Long Take scene from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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SayMyName : The long take got my attention and it was unexpected income

jjzgamer : Congrats to now Oscar winner Sam Rockwell

AWESOMEPRESTON : So happy I got to see this in theaters. What a powerful scene; just adds to the unpredictability of this film. What an amazing movie

Aslan Usmanov : One of the best scenes in cinema history

Kevin Cheng : I remember seeing this scene in theaters and was without breath in just the craziness that ensured on screen, especially after the surprising scene that unfolded prior with Woody Harrison. Brilliant film.

mark gfgfgfgfg : "See red I got issues with white folks too" *Dixon*

LACHLAN PAULL FILMS : This scene is so powerful, such good cinematography, you feel like you are in the scene.

ravishingravi : One of the very best and effective single takes.

Ali Sibtain : SOOOO happy he won the Oscar for best supporting Actor!!! Woo!!

Futuristic Nostalgia : This......this scene is why this film will win best picture, this and the scene where the police station burns is why this movie is far better than shape of water or ladybird, no hate against those movies, but three billboards has the award this year fair and square

Joseph Morris : Magnificent scene, really powerful and I knew immediately it would stay long in my memory. Fantastic movie, an instant classic, and Sam Rockwell truly deserves the Oscar for his performance.

mark gfgfgfgfg : Yes someone finally uploaded it, this scene should have like 2 million views such a breathtakingly good scene.

Lettuceman2049 : Rockwell's strut is what seals it!

Muhammad : The part of him punching the girl and saying shut up after was so funny 😂

Tommo : LOL I've never noticed that at the end of the scene, the cop shows his police badge, great detail

Frances Ann Knaggs : When this scene played on the big screen people were audibly sobbing and gasping in the theater...Sam Rockwell better win Best Supporting Actor for this or I will riot

bleach4711 : This is easily one of the best scenes ever made! But even better if you hear what Willoughby was saying in his suicide note about "loving and helping people" right as the scene starts :')

Sav S : This scene is hard to watch because of the violence, but then it's so hard not to watch, at the same time.. because it's this scene. Scenes like this are scenes that make movies win Best Picture. No two ways about it

Joe Boon Music : This scene was when I realised this film was a masterpiece. I didn't breathe throughout. The choice of song, the shot, the brutality, the performances. Ugh I will watch this film over and over.

kentaurahv : Such a powerful scene, huh!

Peachy Pearl : Loved this scene, watching it now even gave me goosebumps.

Miroslav Harant : I remember how PISSED I was during this scene in the cinema. And, well, at the end, I was rooting for his character. What a plot twist.

C Hutch109 : Could not imagine anyone else playing Dixon. By far the best supporting actor role of the year, adored Rockwell in this movie

hipnhappenin : So I assume Red had to run down the stairs and get into position while Sam Rockwell broke the window, threw out the stunt guy, and face palmed the girl

Daniel Casttillo : Before the million 👌🏾

Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin : shaht ep

Juan Torres : Song?

K41 105 : 01:36 Det. Lester Freamon you lookin' at. :D

Samuel Brodnitz : Movie was fine but this is just beautiful

Marcus Caruso : I loved this scene, it’s really now one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. Every time I hear His’s Master Voice, I’m gonna replicate this scene lol.

c17sam90 : This moment gives me one of the things I like most in films when you build up how dangerous a character can be. And then you see it for an instant.

RJCXDOfficial : Congrats on winning Sam

Hyacinth70 : The Shape of Water won best picture. I never saw this film, but this scene was disturbing.

Jo Jo : one of the best scene in this great film. Sam Rockwell deserved the oscar...

Marco SoCal : Everyone is asking. Who the killer was. They found him. The key scene. Black Police Chief says. Good job Dixon. Good job.... Translation—- go kill him.

darkstarflashes : Jim

brandon242 : that monsters of folk song was just perfect with the scene too.

Alex Cameron : If they messed it up they would have to replace the glass

thruheart : this is probably the best scene in the whole movie wow

Erik Smith : Seriously though folks... Perfectly done scenes with such magnitude like this are few and far between. This scene is well beyond good.

Oscar Maidana : This scene alone deserved the Oscar over Shape of water

Shadapper : This scene = pure gold

Conan O'Brien : 0:55 they must had a stuntman laying on the ground ready to be thrown outside the window lol

Handsome Devil : lol I laughed so hard when I saw the badge

Athmiya Madhukar : sam rockwell rocks.

Theman Joe : 1:05 when I run into a crazy feminist.

Михаил Сергопольцев : «Голос его хозяина» Мохаммед бросает кости со Христом в сумерках. И они слышат голос своего хозяина, они бегут, чтобы выполнять свои обязанности. Их работа сегодня вечером, переписать Библию для целого нового поколения неверующих. Пастор кричит в толпу: «Есть зло, которое должно быть подавлено!» И он касается мальчика-солдата, которого он называет своим магическим голосом. Его жизнь зовет. Сладкий солдатский мальчик, спикер истекает кровью. Он слышит голос своего хозяина, слышишь ли ты голос своего хозяина? Призыв к призыву леди сирены. Сладкий тихий солдат - просто смотрел в потолок. И он слышит голос своего хозяина, он слышит призыв к войне. Пение сирены. На линии - что-то, что бьет его стороной. И он видит своего внутреннего ребенка, он слышит голос матери. Мягко зовущей. Мать спит-солдат парит, она держит бумажную чашку, И звук жизни и любви наполняет ее ухо. Ты только услышишь, что хочешь услышать. Ты слышишь голос своего хозяина? Мохаммед и Христос говорят вдвойне хорошо. Но тот, который мне больше нравится, он поет в моей груди. Теперь я слышу голос моего хозяина. Зовущий , выкрикивающий , вызывающий...

Ghost the Direwolf : Sam Rockwell is beyond fantastic in this scene! He should have won awards along time before this, but this scene is what got him his dues!

The Jawgz : This is what broke Detective Somerset from Se7en and turned him into a jaded old man in the future.

LEX : The frustrated stagger-like strut of Sam Rockwell fits this scene perfectly...A+++ film