Kingdom Hearts Explained
Kingdom Hearts Explained

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Here is a quick recap to prepare you for Kingdom Hearts 3. dunk store


BeachTurkey : then it turns out the whole Kingdom Hearts franchise is actually an ad for the new Winnie the Pooh movie

‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ : There are only 5 jokes. Six, if you count this games actual lore.

JocularSolid : I thought this was a parody, but i watched a 45 minute explaination of the plot and came away with the same knowledge i had gotten from this video

UpwardDig : this 4 minute video felt like a 30 minute documentary

Design Doc : The worst part is that this is actually 95% accurate.

Ghost140 : Are we sure Kojima has nothing to do with this series?

Sin00b : omfg I can't believe that 358/2 days is actually a thing, I thought he just photoshopped it cause they all have funny ass names

Zijimiji Meehow : This might be a good spot to find some ingredients

sgtpancakes450 : The worst part is I can't tell what is and what isn't satire

Scott Martinez : The plot is so ridiculous that even when Dunkey is being sarcastic, I don't even notice it half the time.

AstonishingREDD : Kingdom Hearts has the single most convoluted story in the history of gaming. The only way to piece together the story/lore of the Dark Souls/Bloodborne games are by digging through item descriptions and Kingdom Hearts still manages to make Souls lore look like the story of a Mario game.

Keykey70 : Drinking game: Take a shot every time Dunkey says "Actually"

Sub to PewDiePie Fuck you T-series : So how Knack & Knack 2 fits in the timeline

julio _cbp : I've never heard of this Evangelion episode before.

gtabro1337 : Ah yes, exactly how I remember it

orangeapples : This actually isn’t a bad summary of what happened.

BeenieBombYT : This is why you don't milk a story-centric RPG where every game just _has_ to add to the canon for *13 years.* I've had fever dreams that are less convoluted than the base story of Kingdom Hearts lmao

TAG Media : Disliked, unsubbed. No mention of Big Wheel, who is clearly the main antagonist of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Brian Dela Rosa : “Turns out, Sora’s friend, Riku, is actually possessed by Ansem, who is actually Xehanort who got transformed into a shadow man 300 years ago. Not to be confused with Ansem the Wise, who was a different guy and he’s dead now, but not actually.” the more you read this the more questions you have

Dirty Vik : I love how it's so ridiculous that you can't tell the bullshit from the actual story. Also, he ended the video with a donkey.

Eneliko Smith : "Disney and Square Enix presents Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage for the Sony Playstation 4." So much for a simple naming scheme.

Clean Living : So basically every D&D homebrew campaign ever

William Merrill : So much for Simple and Clean...

Loansome : I can't wait until KH3 comes out and the people who haven't played the other games watch this video or replay the games and realize "oh shit it's actually super accurate"

Thai Win : When the story is so ridiculous and convoluted that you can't tell if Dunky is playing you for satire or if this is the real deal.

Sad Boi : It's all based on a true story.

Yaboi : The weirdest thing is that 95% of what he said was the truth

Rob Simpl : But the series isn't a poorly written, convoluted mess at all guys honest.

SOME GUY : Jokes in this vid 1.Tiger’s dream sequence 2. Master pumba That’s about it.....

TheXpender : _It all makes sense now_

MegaCaptcha : So... A cat destroyed the world?

Juan B : Don't forget the part where the gang travels to the Cory in the House dimension (still Disney) to meet the *real* puppet master, Coryx.

vsGoliath : The numbering system for this game is even more confusing than the Evangelion reboot.

ChaoticdriveZX : One of the dumbest messiest most confusing plots ever. makes zero sense. the devs blew it.

Photonic : I'm gunna need a flow chart on this one mah dude

Fine Dandy : R u that guy who told ign how to pronounce” xehanort?”

Nathaniel Windsor : This video makes you really feel like kingdom hearts

Smiling Jack : Ironically it’s entirely accurate right up to pumba.

Meteornome : Non KH fans and casuals are wondering _"where do the jokes end and the actualness begin?"_

Schorl Tourmaline : The sad part of this is that there is more correct information here than fake.

Unknown Error : So what im getting is that Velma from scooby doo is actually the master of masters

Jonah Garcia : You lost me about a minute and a half in

Alyssa Fredrickson : This video really makes you FEEL like Kingdom Hearts

Derack He : Are you just a pancake?

DarkHero Gaming Channel : It's impressive that 99% of this is accurate!

legendinthemakin1001 : Xehanort: I'm a good guy Terra: Ok I believe you

Justin Wood : While maybe not the funniest Dunkey video, this may be the most perfect. It never ceases to amaze me.

James Reid : This video should not be watched drunk

What are you looking at : So the main guy is called Sora right