The Time Zack Morris Gave Himself A Homeless Girl For Christmas

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Great-Bit Arcade : If it's Friday, that means Zack Morris is trash

Our Founding Liars : Zach Morris would probably be alt right

K.E.V. : 3dollars and a side of wrapping paper lmfao

Twistedhippy : Zac Morris then got big in politics

TheMailcow : "Zack took of his santa beard out of respect" I lost it

Shawn : 3 dollars and a side of wrapping paper isn’t part of a complete breakfast 😂😂😂

ducc764 : That disappointment when you watched every single one of these in a half hour and you wish there were 500 more of them.

B Hall : She has the same blonde hair roots ratio as her son.. that was funny.

Tony Trades : "Used food to get a hungry girl to spend time with him" ..... Yeah it's called dating

gnewt75 : 90s TV shows cliche.... "Deal with a deep and disturbing social problem for one episode, have the main characters interact with them as if we'll see them in future episodes.... NEVER SEE THESE NEW CHARACTERS AGAIN!!!"

Squizznot : Ho-Ho-Holy shit. I laughed so hard!

- - : I always thought he was a jerk. Would the homeless dad got food and a place to sleep if he didn't have a starving teenage daughter?

HeadNtheClouds : Zack is just a gigalo & will screw anything. He just loves to screw!

Shelley Faulconer : “Zack is on his lazy blond ass eating cookies” lol me too

The Fantastic Paul : They didn't kill themselves. Zack killed them. He forced the homeless girl to eat her father's body, and then he locked the girl in the basement sex dungeon, where he keeps all the other love interests we never saw again.

piaoliang jiejie : Hahaha she run her angry ass away

Puggalug : I was waiting for this one! Now do the one with Zack in the auction and the big girl bidding on him!


Jonathan Rosa : Super cheap heroin.... 😂😂😂😂🤣

Michael Bijan : Best series on youtube

LeeroyGreen : I hung up the phone on my girl for this

LaDracul : You know, what bothers me about this episode is that the homeless guy had been working for a computer company before hard times struck. And while it's great the Morrises are letting the two stay with them until they're able to get back on their feet, I can't help but remember Mr. Morris works for a computer company. You'd think he'd know of any job openings for the guy they're helping out...

Albin Lundholm : He was definitely less trash in this episode

FloridaRaisin : As someone who was a Zack fangirl in the 90's, this series is really making me reexamine Slater. He comes off well in these videos.

KingSiah 510 : Man 3$ back then got him a whole plus size meal at McDonald's, he definitely spent that money on drugs and or alcohol

J H : Alternative title: Saved by the White Privilege.

هالة صغير : I freaking hate Zack So thank you for doing this ^-^

okonh0wp : Well Zach didn't ask for sexual favors at the end because I think he saw her as more of a charity project. The kiss on the cheek was definitely symbolic of the non-sexual nature of their relationship at the end of the episode (normally SBTB episodes of this sort end with the girl of the week kissing zach in full make-out mode after he learns his lesson). Of course, seeing the girl as a charity case might be problematic on its own. Also, that's the cleverness of Zach. He turned the play into a commercial for the department store. He's solution oriented. Solution oriented and sleazy, but he's the problem solver of the group. Anyone know who played Laura and the dad? they both look familiar

Adee Bap : Zack Morris is traaaaaasssshhh,

Petrichor screen : Honestly, he's done worse. This episode is one of the times zack is actually decent lol.

Kelly G : Slater was sometimes also trash.

hotsung : Eh first video showing this series is running out of material. Zack was not trash in this scenario. Still douchey but relatively good natured

Xecter Ryan : While there are some trashy moments from Zack in these episodes, he did helped out Frank and Laura. The bigger piece of trash in these episodes is MR. Moody, who thought Laura was a thief because she was homeless. Also, just because we don't see characters again doesn't mean they killed themselves. Maybe Frank got a new job and he and Laura moved out and are doing well.

John Eusebio : This one seems a lot more forced than the others.

Prosercunus : Zack Morris did nothing wrong.

logan castleman : Ok he didn't know she was homeless and once he found out he let her and her dad come over on Christmas for dinner

Kyle Hunter : Please.... Never stop this greatness 👍🏽

Sher Mario : Well he was a nice Guy this time

Craig Jacobs : Most of these videos are spot on, but this one is off-base. We're supposed to be upset that a boy was a bit clueless about some things, hit on a girl using some corny humor, and did his best as a jobless, penniless, and powerless teenager to help someone less fortunate while appreciating his blessings in life a bit more? Perhaps this series is running out of material or just setting its sights too high.

Shaun Kiss : First time I’ve ever laughed at the phrase “because she’s starving.”

mrhypnagogia : I think zack was all right at the end

Elvis Presley : Zack was actually nice in this episode. You are wrong.

Brandon Morgan : Is everything I loved as a child really this... Wait, yeah I see it now, it was always crap, nobody noticed because we were all crap too.

Stephen Stonebraker : She doesn't know how to thank them. "Zach suggest sexual favors" - Haven't had water go up and out the nose in a while. Thanks. ;)

yosoyconsuela : What about the episode where Zack attempts to use subliminal messaging in music cassettes to brainwash girls into dating guys they wouldn't otherwise? Or the one where he used footage of girls from the video yearbook to make dating VHS tapes without consent? Zack Morris is trash.

multifandomworlds yt : zack is TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH

ohmbro OG : Zach morris is a national treasure you FOOLS!!!!

Jyashina : When is this series coming back? I need this in my life!

L. Anthony Luke : I'M. IN. TEARS.

ThumperBooBoo : Zack’s mom totally let the homeless man hit it 😆