The Death and Life of Helicopter Commuting

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wayne young : Of course Trump failed

Ianis Bîrliba : I am more with Musk on the underground 3d tunnels, i don't want to walk-out on the stree and the Sykes to be as busy as the roads not a big fan

Apollo : I'm gonna start a helicopter service. All I need is someone to give me a small investment of 1 million dollars.

Sa Bo : That girl on the street was some 1970's Final Destination shit. How fucking random.

Thomas 16.04 : "Blade don't own the helicopters just contract out." So they can wash their hands when they pressure a operator to use an under maintained helicopter and kill someone? Truly the american way.

Bro. Tolliver : Thank you Bloomberg, for taking video content seriously. Unlike your lazy compatriots at INC. you all seem to take pride in quality video content with interesting topics and great execution. You have a new fan.

Thomas Amore : I remember that incident with that helicopter like it was yesterday. I am so glad that they stopped those helicopters I'm picking people up and taking them to the airport from rooftops. Only in the case of emergencies should that be okay. Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen and Pan Am building was part of my playground as a child. But the memory is left is not a nice one. God bless everybody have a great three day weekend if you do that on your job or does your job let you do that I hope they do. I hope a lot more of these jobs let you have 3-day weekends.

Michael W. Perry : Marvelous documentary. While the idea of helicopters for fast and short trips in big cities is appealing, it faces two hitches the documentary fails to explore. 1. What's the point? TSA security takes up so much time, saving a few minutes getting to JFK means little. 2. Weather. Cars, trains, and buses can cope with all but the most extreme weather conditions. Not so planes and particularly helicopters. That's made worse when those helicopters are landing on waterfront docks or the tops of tall buildings.

Talha Siddiqui : Fuck Donald Trump

Premiere Pro for Beginners : For those wondering, $5 in the 50s is about 50 bucks in today's money.

Gautam Iyer : It was 5 people why is it such a big deal more than 5 people die every week in NYC due to cars and that isn't a big deal

Ioannis Zorgianos : So now, no morw beatiful girls waiting "Dirty Harry" on the roof!

Mark Holtze : That was a fantastic little piece... Thanks Bloomberg!

Nero 008 : Great Vid. At end got evid. Bloomberg not understand basic economics! ??

Jonathan Sanders : Uber Heliport? That could be the thing...

MillsCraft com2810cantoreNaperville,IL,60564 : the blimps should have been flatter so they less carried away by horizontal winds, else reciprocation blinds converting to opposite thrust if side airflow. ☼ motor or Φ is safer than piston... congratulations me, i am making air travel safer than before. Jeffrey Scott Mills.

Taylor Pankratz : 5 dollars?? WHATT??

Sith Lord : In the 1970s you could buy a ticket on a supersonic airliner and helicopter ride to Manhattan. Today you just sit in your basement and waste your life staring at Facebook. Society is getting worse.

Rich Piana : Who gives a fuck keep this program going you fucking pussies

Aura Rowe : Maybe its just a different era, but I don't understand the pilots statement around 4:50 about how it was unsafe to have the rotors spinning while loading passengers. This is common practice for years and years and years in Heliskiing where beyond just loading the passengers for their safety the passengers will gather and duck down on each side where the skids are meant to land, and the helicopter will touch down between them. Depending heavily on terrain of course but thats a common example of worst case scenario

Law19157 : Why don't they shuttle from small local airports? My city Hayward Ca. has a small airport for prop planes & private jets, there's no reason helicopters can't shuttle people to neighboring hub airports such as San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport & San Jose International Airport from the small local airports in the SF Bay Area.

Sharjeel A. : If I had enough money, I'd commute like this everyday

1973Washu : Living in the Hamptons and working in Manhattan and not wasting hours out of every day in traffic would be appealing.

AussieMozzie : Wouldn't be a doco without Trump would it?

Arnab Roy : What tragic deaths

FlyingPig133 : 1 crash and it's all over, that's just stupid. Cars crash all the time... More frequently and often are just as deadly... Why the heck are people still driving cars? If 1 helicopter crash kills an commercial industry, then cars should be flat out illegal.

Callie Masters : There has been a regularly scheduled, affordable helicopter transfer service between Monaco and Nice airport for many years now. It takes 7 minutes and goes every 15 minutes. I think there's been one crash, but it still runs. Very useful.

Erik Arustamyan : A helicopter flies over my house in NYC literally every 30 fucking minutes

j kd'n : Wow. That was a great story I wasn't aware of the problems. I thought you could zip anywhere in a copter anytime. When you think of all the things in NY that Do work over 99% of the time, it's an amazing city.

Isaac Karjala : To get around the noise issue just shroud the tail rotor.

Der Dudelino : I'd love to have that opportunity. Weird to shut down a program because of a fairly minor incident. Pretty sure more than 5 people die in front of the metro every year.

Josip Ricov : Wish they reopened.

Matthew Lo : I like choppers.

Shaylah M. : Really cool!!!!!

P77777777 : only $5? not that bad actually some modes of public transit (by ferry usually) are around that expensive

Karl Mira : Subscribed! Well presented.

Duncan D McGrath : Thousands of parts rotating in close formation ..... around an oil leak. I've spent too many years in rotary wing maintenance, for that reason I'm out.

braddyboy82 : This was a very interesting video about something I didn't know anything about. Thank you for posting this.

Jon Nan : I drank a Budweiser 40 ontop the Pan-am building heliport in 1983- cut out of school

Ben Dover : Hundreds of hours of error-free service and one deadly accident, and they cancel the programme. Meanwhile hundreds of idiots crash and die in cars every day in that city but nobody wants to ban cars or pedestrians. What?

nong Sick : lol I wish I was helicopter commuting

TheLegend 27 : So 5 people died. What about the thousands from planes crashes, or the hundreds of thousands from cars, shall we remove them?

Hobbo John : Accidents are going to happen its just a fack

Jon Ultime : What a dumb idea. Should've just stuck to Manhattan's downtown helipad.

Vinnie Hugo : I'm going to start a rooftop paramotoring business. Where people pay to strap on a paramotor to fly to a destination for a reasonable fee. They can return the unit when they please. Also, take off will be easy as a rider is simply pushed over the edge of building. They will only need to steer and modulate fan power.

Jo Louie : Rich people do it all over the world.

Chase Vineland : Idiots! Helicopter commuting company's were taken down by the internet just like many retailers and businesses. Video conference, email, and efficiencies in communication and mobile offices sealed the fate. Think about it.

Bob Martens : Trump failed? How?

justsnappy : That EVTOL doesn't look like it'd survive an engine failure. Can't auto rotate, can establish best glide...Cirrus parachute, perhaps?

Michael Ledford : Let Elon Musk ride in his damn subway and only go where & when public transportation takes him for an entire year ,then get back to me with his tunnel train scam that's physically impossible to make work .