Kingdom Hearts Explained

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Design Doc : The worst part is that this is actually 95% accurate.

Dr Shaym : I've never played any of these games, and I honestly can't tell if he's making this shit up.

yugijak : I...I was expecting this to be a joke. Not a serious explanation. What's really twisted is that this in and of itself is comedic enough. Which is also really sad.

Proving Demons : I love how I have my bell ticked for all notifications from ya and I still get no notification.

BeachTurkey : then it turns out the whole Kingdom Hearts franchise is actually an ad for the new Winnie the Pooh movie

Scott thebassplayer : The plot is so ridiculous that even when Dunkey is being sarcastic, I don't even notice it half the time.

JoeSixShot : Turns out Eeyore...... What? What happens? Come on!!!

UpwardDig : this 4 minute video felt like a 30 minute documentary

Ghost140 : Are we sure Kojima has nothing to do with this series?

Band Geek : Still waiting for Kingdom Hearts: Bookworm Adventures Deluxe

Heavenly Controller : What makes this video so ironic is that most people will think this is just another sarcastic Dunkey parody, but it’s actually a legitimate recap of the series LMAO

Keykey70 : Drinking game: Take a shot every time Dunkey says "Actually"

Abbreviated Reviews : I haven't played any of these games, so all of this seems plausible. I wasn't aware there were so many popsicles in these games.

Attention : Where does Buzz Lightyear fit in all of this?

die. png : *this video makes Kindgom Heart sounds like the dumbest game series ever*

Critical Nobody : If this sounds like utter nonsense to you then congratulations, you’re in the same boat as everyone else. And yes, that includes Kingdom Hearts fans.

999.9 B views : So how Knack & Knack 2 fits in the timeline

Anitha N : I'm glad he didn't spoil how eeyore was possessed by xehanort and ended up seemingly killing sora, but speculation is that he didn't really especially because you see sora in the kh3 trailer.

sgtpancakes450 : The worst part is I can't tell what is and what isn't satire

Rob Simpl : But the series isn't a poorly written, convoluted mess at all guys honest.

Alex Månsson - FUNK 9C : Dunkey had to end the vid so it didn’t turn into a game theory.

Eneliko Smith : "Disney and Square Enix presents Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage for the Sony Playstation 4." So much for a simple naming scheme.

Thegoodoldays : >Not saying sora donald and goofy in that order What are you even doing dunkey?

Anarchy : I love the KH series and i love how acurate this is, the game actually makes no fucking sense at all. You just get disney and key swords and hack into darkness with the power of friendship. Who needs more story than that anyways.

TAG Media : Disliked, unsubbed. No mention of Big Wheel, who is clearly the main antagonist of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Eric Lecarde : I can't believe he didin't event joke that much about the plot and the video came out hilarious anyway due to the sheer ridiculousness of it.

ProtoMario : Accurate

DerpyEssentialWatermelon L : I understood the first 50 seconds... BUT in the 3rd second my mind went blank but that was just a joke I really blanked out in the 45th second but that only comes together when we get to the 10th second now the in the 10th second I had to go to the washroom so I paused the video and went to the washroom and then went back and resumed the video but I didn't realize that my little sister came in and skipped 5 seconds and ran out. Now this is when things get really interesting because in the 10th second my sister came in and she skipped 5 seconds, I missed 5 seconds and there is a crucial part in the 14th second where Dunkey said dark ball and that was a part I really wanted to hear but really in the 7th second it shows that I didn't want to go to the washroom at that time and since the time where I apparently went to the washroom was in the 10th second, only 3 seconds away, that means I really never wanted to go to the washroom and I actually blanked out in the 10th second for 5 seconds and in the 45th second for 2 seconds but of course this event is only revealed in the 45th second but in the 30th second I got a phone call and my mom picked it up but this was just a red herring making me think my mom picked up the phone when in reality she didn't and the phone call had a very important message which would be crucial for the 49th second, and finally in the 50th second it is revealed that I never watched Dunkey's video and that my sister is evil and planned this whole scheme and we don't know anything past that. Can't wait for the 52nd second but notice that I skipped the 51- alright I'm gonna stop now.

Clean Living : So basically every D&D homebrew campaign ever

Derack He : Are you just a pancake?

Thai Win : When the story is so ridiculous and convoluted that you can't tell if Dunky is playing you for satire or if this is the real deal.

Le Soviet Spy : You lost me at "ok."

GhostCry : 3:03 well she doesnt feel so good

Jack Mcdig : R u that guy who told ign how to pronounce” xehanort?”

Bryan Dauz : I lost my shit when he said Pumba and then lost my shit again when he mentioned Eeyore

StickMaster500 : Thanks Dunkey... *_I still don’t understand what the hell is going on_*

Jake Stein : first dunkey video that actually made my head hurt lmao

Alexandro Q. : aah so it's like that, i understand everything now.

Efrain Salas : My brain kinda hurts.

Banana Child : Dunkey made the broken Kingdom Hearts storyline much more entertaining to hear than the actual game itself

TheXpender : _It all makes sense now_

MYK Gaming : Kingdom Hearts 10 : XenoKnack

orangeapples : This actually isn’t a bad summary of what happened.

trevor heath : Who? What? When? Pumba? Psycho mantis?

Love0Me0Hate : My brain has melted.

gtabro1337 : Ah yes, exactly how I remember it

SIR CRAZY : Honestly this could be the story line and I wouldn’t know I only played the ps2 game

4collor : hey, it's like that other game with that snake dude. i freaking love mgs :D

ThatOneGuy006 : Wait, Eeyore, Ore Eye? The Master of masters forged his eye into a keyblade to see the future. His Eye is incased in Ore!

James Reid : This video should not be watched drunk