Kingdom Hearts Explained

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Design Doc : The worst part is that this is actually 95% accurate.

Dr Shaym : I've never played any of these games, and I honestly can't tell if he's making this shit up.

‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ : There are only 5 jokes. Six, if you count this games actual lore.

Proving Demons : I love how I have my bell ticked for all notifications from ya and I still get no notification.

BeachTurkey : then it turns out the whole Kingdom Hearts franchise is actually an ad for the new Winnie the Pooh movie

Scott thebassplayer : The plot is so ridiculous that even when Dunkey is being sarcastic, I don't even notice it half the time.

UpwardDig : this 4 minute video felt like a 30 minute documentary

Ghost140 : Are we sure Kojima has nothing to do with this series?

Band Geek : Still waiting for Kingdom Hearts: Bookworm Adventures Deluxe

AstonishingREDD : Kingdom Hearts has the single most convoluted story in the history of gaming. The only way to piece together the story/lore of the Dark Souls/Bloodborne games are by digging through item descriptions and Kingdom Hearts still manages to make Souls lore look like the story of a Mario game.

Berd : turns out, EEYORE.

retardo fuckaro : *this video makes Kindgom Heart sounds like the dumbest game series ever*

sgtpancakes450 : The worst part is I can't tell what is and what isn't satire

Keykey70 : Drinking game: Take a shot every time Dunkey says "Actually"

Sub to PewDiePie Fuck you T-series : So how Knack & Knack 2 fits in the timeline

Eric Lecarde : I can't believe he didin't event joke that much about the plot and the video came out hilarious anyway due to the sheer ridiculousness of it.

Zijimiji Meehow : This might be a good spot to find some ingredients

JocularSolid : I thought this was a parody, but i watched a 45 minute explaination of the plot and came away with the same knowledge i had gotten from this video

TAG Media : Disliked, unsubbed. No mention of Big Wheel, who is clearly the main antagonist of the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise.

julio _cbp : I've never heard of this Evangelion episode before.

Thegoodoldays : >Not saying sora donald and goofy in that order What are you even doing dunkey?

Anarchy : I love the KH series and i love how acurate this is, the game actually makes no fucking sense at all. You just get disney and key swords and hack into darkness with the power of friendship. Who needs more story than that anyways.

Rob Simpl : But the series isn't a poorly written, convoluted mess at all guys honest.

Clean Living : So basically every D&D homebrew campaign ever

Alex Månsson - FUNK 9C : Dunkey had to end the vid so it didn’t turn into a game theory.

Eneliko Smith : "Disney and Square Enix presents Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage for the Sony Playstation 4." So much for a simple naming scheme.

BeenieBombYT : This is why you don't milk a story-centric RPG where every game just _has_ to add to the canon for *13 years.* I've had fever dreams that are less convoluted than the base story of Kingdom Hearts lmao

orangeapples : This actually isn’t a bad summary of what happened.

Random Soviet : You lost me at "ok."

im salt : the fact that I understood everything he was saying makes me think i should spend some more time outside

Loansome : I can't wait until KH3 comes out and the people who haven't played the other games watch this video or replay the games and realize "oh shit it's actually super accurate"

Yaboi : The weirdest thing is that 95% of what he said was the truth

Caspian Jango : It's all based on a true story.

William Merrill : So much for Simple and Clean...

TheXpender : _It all makes sense now_

ProtoMario : Accurate

You made me click. : 0:43 "It's a browser game, so obviously it's gonna be a little light on the story. Thankfully, they released a tie-in movie 4 years later on the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection called Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover which *explains everything.* " *cue curb your enthusiasm theme*

ThatOneGuy006 : Wait, Eeyore, Ore Eye? The Master of masters forged his eye into a keyblade to see the future. His Eye is incased in Ore!

GhostCry : 3:03 well she doesnt feel so good

DarkHero Gaming Channel : It's impressive that 99% of this is accurate!

Sin00b : omfg I can't believe that 358/2 days is actually a thing, I thought he just photoshopped it cause they all have funny ass names

ChaoticdriveZX : One of the dumbest messiest most confusing plots ever. makes zero sense. the devs blew it.

MegaCaptcha : So... A cat destroyed the world?

Alexandro Q. : aah so it's like that, i understand everything now.

Critical Nobody : If this sounds like utter nonsense to you then congratulations, you’re in the same boat as everyone else. And yes, that includes Kingdom Hearts fans.

DisasterWarning999 : You see, Eeyore after years of toiling away finally finished his time machine and traveled back the key blade war. He spoke with one of five wiseman, who told him to take some of Xehanort’s DNA and travel to the lion king universe and impregnate Pumbaa’s mother, Polaris making him Xehanort’s son and a perfect clone of Xehanort. After doing so he took some her dna and injected into the blood of human named Po-Po. This of course was Kiri’s grandfather making her and her father a clone of Xehanort. This is only fitting as Xehanort always wanted to be accepted as a little white girl. Now after Eeyore traveled back to future and resumed his life with Pooh and friends. But, Mickey Mouse years later found Eeyore‘a time machine in his bathroom and an unconscious old man Donald along with it. After stealing half of the present Donald’s heart and giving to the old Donald (this is why Donald dies so easily) Mickey learned that Spongebob Squarepants was the original reincarnation of Xehanort and is secretly disguised as Ansem the wise, planning to find the original Xehanort and replace himself with him after commuting Seppuku. Except not really because he actually faked his death and possessed Kiri in order to invade Sora’s heart and make Roxas, who is actually a clone of both Sora and Xehanort, who is actually Mrs. Potato Head in disguised. After this old Donald passes away and the half of his heart and present Donald’s heart combine to create kingdom hearts, except not really because Mickey sets out to kill Ansem the wise but can’t as Goofy thought that the time machine was the toilet and went back to the key blade war and horrified by all the death decided to try and stop it by blowing up the time machine. However all this did was merge he and Eeyore’s minds send him back in time, where with his new found darkness became Hoodmeister (remember this). Of course he had his evil intentions but, we’ll get back to that later. Because after spending years working on a new time machine Mickey finally finished it. However when falls asleep that night he ends up in Sora’s dream along with Eeyore. You see, this dream is what inspired Eeyore to travel back in time. You see, after seeing Sora get keyblade and smash boxes he realized that the only way to stop Sora from smashing the box and releasing Xehanort was to hide the box in the first place. So before going to help the wiseman he traveled back to when Xehanort tasked Hoodmeister with hiding the box. He tailed him to the hiding place, but was discovered by Hoodmeister. They then engaged each other in a serious key blade battle. However the battle was interrupted by Gary the Sea Snail who was trying to intercept the box and destroy it as he too was trying to intercept the box and hide in a different location as before being spongebob’s pet he belonged to Mrs. Potato Head and saw just how evil she was, but before he could help he was possessed by Goofy. It was at this point that Eeyore was almost possessed as well, but was holding on. He decided run, but as he was traveling to the future he crossed paths with Goofy crossing their brains and giving evil Goofy full control over Eeyore. But as they’re minds were’nt connected anymore possessed Eeyore became a separate entity known as Geonossis. However the time machine was damaged when he crossed paths with good Goofy causing him to crash land during the key blade war. He did everything we talked about before as well as repairing the time machine. Also when Goofy and Eeyore crossed paths it also created two Goofy’s one that returned to present and forgot that he went back in time and the Goofy that became Hoodmeister. We’re talking about the first Goofy who will now be known as Yf Goo. Yf Goo traveled back to the present but arrived in the basement of the castle and thus forgot about it completely. Now Pluto discovered the time machine and went back in time and met Ansem the wise, who we know is actually Spongebob in disguise. He told Pluto to trick Sora, Yf Goo, and Donald into finding the box and releasing Xehanort. Now this is Part 1 of a 2 part series. I will post a second comment telling the rest of the story later.

Nabeel Ahmed : What about eeyore?? Dont leave us hanging

Banana Child : Dunkey made the broken Kingdom Hearts storyline much more entertaining to hear than the actual game itself

Passive Wealth : For the life of me I have no idea how this series is so popular. Besides the fact that a Final Fantasy/Disney character crossover is one of the dumber things to make a video game about that I can think of off the top of my head, the lore sounds more dense and confusing than Dark Souls

StickMaster500 : Thanks Dunkey... *_I still don’t understand what the hell is going on_*