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Captain Jack Sparrow : Only in russia

Milly Willy : My mom would dominate

subscribe me only if you are sad : *_how tf did i end up here_* ?

David Miletič : If people only knew the damage they are getting... it can be easily life changing

Fearlessprice81 : My wife and i do this all the time but she is not allowed to participate

Fortnite Clips Daily : me and my dad play this all the time. except i dont get a turn.

CrackItUp : I love how they hug each other out of respect after the slaps. Proves that sportsmanship and respect are the most important in a competition...

BanDANa Dan : I know it's a pretty ridiculous event, but mouth guards would go a long way. Whatever money you win might not cover the dental bills.

Jeevan Thapa : That asian guy😂😂😂 atleast came for photoshoot

Tiino : How we say hi in Russia

Vegabond : Where is the womens edition??

Danish James : Ya’ll can have these stupid competitions but us real men know that nothing slaps harder than a woman lol

Sandra Rodriguez : This is sad because there being kind of nice

I am what I am : the personal trainer of the winner must be his wife

Michael Reis : Definitely coming back next week for the Testicle Headbutt Competition...

Youtube Çöplüğü : the best stupid thing I have ever seen

NIKO NIKO : Что за далбоебы?

Dutch Turk : Imagine if a Horse slapping Ottoman soldier would be in this :D

daniel luna : 5:21 Asian guy though. Lmao

Shutik : Я бы от такого леща сразу упал

Mighty Morphin Flower Arranger : This is the most Russian thing I’ve ever seen.

Hoverboard Deadpool : 1:58 LMFAO how he slapped him

ALT Axed : If someone hits your ear you can blow your eardrums

jose rubious : these ruskis are crazy

RuinX : They didn't know about brain damage?

Andrew : I guess this is a contest for the biggest balls

vivek kumar : Love to Russia from India

BaD BooY : Rusi ko ce drugi haha

Jang YeEun is the daughter of Kim HyunA : Too soft Denis Cyplencov and Oleg zhokh should join this...

Alex apoel : Only russia

wut : Humanity at it's peak


MrMcSnuffyFluffy : Jeff Dabe needs to get into this.

_ xZackXFrostx _ : Imagine a back hand edition

B13L GU3IM3S : Isso é demência ;-; os cara só pode ser Russo mesmo

Mathias Cardeillac : People in the 50s: in the future we'll have flying cars

ItzDan YT : The Russians don't feel it cuz they get slapped everyday FYI I am Russian

ron kennington : I would like to see crooked Hillary participate.

Mark Drama : Can there be a titty slap please

TheSetome : Одно из проявлений долбоебизма

Александр : Долбоебизм в действии, олигархи богатеют, люди дуреют!!! Потом долбаёбы выдают это за силу.

Иван Иванов : Как все таки много дигенератов.........им еще дают свободно пропагандировать то что дигенерат это круто

Ugood? : Definitly not any brain cells left...

Jigizio : Thats why don't care if they're cheating on their gf :DD

Aashiq Parmar : 1960: we will have a flying cars in 2018

SSamuel : They are Russians :)

Tom's animations 2nd acc : THE Fu... Ummm nvm bye

Mehdi Baros : انا مسلم . ومحمد رسول الله اخبرنا ان الله حرم ضرب على الوجه وكل ما تسمعون عن الاسلام هو تشويش فقط ان تعرف الحقيقة يجب ان تبحث بنفسك

Namo Amitabha 南 無 阿 彌 陀 佛 : 😉 om ah hum 😇 嗡 啊 吽 😉

pedofouin Diop : that's enough internet for today