The Death and Life of Helicopter Commuting

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Eddie Munster : I'm still waiting for a drone from amazon to deliver my packages

Premiere Pro for Beginners : For those wondering, $5 in the 50s is about 50 bucks in today's money.

Bro. Tolliver : Thank you Bloomberg, for taking video content seriously. Unlike your lazy compatriots at INC. you all seem to take pride in quality video content with interesting topics and great execution. You have a new fan.

Gautam Iyer : It was 5 people why is it such a big deal more than 5 people die every week in NYC due to cars and that isn't a big deal

mumia76 : And 8 minutes in I realize I'm actually watching an elaborate ad.

Boar Vessel, 600-500 B.C. , Etruscan Ceramic : How did the rotor end up in the pan am building? I don't understand how it went off the roof and curved round into the building?

KR P : Typical shortsighted and fear based reactionary policies.

Sodiumreactor : 9 days after this accident 585 people were killed when two jumbo jets collided. Funny they scrapped the whole industry for 5 deaths yet jumbo jets are still flying today.

Jonah Beale : 8:14 Quiet? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the video, but... the loudest part of a conventional helicopter is the tail rotor. On that aircraft, you have what are essentially 8 tail rotors producing significantly more thrust at much higher RPM. Each one will be nearly as loud as a helicopter by itself.

Supadubya : 5 deaths with 500,000 passengers transported a year? That's a horrifying accodent- but statistically, it's safer than ground transit...

Brandon Sheaffer : Yet there's hundreds of recorded airplane crashes and people still ride planes

Mischief2013 : This is just a disguised advertisement for Blade..

Fredrick Mboma : Something else was behind the demise of this industry. If one accident is all it takes to kill a transportation industry, then no transportation would be taking place now.

Sith Lord : In the 1970s you could buy a ticket on a supersonic airliner and helicopter ride to Manhattan. Today you just sit in your basement and waste your life staring at Facebook. Society is getting worse.

PilotB : 1 crash and it's all over, that's just stupid. Cars crash all the time... More frequently and often are just as deadly... Why the heck are people still driving cars? If 1 helicopter crash kills an commercial industry, then cars should be flat out illegal.

Thats Not a Knife, This is a Knife : Shoutout to ma boi Pinochet!

justsnappy : That EVTOL doesn't look like it'd survive an engine failure. Can't auto rotate, can establish best glide...Cirrus parachute, perhaps?

G. Rockefeller : i identify as an attack helicopter

jimmyvbs : Noise on helicopters? Why not ask the guys that assassinated Bin Laden in quieted down Black Hawks.

Thomas Amore : I remember that incident with that helicopter like it was yesterday. I am so glad that they stopped those helicopters I'm picking people up and taking them to the airport from rooftops. Only in the case of emergencies should that be okay. Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen and Pan Am building was part of my playground as a child. But the memory is left is not a nice one. God bless everybody have a great three day weekend if you do that on your job or does your job let you do that I hope they do. I hope a lot more of these jobs let you have 3-day weekends.

Mbc ‍ : Only here cause I see Casey Neistat doing this all the time. Not like I could afford it.

Ryan M. : No security No scanners No tsa The glorious days before multiculturalism

Joshua Thomas : Trump failed? No must be fake media. Probably wasn't even a helicopter crash.

SpectreMk2 : All the hype about "VTOL" reminds me the hope of some about the tilt-rotor for commercial application 20 years ago.

Scott the Dick : I'm getting the vox vive

Zane Salamah : This is why we need Spider-Man.

s0nnyburnett : Take a ride in a giant toy helicopter that looks like it should have a camera on it instead of a person? No thanks. Let's see that thing auto rotate to the ground in an emergency.

Jo : Thank you for this video. Never even knew about this

Roberto Allende : Good job. Nice video.

Rs Rt : Electrical drive technology needs to address the FAA requirement that the pilot be capable of safely landing a rotorcraft in the event of engine failure and loss of all electrical power.

flynnphoto : São Paulo Brazil, the only way to get around is by helicopter. Traffic is that bad. Gotta have coin...

anglekan : Governments always make everything illegal.

Hoschi0913 : what a statement...."how an unexpected tragedy, could change......." yeah i'am no expert, but my guess is that a tragedy is ALWAYS unexpected !

Robert Downey Jr. : Helicopter travel is common in Miami and Miami Beach... Sitting on the beach you can see a helicopter passing by every 10-15 minutes

dexport : No shit trump failed... he tried to succeed in so many different business sectors but failed miserably every single time from his vodka to his steaks a legacy of failure... and now we get to watch him destroy America!

MJDHX : Bring back the Zeppelin!

jamie heiney : Not forever ...

iceberg789 : with the advancement in quad-copter drone technology, this thing may just return soon.

Clarence Taylor : Bloomberg x Vox = Box

Zander Thurston : 7:16 this this the helicopter that crashed into the river in March

Squidbillies1000 : Use the zip line to get to the airport

LostInPie219 : The incident 40 years ago with uncontrolled rotor blades killed 5 people brought an end to the industry, and now the come back company is named "blade", irony.

Gene Dexter : Tried it as a young man in 1981 and it felt very chic being shuttled between JFK and 34th Street port. Or was it 37th? Anyway, I loved it.

Andrew Polich : Had no idea about this option. I'd love to use it one day 😃

Adrián Géza Veress : Or maybe american cities could improve their public transport to fix their traffic issues.

The Dudelino : I'd love to have that opportunity. Weird to shut down a program because of a fairly minor incident. Pretty sure more than 5 people die in front of the metro every year.

Phlegethon : Looks like a Vox video, good job actually making something interesting

brockelever : I remember taking a helicopter in NYC and landing on the Pan Am building when I was 5 years old. Very exciting and scary. At the time this was a very common way to commute to the airport.

Steven Verovich : @00:43 The BV107 was actually designed first for this purpose then retrofitted to be a military helicopter and designed, the CH-46A. Not the other way around.

Yoel Sherwood : Way to mention Lilium, the evtol company based out of Germany, who is the first to publicize a working model.