana's funeral, I mean who cares about that?

Randall Flagg : I was expecting a "and.... *Ghost!*" at the end making a cute face. I guess Hodor fills the part...

AemiliaJacobus : It even has the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Tarik360 : In that version, it's a noblebright series where all of the characters shown are still alive and the big problem is the white-walkers threatening a fairly stable king's landing. It's directed and produced in the same style (if not by) the same studio that is behind Xena warrior princess, the Hercules TV show and that one cheesy series with those four knights who were basically the "Not medieval powerrangers".

Itachi21x : Everyone was so happy in the 80s

maxmetalknight : Oh man, I remember how they showed it on TV along with an episodes of Hercules and Xena

Patronus : ahh the nostalgia

Lukaso : Cersei looks like innocent woman, Tyrion like best buddy and Jaime like f*cking gentleman.

MYT MIC : I have all these on tape!

Luciano Pereira : where can i rent this VHS?

Guilherme Santos : Would it have a laugh track?

Joe Smith : music is little to hip for a fantasy tv show of the 80s , they all used cheesy orchestral jingles back then

Tizzie : After watching several Hotline Miami and Game of Thrones videos, this came up in my recommended videos... You're doing something right, YouTube. This is perfect.

Sketcher0204 : This makes me wonder how old the real intro will feel in 30 years.

SymbiSpidey : There's literally no new ideas in entertainment anymore. Just take a classic 80s show and make it grimdark smh

NoNamesLeftFuk : I swear to Christ if you send this back without rewinding and I miss winter. There'll be hell to pay.

ih8mcfly : I remember waking up early on Sunday mornings to catch this show. I love it!

fascinatinglist : Faith in humanity restored

Tyler Tylerson : That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

The Black Wasp : Why is this so satisfying ?

JAAM013 : Duuude that was sickest thing ever! I got so sad when it ended, i want the whole show to have a late 80s early 90s vibe!!

OliStef 511 : Can't stop watching this cause it reminds me of the old days when I sat down and watched vhs with my grandma and watched movies like terminator or predator (was a huge fan of Arnie as a child)

ZainR : I can see it now. Everyone's first impression in the 90's when watching the intro would be something like this: "He (The Hound) must be one of the heroes of the story." "(Seeing Sean Bean smiling and hugging) I think this will be a heartwarming, family friendly show. Don't you think?" "Aww, he (Tyrion) seems like a nice man. A fine gentleman, if you will." "Ooh, she (Daenarys) could be an interesting character." "He's cute (Jon)." "(Sees Jaime) He's so hot!" "He's a babe (Joffrey)! Isn't he too young to be a king? Oh well. He'll probably be fine." "She (Arya) has STUPID hair! Why did she cut it? Oh my GOD! She looks like a BOY!" "Who are THESE kids?" "Mmm. (Alfie)" "Who are these two?" "Ew. (Hodor)" If the Game of Thrones we know today was made in the 90's, parents would be in front of the studio protesting because their kids are watching it or dying to see it but they're refusing to let their kids see all the gore, sex, and incest, burning George R. R. Martin's books and saying it's a bad influence on their kids. Nerds in school would possibly be shunned for watching it if it was what made them a geek to their peers, and probably a creeper because they'll be thinking that kid is basically watching porn, but they would meet up with their friends by the lockers after the weekend to talk about what happened in the episode the night before if they haven't already called them on the phone without a family member in the house needing to call someone else. Meanwhile there could be those that watch it that'll just be praising it for breaking so many clichés. Game of Thrones in the 90's would be an interesting time, no doubt.

Igor Aresti : half of these characters are already dead XD

musicguy713 : This is perfect and so well done! Couldn't be more true! 😂😂 almost makes the show look less dark and gory than it is!

Marko Petkov : Takes you back.  Even if you've never been there.

smithenator : Seeing it there you wouldn't think it was full of extreme sex violence and gore xD

Tribute Films : 0:21 Sean Bean looking up is probably the most 80's thing I've seen

Tears : music is soo good !

Abe Amir : They should do a remake in the future.... Oh wait.

Vesa Laine : So cheesy, I love it!

Jake Branthe : See, this is why the original 80's version of GoT is better. This reboot they did is absolutely horrible

sagesaria : Makes me want to watch Neverending Story.

Shinobi : The cheap first generation synthesiser sounds just gives me goose bumps all over. I've never missed my Siemens C55 phone this much before. :D