The Death and Life of Helicopter Commuting

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Bro. Tolliver : Thank you Bloomberg, for taking video content seriously. Unlike your lazy compatriots at INC. you all seem to take pride in quality video content with interesting topics and great execution. You have a new fan.

Supadubya : 5 deaths with 500,000 passengers transported a year? That's a horrifying accodent- but statistically, it's safer than ground transit...

Sa Bo : That girl on the street was some 1970's Final Destination shit. How fucking random.

Premiere Pro for Beginners : For those wondering, $5 in the 50s is about 50 bucks in today's money.

Apollo : I'm gonna start a helicopter service. All I need is someone to give me a small investment of 1 million dollars.

GrijzePilion : I understand why blimp travel failed after the Hindenburg crash, but this?

Eddie Munster : I'm still waiting for a drone from amazon to deliver my packages

PilotB : 1 crash and it's all over, that's just stupid. Cars crash all the time... More frequently and often are just as deadly... Why the heck are people still driving cars? If 1 helicopter crash kills an commercial industry, then cars should be flat out illegal.

KR P : Typical shortsighted and fear based reactionary policies.

Michael W. Perry : Marvelous documentary. While the idea of helicopters for fast and short trips in big cities is appealing, it faces two hitches the documentary fails to explore. 1. What's the point? TSA security takes up so much time, saving a few minutes getting to JFK means little. 2. Weather. Cars, trains, and buses can cope with all but the most extreme weather conditions. Not so planes and particularly helicopters. That's made worse when those helicopters are landing on waterfront docks or the tops of tall buildings.

Ianis Birliba : I am more with Musk on the underground 3d tunnels, i don't want to walk-out on the stree and the Sykes to be as busy as the roads not a big fan

mumia76 : And 8 minutes in I realize I'm actually watching an elaborate ad.

Talha Siddiqui : Fuck Donald Trump

Gautam Iyer : It was 5 people why is it such a big deal more than 5 people die every week in NYC due to cars and that isn't a big deal

Thomas 16.04 : "Blade don't own the helicopters just contract out." So they can wash their hands when they pressure a operator to use an under maintained helicopter and kill someone? Truly the american way.

Jo Louie : Rich people do it all over the world.

Duncan D McGrath : Thousands of parts rotating in close formation ..... around an oil leak. I've spent too many years in rotary wing maintenance, for that reason I'm out.

Thomas Amore : I remember that incident with that helicopter like it was yesterday. I am so glad that they stopped those helicopters I'm picking people up and taking them to the airport from rooftops. Only in the case of emergencies should that be okay. Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen and Pan Am building was part of my playground as a child. But the memory is left is not a nice one. God bless everybody have a great three day weekend if you do that on your job or does your job let you do that I hope they do. I hope a lot more of these jobs let you have 3-day weekends.

Mischief2013 : This is just a disguised advertisement for Blade..

Jonah Beale : 8:14 Quiet? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the video, but... the loudest part of a conventional helicopter is the tail rotor. On that aircraft, you have what are essentially 8 tail rotors producing significantly more thrust at much higher RPM. Each one will be nearly as loud as a helicopter by itself.

My Notifications are off : Interesting content. I didn't know this was a thing a few decades ago.

Taylor Pankratz : 5 dollars?? WHATT??

0.5 Warp : How did the rotor end up in the pan am building? I don't understand how it went off the roof and curved round into the building?

Maxim Mee : the cause was metal fatigue,,,,then they should ban ALL helicopters. NOT roof top landings. what is the link to roof top landings ?

Nick Haz : Expand the subway system. It works regardless of the weather and is very safe.

Jonathan Sanders : Uber Heliport? That could be the thing...

ramzohh : That accident is some Final Destination type shit.

joeashbubemma : The noise alone will drive people insane.

Sean O : Been on a helicopter 3 times in my life. Pretty exhilarating to watch the Earth just fall away from you. The views are more dynamic than being in a plane also. But, at least planes might be able to coast to the ground if something goes wrong, helos tend to be catastrophic.

meteda1070 : Final Destination, eat your heart out.

/uwado : so ur not gonna mention the 1979 crash?

Milton Waddams : Very happy that this trend didn't catch on. I have helicopters flying over my building 4-5 times a week, if that was 40-50 times, I'd probably go insane from all the noise. Helicopter travel over cities is truly the rich telling the others - "you losers on the ground can suffer, I'm going to the beach and I don't care about anything else".

I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers : larry page is a retard and knows nothing. YT is shit and hides comments and fails to count votes. page bet on fiber and he lost. google videos is dead. google fiber was DOA because he's a moron and not a network engineer like I am. Dun worry, bruhs! errbody will have flying cars like the end of this vid, if you morons can afford a goddamn pilot's license at $10,000. Plus the plane, and maintenance cost, and daily logs for flight safety checks and headphones for talking to the tower, and spare parts, and you need to know how to read a map and plan your damn flight. I'd fly any chopper with that hot babe flight attendant at 2:05

octet33 : Something tells me that PAN-AM building tragedy killed more than 5 people by raising the use of cars. People are just really good at overreacting to tragedies.

Sckoux : Don't care what you say, Helicopters will always look cooler than a VTOL. Until they make something that actually looks cool that is.

Giusi Mastro : Thank you this is a very nice video

Eduardo L : More people die in car accidents than on a helicópter. Again not following the maintenance guidelines.

ordinarylover : The future of transportation: metro + electric bus + bike (electric maybe)...get rid of all cars in downtown and you will move very nicely and fast...

Hindu Goat : one accident an the entire industry collapses? thats the problem with humans, they over react to tragedy too much emotion not enough logic

Legend Cox : so the lesson learned here is to inspect that component for stress.

E Y Y : should've discussed helicopter commuting in sao paulo, which is the city with the heaviest helicopter traffic nowadays.

Is [N0T] 42 : Cars are way more dangerous, but we still use em in the cities.

Charles Miller : What I get out of this is people were so much more wealthy and free 50 years ago that lots of people could afford what would be thousands of dollars in today's money just to save a little time, and they were free to do so. But instead of learning the lesson of you need to do more strut maintenance we learned the lesson of government will use any excuse it can find to limit our freedoms. Or did we? On second thought we still haven't figured that out.

chistine lane : The public is retarded. Color me beige

JaDo Steele : Looks like a design problem and not stopping the rotors was to blame. It doesn't make it a bad idea, just needed to tweak it and keep going. They didn't stop airplane travel because of a few bad designs/accidents.

MHG1023 : I just don´t get it. The accident was clearly due to a technical failure (gear housing support strut "broken") and I guess Sikorski fixed that problem after it was determined. This accident could have happened anywhere else that helicopter would/could land. So, there´s absolutely no relation to the location. It makes no sense to close that heliport because of that particular accident. Following the logic of FAA at the time (and maybe to date) they must close all heliports close to inahbitated areas including hospitals ... (which would render most heli ops obsolete)

Nonov Yerbusiness : Where's the flipping damn FLYING CAR we get promised every few months?! One of those would be great in Nuke York, am I right?

10fishkins : Towards the end of the video he sent the electric vtol is quieter than the conventional way? It is in the engine that you hear it's the rotor blades and make all the noise

Keith D'Antonio : good story!! I enjoyed it

David Lloyd-Jones : I would have expected Bloomberg, financial specialists, to have noted the rise and fall of helicopters in clearing cheques. I'd like to know, has electronic banking taken the helicopters out of the paper-shuffling business?