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Casper : I want to see girls doing this

JoeKarizmaBlue : my mom and dad play this game in their room every night when im watching scooby doo

Richard Sagala : This is why Aliens don't come to our planet

ברזל : I wanna see a real pimp... purple suit and gerry curl, compete in this sport

Berlios : & this fellas is why women live longer than us.

Captain Jack Sparrow : Only in russia

freetoad5 : Dont mind me just taking notes on how to beat my wife

K Harris : My Mom would easily make the FINALS!!! LOL

Миша Казначеев : Ебанутый спорт!!!

SARPONG KWADWO : The mascular guy in the last slapping competition has a beard so he doesnt feel the slapp well the contest shuld be reformed in a way that u have to shave all your beard before you can participate

Fortnite Boi : me and my dad play this all the time. except i dont get a turn.

InReflect : Personal replay button: 1:58 2:09 2:21(lol) 4:03

Amazuber : Humans. What have we become?

jhosi cconaya suni : Esto esta es mucho mejor que las telenovelas mexicanas :v

KOLOPLE FF : Ninguno le gana a las cachetadas que me da mi mamá xd

Preston john HZ : Hulk vs captain Russia😂😂😅

LEO_ TROLL : como llee aqui:v

Jota el crak : Estos pegan mas duro que mi novia😂😂

Navraj :P : *sees slapping too ez* *slaps bully* *regrets for watching this vid*


Mr. Chicken™ : Respect to the asian guy between all these bears

Kanye West : My mum would’ve won this

Mr Zero on Network : russian way to say: hello friend!

Bilal Taşkaya : ALLAH akıl versin

Merry Christmas : This is why aliens don't come to hang out with us.

Mathias Cardeillac : People in the 50s: in the future we'll have flying cars

Beyazıt Nizam : Birbirlerini saygı çerçevesinde dövüyorlar 😂

OPPAI DAISUKI Jp : this is why jesus has not come back.

Mariano Tavares Favela : To le iba al capitán America

Rozayy : Sounds about white

Andrew : I guess this is a contest for the biggest balls

Saber Assassin : Here in the Philippine if a men slap they will called him a gay😂😂

Босс всех боссов Лаки лучиано : Вот уроды 😂😂😂

Rosepetal_love : the music just makes it sooooo much better lmao !!!!

وحيد قيمز : يا خرى شنو هذا صفقات 😂😂🖕🏻

Youtube Çöplüğü : the best stupid thing I have ever seen

Boruto uzu : Mano se minha mãe tivesse aí ia ganhar de todos Ops não tenho mãe ; - ;

mc novatin 2f : Bom treinamento para isso, é trair a mulher quando ela estiver de tpm.

Slayer 6178 : Imagine all the head aches after

BB Creative : where is the women edition???

saluteamonkey : in times of gender equality i demand a man vs woman version of this.

Site Bene : Very nice. I really enjoy watching people getting slapped

Kevin Connelli : This really is one of the dumbest things I've seen, of course its Russian, make up for lack of intelligence with "tough guy" antics! Go Russia, lmao!

Ram Li : Let me fight this with my ex

Shankar More : If my mom joined dhis , she would have won every match.😉

CenTz : hopefully nobody get brain damaged in this event haha .. respect

Coronel SO2 : Cade os BR porraaaaa

ابو رعد : غباء

TR-3B : Something for everyone lmao

Mukesh Baraskar : I remembered my school days when I m in class 8th and on the order of my teacher because she was ill I slept one of my class fellow behalf of herself. After that slap he started crying and next day he didn't came to school I asked my friends what Happened with him. They said he is ill and his mom finding you.