Shrooms, LSD, and Legit Uses of Psychedelics in Treatments

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Drew Cress : Good. We need to make decisions based on data and not dated fear mongering. Thanks for your work and raising the question

Dexter Scott : Ask almost ANYONE who has taken LSD, the "drug" changes you. You see yourself the way others see you. You look at yourself objectively for the first time, and you see the way society is, and it is laughable. “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” ― Terence McKenna

SilentS : Can we do research on ketamine as a depression treatment next?

verdatum : This is the hidden gem of complexly/nerdfighteria. This channel needs much more promotion. I'm so glad I finally found it.

Sethasauras the Studious : Thank you Healthcare Triage for confirming my suspicion that there is something fishy about the federal drug policy here in the US...

Alex M : I would strongly argue that self-reflection, personal discovery, and the seeking out of transcendental experiences are perfectly legitimate uses of hallucinogens. Alcohol and tobacco alter consciousness in far less meaningful ways and have greater risks of long-term addiction, death, injury or aggression.

Argacyan : Legalize it

Mosey : I may or may not know someone who may or may not have tried both LSD and Psilocybin multiple times. Nothing but good vibes and feelings as far as I can tell and 100% believe they do not belong in Schedule I and should be studied more openly.

Stephen Cody : In my nearly 2 decades of time in either emergency medicine in an ambulance, or as an emergency room nurse, I have not once seen anyone come into the emergency room overdosed on any psychedelic at all. I haven't heard of one person die from a psychedelic drug. However, I have seen hundreds of people overdosed on heroin. For those that don't know, oxycodone OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, die lauded, Sentinel, and many others, are all opiates similar to heroin and are all legal. I have seen many Tylenol overdoses, I have seen Benadryl overdoses, I have seen thousands and thousands of college students with alcohol overdoses. So my question is, why are we making the drugs that are not dangerous illegal, and having pharmaceutical companies making medicines that are over the counter in some cases that have caused more deaths?

George Costanza : You can't get addicted to lsd or mushrooms, and mushrooms are arguably the safest recreational drugs that exist.

Tesseract29 : FYI - This video was preceded by a 2+ minute long ad by/for PragerU in which it argued that multiculturalism is a problematic way to view the world and the West's role as a leader of the world in culture, science, etc. It argues that multiculturalism has brainwashed white western people into hating their own culture because we are all colonialist, racist, and opportunistic capitalists and that the west is actually the leader of global culture not because we dominated the world but because we are stanchions of democracy, literature, and science. I don't believe that this channel would share the views promoted by PragerU and if possible, I hope that this channel will do what it can to prevent such organizations from being promoted before these videos.

Jon Joseph San Juan : Please support and refer to - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

cannabased : LSD is a gateway drug to meditation and kindness... or demons and psychotic chaos, that too. Humphrey Osmond, who coined 'psychedelic' actually wrote a short poem to illustrate this; "To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic"

GiggitySam Entz : We need this kind of videos :')

Kaweta : Could you do a video on Whole Food Plant Based diets?

Kari Hereditary : I, as a person with anxiety, volunteer to be a test subject for lsd and other psychedelics

Dazanar : These tools are an essential part of the puzzle for our future. And governments have banned them due to paranoia and fear of loss of power regimes.

hopemjacquet : It kills me that people can be prescribed drugs so potent EMTs can die just by touching it but pot has no direct recorded deaths and is illegal.

swat1229 : Kinda wish there was a mention of the importance of set and setting with psychedelics. Psychedelic mushrooms were made illegal in Amsterdam because of a man who jumped off a bridge to his death. Is that really the place you should be ingesting that type of substance? Should you have a sober mentor during your experience?

samples&stuff : I remember I requested this awhile back so I'm glad you've made a video on if 😁

Charity Miltenberger : Aaron, As a patient with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, this is some really exciting research. I've been hearing about it off and on for a few years now. Pharmaceuticals haven't done much for me and I've been switching my cocktail of drugs for a long while. America needs to get their shit together on drug classification so patients can benefit!

Abraxian Absolution : I wish they'd at least remove the language in the Controlled Substance Act insisting that there's any legitimate reasoning behind drug scheduling.

Chris McSweeney : Read "Drugs: Without the Hot Air" by Prof. David Nutt.

Aedan Denny : his shirt striped or am I just tripping?

A F : Do a video on subscription based heathcare!

JustOneAsbesto : It's about time this got some serious attention.

Zipo214 : There is no direct evidence to show high levels of abuse in psilocybin or lsd when compared to opium morphine or OxyContin

Arthur78 : Thank you for talking about this!

Reece Crump : I've wanted to know more about this, thank you. I veer towards st8 edge and a lot of guys I talk to mention this in some way. Haven't bothered to look into it, but I trust HT and am happy to have an opportunity to be informed

łė sqūęłêttę : wgoahg, was just talking to a friend about the entheogenic uses of psilocybin, then this is the first thing in my feed

Luke Stephens : Thx

Parzivald Shiflty : I love your format and info, and don't even mind you being openly left (i am too, but it skews the message), but you really need to stop talking down to your audience. those who already know are annoyed and those you are trying to convince are belittled. Don't fall into the same trap the bill nye show did plz

hiddentreasure83 : I'm curious if people in the study using psychedelics to cease addition to smoking or alcohol continued to use psychedelics afterwards? I'm all for legalising these things, but it's certainly possible for people to use them as an escape from other problems which may prevent harmful affects of alcohol for example but isn't exactly a cure.

Anne : Really interesting!

foongmingg : Could you please do an episode on intermittent fasting and its benefits? There's so much information out there, its difficult to sort through what is fact and fiction. Thank you!

Alexander Shved : I would love to see videos on noise pollution, and siamese twins :3 any angle any news, any studies, the first seems relevant to modern world and health, and second just seems like an interesting topic to approach from medical perspective Love the channel and content!

Marcus Rees : Great video, love your channel. If only our politicians acted based on science rather than what will get them elected. Keep pumping out great videos, I'll watch them all.

Florence Williams : I assume that the religious experiences psychedelics are known to induce, don't count as proven benefits?

Shivian Morgan : I'm so So SO GLAD you made this video! Thank you so very much!

ahouyearno : When calculating costs of drugs, should we also include the gains? A yearly drug fuelled party can be incredibly fun and recharge the batteries to be a more productive member of society. Even if there is no therapeutic use for cannabis, it still has social benefits. In our overstressed society, people need a release valve. Cannabis is that valve for some people.

SymbolX : Drug laws are enforced by ignorants and lobbyists...

Andre Vieira : They don't need to be perfect, just better than opioids. Which is a pretty low bar

jakub rembacz : quit smoking, do lsd

Matthew Furtney : Nice job getting all the sides of a complex topic.

APaleDot : I think Dr. Carroll might know Lucy personally.

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : Slippery slope doesn't exist, goyim.

Virtue Friend : Heard that it could help with OCD.

Mojos Bigstick : 'Addicting' not 'addictive'?

ToxicTurquoise 454 : "Addictive" not "addicting".

Lounge lizard : None of these positive outcomes will be shown in the U.S. as long as Trump's elf (Jeff Sessions) is in power at the inJustice Dept.