How to Hijack Amazon Prime Now for Good

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Forrest Stevens : Interesting take on the once popular fad of filming giving a homeless person a dollar or a bigmac. It seems to have a little more integrity than that however and I do hope it ends up multiplying to actually help people in need. ALternative dwellings like the ones I feature on my channel are a real way to help the homeless btw....

The Fishin' Dad : I appreciate this video, but while I do I am still cautious. There are many scammers in my area, upstate NY, (one recently pretty open about it) and I encountered dozens while living outside DC. I had one woman in DC follow me to Subway demanding cash because she was starving, while the entire time I offered to buy her a sub and she told me to go f*ck myself. My first move is to not offer cash. I've had "starving" people turn down a meal offer because they weren't starving many times. There was a woman in Italy as well that I came across who is now well know as a scammer "the shakey lady" complete with prosthetic tumors. That was years ago and I don't know if she's still operating or not.... BUT!!! there was one guy 7 years ago now... he stopped me on my way into the gas station and asked for food. Not money. His story was compelling, fought in Korea, same as my grandfather. I got him a sandwich and chips and a poweraid. I left thinking not too much of it. 3 years later, almost 1 year after my ex-wife left, I dropped my kids off Christmas night. It was our first Christmas apart. I was a mess driving away. I stopped at the gas station to compose myself and this guy came out of the store and said he remembered me. I didn't recognize him until he told me that story. 1 sandwich. 1 bag of chips. 1 drink. The night I first met him he really needed me to find him. That night I really needed him to find me. One of the only times I've seen karma really play out like that. And he told me he had a place to stay and a temp job. I never shared that on Youtube but it was a turning point for me. I guess the moral is be cautious, don't give cash but do help if it's accepted. Can't go wrong with what they did here and I'm willing to bet they encountered more than one person in this experiment who wanted nothing but cash. Keep your eyes open. Do what you can. Be smart but don't be callous. End rant I guess.

Jaspev : This isn't a social experiment, this isn't a prank, this is pure kindness. This is exactly what we need. Please, if you have the funds, at least give one person in need some money, food, or just a blanket. Anything can help, even just saying sorry or starting a conversation.

Coconut Leaf Spine : Wow this gives me hope

Ryan Aguas : Way to spread the Christmas spirit. Godbless

Yes Theory : This is brilliant. Keep it up man.

CircuitsMadeEasy : Wow we need more people to think outside the box like THAT

Julio Diaz : He should start up a gofundme so that he can use donations to continue doing this sort of stuff. Doing stuff like this isn't cheap & it's hard to keep doing this stuff when you're running low on 💵

Brad B. : I clicked here because I thought I was gonna be able to steal Amazon Prime but now I am crying.

Baby Daddy : Wonderful Person❤God Bless You❤

GoldJacketLuke : Very cool to see the amazon employees giving fist bumps, handshakes, pats on the back etc. Love seeing the humanity. We're all just humans!

Adam Frenkel : Amazing Video!!! Shows how grateful we should be for the stuff we take for granted!!!

bull frogger : Years ago when the " will work for food signs " were the rage , I quit offering them a job after about 50 tries and no takers . I did give money to a guy who asked for some because he wanted to buy some booze . At least he was honest .

Aaliyah Jenner : I LOVE THIS sponsored by: windex

Dan The Man : This let’s me know that there is good in the world

Dustin Deweerd : He has 21k subs, lets see what this trending does for him. I love channels like this.

noprivacy2003 : One way to tell the real needy from the fake needy is if they are willing to take THINGS instead of money. I know that's not always 100%, but what a warm-hearted man, to even think of this. Even if it is an ad for Amazon, what's wrong with helping others in this way? Love it!

TheShrimp2 : Touching 😢

CamerX : I want to ask a real question how the fuck can you down vote this video

Decidueye Main : Good people with good ideas. I love it!

Marabel Shackleford : For once i'm so proud of humanity!!😭❤️

RambleOn1970 : This is awesome. Wish I could understand why so many people live on the street. I can't help but think most of the homeless gave up trying, which is sad. Never give up! You'll find your way, and eventually place in life. Hope these gifts help them keep searching for a better life for themselves. God Bless.

Jasmine J : Creative thinking turning into something beautiful and this is exactly what Christmas is about!

Bigsid320 : I’m sorry to sound mean, but in NYC, most homeless people don’t have to be on the street. The city has shelters always available, with heating, food and water. A lot of the homeless people in NYC want to be on the street. Also, a lot of them look very strong and healthy and could easily find work as a dishwasher, janitor, and many more. These “homeless” people ruin it for the truly needy who are old and handicapped.

MPT : This is amazing.

Amber Loves Mystery : I’m CRYING. This is EVERYTHING.

Nikki West : I'm crying right now!! I love him!! He is a blessing to those in money but there "NEEDS" 💯🎁🤗❤❤❤❤

Kid Wiley : Wow! Those onions are getting to me... nice work 😃

Squid Defender : Happy holidays

Valentina Bellezza : I'm ☺ happy to see that there are some good people out there.😊😊😊😊😊

Daddy Donald : This is what the holidays are meant to be about. Warm feelings and helping others. Thank you for being such a great person.

Abhishek Pandey : Love you Rob Bliss, love you Amazon. Really delivering smiles :)

Miguel Euraque : What an amazing way to use Amazon Prime Now! Good idea Rob Bliss :)

Bredee : I cried through this entire video 😭. God bless such a wonderful idea.

Cheng Chung Chow : This video is awesome. And, you are awesome, sir.

Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats : Great idea! I hope it will be duplicated!

A Barbied Kanga : God damm onions being cut in my room

That NSFW Artist : This made me cry! Now this is what I call a "Real Santa"! I wish people would do this more for others like this. Heck, I wish I can do the same if I had a job! O_o

CHANCE LAURY : Im crying 😭😭

ProtoTypeX1 : Fake

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : This lump in my THROAT!!! OMG ❤️❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️

Rosalee Reyes : God bless you sir. Thank you for spreading love and other ways to help out. I didn’t know you can do that. Thank you sir.

Jesse Ramirez : 1:42 rocking dat bape💯🤘

A Alekar : Great work 😃

FieryInferno329 : God bless you ❤️❤️❤️


Jamie Morales : You know what you should really do I'm a animal expect and I think that we need to help the animals cuz we need them for food clothing and other things

TheDKey : Oh yeah Good guy Amazon, the company that treats their employees like shit all over the world ? The company that killed small libraries all over the world ? Such a good idea to "promote" one of their service ! Your idea is great, but it's spoiled by the company that provides this service...

Thisisbigvoice : Fantastic. And I subscribed

Winnie Mai : this is making me much respect