The Death and Life of Helicopter Commuting

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Eddie Munster : I'm still waiting for a drone from amazon to deliver my packages

Premiere Pro for Beginners : For those wondering, $5 in the 50s is about 50 bucks in today's money.

Bro. Tolliver : Thank you Bloomberg, for taking video content seriously. Unlike your lazy compatriots at INC. you all seem to take pride in quality video content with interesting topics and great execution. You have a new fan.

mumia76 : And 8 minutes in I realize I'm actually watching an elaborate ad.

0.5 Warp : How did the rotor end up in the pan am building? I don't understand how it went off the roof and curved round into the building?

Sodiumreactor : 9 days after this accident 585 people were killed when two jumbo jets collided. Funny they scrapped the whole industry for 5 deaths yet jumbo jets are still flying today.

Brandon Sheaffer : Yet there's hundreds of recorded airplane crashes and people still ride planes

Brandon Byers : No mention of Sao Paulo. This city in Brazil is known for traffic congestion, so time-cramped business people commute via helicopter all the time. Over 500 flights per day to nearly 200 helipads around the city. Maybe NYC and other US cities haven't warmed to helicopter commuting, but in Sao Paulo it's been a way of life - for those who can afford it - for decades.

Jonah Beale : 8:14 Quiet? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the video, but... the loudest part of a conventional helicopter is the tail rotor. On that aircraft, you have what are essentially 8 tail rotors producing significantly more thrust at much higher RPM. Each one will be nearly as loud as a helicopter by itself.

PilotB : 1 crash and it's all over, that's just stupid. Cars crash all the time... More frequently and often are just as deadly... Why the heck are people still driving cars? If 1 helicopter crash kills an commercial industry, then cars should be flat out illegal.

Fredrick Mboma : Something else was behind the demise of this industry. If one accident is all it takes to kill a transportation industry, then no transportation would be taking place now.

John Kramer : Why did my dunbass read it as "helicopter communism"

Billy Lauwda : Helicopters, my nightmare in fsx, xp 10, and xp11

Mischief2013 : This is just a disguised advertisement for Blade..

Joshua Thomas : Trump failed? No must be fake media. Probably wasn't even a helicopter crash.

Sith Lord : In the 1970s you could buy a ticket on a supersonic airliner and helicopter ride to Manhattan. Today you just sit in your basement and waste your life staring at Facebook. Society is getting worse.

jamie heiney : Not forever ...

KR P : Typical shortsighted and fear based reactionary policies.

Hoschi0913 : what a statement...."how an unexpected tragedy, could change......." yeah i'am no expert, but my guess is that a tragedy is ALWAYS unexpected !

turboboy1983 : Ask any special operator about helos. You'll either get a "Thank God for them" or "fuck those black magic death traps". I've been in two "mishaps" so I lean towards the latter but, it's a great means of transportation that needs a serious upgrade.

Supadubya : 5 deaths with 500,000 passengers transported a year? That's a horrifying accodent- but statistically, it's safer than ground transit...

More Human Than Human : for as little as 5 dollars for a daily commute? That's just over 35$'s today lmao

Duncan D McGrath : Thousands of parts rotating in close formation ..... around an oil leak. I've spent too many years in rotary wing maintenance, for that reason I'm out.

Pexport llc : No shit trump failed... he tried to succeed in so many different business sectors but failed miserably every single time from his vodka to his steaks a legacy of failure... and now we get to watch him destroy America!

Gautam Iyer : It was 5 people why is it such a big deal more than 5 people die every week in NYC due to cars and that isn't a big deal

JJ Thomas : People don't realize that rotor wing flight is exponentially dangerous when compared to fixed wing flight. I work as a nurse on board helicopters and have lost 6 friends in the last 10 years..My guess is those that have commented below have never even been on a helicopter, much less flown on one on a regular basis..

Todd : Really? Because of ONE accident, the government COMPLETELY and UTTERLY destroys a future of air transportation.

nong Sick : lol I wish I was helicopter commuting

Soviet gamer : Lol the American dream ended and now a new American dream some where in 2018 or higher or right now . I wonder how that's going to end . I wonder how many Americans offended

Bobby Fischer : So 5 people died. What about the thousands from planes crashes, or the hundreds of thousands from cars, shall we remove them?

Ben G : Cough (drones)

mark eaves : It was a mistake; but nanny govt. shut the whole thing down. Great service. Modern tech and computerized coordination would make it feasible.

Thomas Amore : I remember that incident with that helicopter like it was yesterday. I am so glad that they stopped those helicopters I'm picking people up and taking them to the airport from rooftops. Only in the case of emergencies should that be okay. Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen and Pan Am building was part of my playground as a child. But the memory is left is not a nice one. God bless everybody have a great three day weekend if you do that on your job or does your job let you do that I hope they do. I hope a lot more of these jobs let you have 3-day weekends.

GrijzePilion : I understand why blimp travel failed after the Hindenburg crash, but this?

Anonymous User : You can still take a Helijet from Vancouver.

Inanimate Carbon Rod : $5 back then.. $5000 now

truth son : new York before paedophile Mohammed worshippers.

Michael W. Perry : Marvelous documentary. While the idea of helicopters for fast and short trips in big cities is appealing, it faces two hitches the documentary fails to explore. 1. What's the point? TSA security takes up so much time, saving a few minutes getting to JFK means little. 2. Weather. Cars, trains, and buses can cope with all but the most extreme weather conditions. Not so planes and particularly helicopters. That's made worse when those helicopters are landing on waterfront docks or the tops of tall buildings.

Fhhh Gdtvc : Muslims kill more people regularly

ARXV Photo : holy shit that wan awesome report. Live in NYC on and off for a while and never knew about any of this!

Daniel Bronstein : Mean while every weekend I hear Michael Bloomberg flying his helicopter over my house to play golf at Deepdale

The Punisher : I've been to the top of that building, used to work security in it. Its the Metlife building now. People are little dots at that height.

Robbie D : "That was probably the hardest thing I'd ever done... except for getting shot at in Vietnam!" Gotta love that quote

Thomas 16.04 : "Blade don't own the helicopters just contract out." So they can wash their hands when they pressure a operator to use an under maintained helicopter and kill someone? Truly the american way.

burdizdawurd1516 : Pan Am is a name not to be trusted. The airline fell, then Guilford took up the name. And as we all know, Guilford was a terrible railroad (and Pan Am is worse). So #shutdownPanAmRailways

Ianis Birliba : I am more with Musk on the underground 3d tunnels, i don't want to walk-out on the stree and the Sykes to be as busy as the roads not a big fan

Robert Kerr : the news reader said "A BIG HELICOPTER KILLED PEOPLE......" what a turd thing to say, perhaps he was still in shock but it sounds rather laim

Names : *Haha New York. If you would have led Trump succeed with his Helicopter Business he would not have become president : )*

Royalcookie Gaming : The amazing thing about a helicopter is it can fly up and down instead of slowly ascending up. Also helicopter are cheaper and can and might be powered by electricity.

Ben Dover : Hundreds of hours of error-free service and one deadly accident, and they cancel the programme. Meanwhile hundreds of idiots crash and die in cars every day in that city but nobody wants to ban cars or pedestrians. What?