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Andrew : I guess this is a contest for the biggest balls

Skyy B : Wtf?.. 🙄

Mariximo M : This is why Russia lost in the World Cup...

Grimm Tv : Dad: what do you wanna do when you grow up? Me: a slapping champion

pedofouin Diop : that's enough internet for today

Prston John Heatzane PH : Hulk vs captain Russia😂😂😅

Cheakylaban : I don't think it was necessary to write Russian in the tittle

Asandoval 13 : If you think about it, it’s just like tennis.

xSkysplitter777 : Black people always say "white people" this is definitely one of those white people moments. If I tried this we are going to end up fighting

Mathias Cardeillac : People in the 50s: in the future we'll have flying cars

casper holmström : I want to see girls doing this

tweede kleuter Transvaal : Teacher: what do you want to do later Bob: policeman Sarah: pop-star Teacher:and you Ronald Ronald:slap champion😂👌🏾

popurrier : The definition of Darwin theory destroyed in one video

ZeRoFTW : **Pause at **4:03**** When u realize that summer has almost ended!

Clown 9 : Cyka Blyat Everybody

Captain Jack Sparrow : Only in russia

Tutoriais BR : Coisa de retardado

Praise Abu : This should be like an Olympic Competition Let Nigerians give them correct slap Just one slap from my Nigerian Father and you will land in the hospital bed

Samveg Lohiya : If my Mother participate she will win

kazan dur : Bizim Türkler Osmanlı tokadini bı yapıştırcak hepsi yerde 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

RoughToBeBuffTV : They all look punch drunk at the end while taking the photos.

FireBurner TU : Yo, Russian Tfue almost about to win but Russian courageJD is so strong.

_OғғWɪᴛYᴀBᴀʟʟᴢ _ : 2:05 *jake pauls training for the fight leaked!*

K P : So brutal

juan peres : That's crazy

Villa Pinstriping : What did the five fingers say to the face?!?

Shahid Ahmad : Middle eastern mom's need to start this sport

Aley Call : If Saitama Joined This Event .......

Johnny Wadsworth : I like how they shake hands and show respect to each other at end of each match

patrick overdose : And Winner for the 1st place gets only 150 $ for 2st gets 60 $

TM CrAzYBoY : Big marvel must join this ^^

ArceoJoker : How is this even a thing?

Chaeden Eu Charden : Algum Br ?

thefuckinBoi : Natural selection again...

Tj3 Got game : 1:48 Now thats some damage

Guntur Wibowo : they should not move before the slap, if they move their head, it should re-slap again

фунтик фунтиков : Бороду надо отращивать для этого и чем гуще тем лучше

Todd Weat : Meanwhile is America the Trannys Read 3 graders Story Books at Public Libraries....


Graffit : Guerras de invalidos :v

Vegabond : Where is the womens edition??

Grachik Babayan : Сказочные далбаебы

Полтора Бобра : дебилия в голове

Dominik Szczęsny : Majkiego bym jednym strzałem rozpierdolił jak gnój po polu

DATEJUST 40 ROLEX : Я думал об этих людях, так как вы были отключены

Mr. Chicken™ : Respect to the asian guy between all these bears

ProDigy Gaming : Lmao russians are crazy , i love it xd

sunny Srivastava : That's why nobody wants Russian visa 😑😑

ZnTyR T3 : Yen qu en Russie qu'on peut voir sa

Nookie : Looks about white