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Vegabond100 : Where is the womens edition??

CenTz : hopefully nobody gets brain damaged in this event haha .. respect

casper holmström : I want to see girls doing this

Yasin Alper : Osmanlı tokadını yicek bunlar varya

The KriPtoN 788 : Eso duele eso no eh de mentira jajaja

RoughToBeBuffTV : They all look punch drunk at the end while taking the photos.

Mighty Morphin Flower Arranger : This is the most Russian thing I’ve ever seen.

Exclusive Hype : This is Why the aliens wont talk to us

Captain Jack Sparrow : Only in russia

Berkay : Ottoman slapping yemediniz herakde

Andrew : I guess this is a contest for the biggest balls

no one care : i hope they don't have kid

Hamid _ : but whyyyyy

Pablobohemio Novoa : Cachetada ,charchazo o guate al final ganó el mas WEON jajajaj

Villa Pinstriping : What did the five fingers say to the face?!?

LUCAS • : and nate diaz ???????

Joy Mukherjee : Darwin

Audio Enthusiast : Actually, this made by laugh, don't know why😁


TM CrAzYBoY : Big marvel must join this ^^

Mr. Alper : Classic russian people 😒

Babababab Tatatq : *Osmanlı tokadı nı getirtmeyin oraya*

Isaac Bourn : How many brain cells left ?

neeber 9 : 5:01 awkward moment

Guntur Wibowo : they should not move before the slap, if they move their head, it should re-slap again

Buzbeau : Tards will always be tards

Serkan Cetinkaya : Slowmotion Please

Макс Научи : Отшлепали друг друга 🤣

Emre Yıldırım : Aklınızı sikiyim ben sizin malar

Aza Stakiev : Так вот как долбоебов производят!

Gabriel Hernandez : My old man being a professional carpenter for 35+ years, just think about the "callus bricks" he walks around with every day. I'd line those pretty boys up and watch them get knocked the **** out on the first swing lol.

Lil Pump : My mom can beat these guys easily.

Pengur : So... do they get paid for this? Is this what our world turned into?

Mr. Chicken™ : Respect to the asian guy between all these bears

LD Villalba : Like si viniste a leer los comentarios pero no entendes un carajo 😢😂

Captain Jack Sparrow : Women are born Pros at slapping

رفيق الحياه : والله مال بنعال مو طرق ولا شرايكم 😁😁😁

Fred Mejia : Kali muscle wya

Can I be Frank : Let's get ready to Mumble!!

Адам Цицкиев : ДАУНЫ!

Janusz Tracz : *ja pierdole ZAJEBISTE*

Rayan A. : 2:05 wtf r u doing there?

Mehmet Aktaş : Sert vur oc

Ini Detective Conan : Look in 0:22 his face like a brock lesnar hahah

Yavuz Selim : *Bunlar Osmanlı Tokadı Yememişler*

S-A- 5 : 🤪👋🏼 !!!!!! ..؟؟؟. 😳

-Kai ice- : แค่ตบยังขนาดนี้ถ้าต่อยจะเป็นไง😅

Robin Hirv : MUSIC IN 0:00 - 1:00 PLEASE!

Chadrooze : We finally have a sport for every human being, in two years time we'll have weight divisions.

edu Parra : Si va el caraanchoa los revienta a todos