Bug-A-Salt: Slo-Mo Fly Annihilation

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An easy and fun way to keep the flies away from your summer picnic. Check out other AWEme Content! Man At Arms http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUUGFk1wE5OHqeNDwp2q9_ZiPqKlWNc6V 3D Chalk Art http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUUGFk1wE5OELEOqT9JZkUuubvCj3P0K2

Comments from Youtube

TheJzai : This would be great for massive family dinners. No need to pass the salt back n forth across the massive table.

carl shneebly : I've long awaited this blood orgy.

SPTK Sun : Fun Fact: They literally have a list of facts on the back of the box as to why these things need to die. Allegedly, they vomit on your foot and defecate every 4-5 minutes.

Taylor Pinkham : Those flies got a-salted!

keyblader007 : I have this gun and use it on flies, mosquitoes and anything small enough. It works best on flies and doesn't always kill in one shot. But, it does cripple them enough to get 2-3 more shots of salty death out. Plus whenever I see a bug I take out the gun and feel like I'm in a video game/action movie! 

Nolan Doscher : everyone in the comments is so salty.

Nikolaos Skordilis : If it also kills mosquitoes I wants it.

MilitantRelic42 : 8 Kill Streak.  Mortar Strike Inbound!

gumption : Flies were harmed in the making of this.

dequinox : I could watch this all day, we need more footage!!!

Vynex : "AVENGE MEEEEEeeeee......."

Patrick Roelant : No mess other than salt freaking everywhere

Swagner 72 : 0:41 MADAY! MADAY! WE ARE GOING DOWN.

TheTrex46 : peta wont like this

Cleopatra : As an insect hater, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY I NEED THIS!!!

6BR Fan : I hope they make a magnum version, I got some wasps that need to be dealt with.

Danny : My melon is still ruined..

Windrune : Yay fly bits all over my plate

ZeroZeroOne : oooo kill em :3

TheMightyKawama : People feeling sympathy for flies (for whatever reason) here's some facts: Flies don't live for too long after they reach maturity; we're talking days not months. Flies like all insects do not have the proper nervous system required to feel pain - they respond to damage but the sensation isn't caused by pain (spiders can feel pain though, you have no issue crushing them now doyou? Unless you take them outside with a cup in which case good on you). This shotgun murders them so quickly that even if they did feel pain, they wouldn't have time to.

Zombycow : also a marvelously fun way to season food.

AslanAtreyu : This seems to be a very effective "a-salt" weapon.

Maiko Garcia : This is the best thing I've ever seen

Get The Arm Down : this is so stupid, ruining ur food and also salt attracts bugs too

DoctorScarlet : #Rekt

BlackDiamond Games : No I have salty dead fly food

Alex K : Total fly annihilation! It's a flymegeadon !!!

Psycho Cow : 302 people didn't like their table salt being wasted

Roberto Fernández Morales : is it too late for a "dropping like flies" joke?

russo3j : you may kill them, but you get their legs in your food, and salt lol

Mitzuray Akeche : Barone lab ja vai receber uma dessas 😎

Travis : Cool i want one! WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!!!!!

Zerus Zephuros : I feel really bad for them, yet this video was awesome o_o" (slow-mo rocksssss)

Scott Carpenter : You could say the fly was... A-salted

Michael Bennett : Thank you for a proper demonstration of the Bug-A-Salt.

M3xicanvoodoo : MERICA!

tasoganedude : No flies were harmed in the making of this video- awww... who am I kidding?

Christopher Dennis : ¡Mira! I use Old Bay or Sazon LoL hit'em like Emerald "BAM!!!"

Thomas Mancini : Cool, ive alwayd wanted fly legs on my food! Thanks bug-a-salt!

Proclivities : Omg, ppl should put diatomaceous earth in it and kill bed bugs with it!!!

MrTommy001 : We've got two of these. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!

Christopher Dennis : ¡Mira! I use mine to season my food like"BAM!!!"

Jakersbakers : this is just interrogation for the flies... "YOU SEE THIS,YEA THAT COULD BE YOU"

demo tester : Technically very well made! Good cuts and tempo. Well done!

Shrade : I just put salt in my .22 air rifle and plug it with Kleenex Works even better

XL THICC : SO I need this song before we have water gun fights... Mhm.

l1laj608 : Nice A-Salt-Gun lol Puns rule the wold

covertyankee : This thing kills bugs and seasons your food with deadly accuracy.

Khushali Dodia : Hello, I am currently working on a science based TV show and am interested in sourcing your video for the same but could not find your email id. Please do get in touch with me. Looking forward to a response.