Sugar Gliders as Pets : The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership

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Scott Davis : Sounds like all the reasons not to have a kid as well.

Raven Howl : Unfortunately this information is false. I myself own three sugar gliders whom are very well trained and friendly. The truth is, almost all the internet "expert" websites and YouTube videos on Sugar Gliders nowadays, still rely on very old and extremely out of date care and dietary information. Please don't let this one YouTube video keep you from owning a sugar glider.

SedRonee : This video is so outdated it's not even funny. Plus she is wrong about how you can potty train a sugar glider. If you look on youtube there is a LICENSED sugar glider VET that TELLS AND SHOWS you how to do it. I watched this video hoping to find something that would make me say nah to trying to get one of these guys, but I didn't. Major disappointment

Van Hohenheim : BUT...BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!!!

Kate Herreid : Actually, I own 2 SugarGliders. They get along perfectly with other animals after correctly introducing them. The Gliders ride around on my dogs, the dogs won't try to eat them after they bond because they don't smell like a rodent because they aren't rodents. Meals are quite easy to make and take only a few seconds or a minute or 2 depending on what you make. They are active at night but relatively quiet. After they bond to you they will come to you when frightened and want to go everywhere with you. You can take them shopping, movies, road trips, and any other place. As long as they we with you they will be quiet in public places because they feel safe with you. The bonding process can take anywhere from a week to a few months but trust me it's worth it. They do get lonely at night while you sleep and they do better with a litter mate. I have 2 boys named Charlie and Brandon, Charlie is outgoing and not calm and Brandon is a wuss and he's crabby. They have their own personalities for sure. They are quite easy to care for. They have the same peeing/pooping pattern as a human(hehe pooping), every 2-3 hours during the day they will come out of their pouch or wherever they were sleeping to urinate. They don't use the bathroom where they sleep, so carry a napkin or something around with you so they can use the bathroom. They love kids also.

Catrine Bickman : Lies, my two sugar gliders are potty trained and they do love my other animals because I have a cat and two rabbits and they get along perfectly

Little Angel : YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SUGAR GLIDERS! I have one named Zelda and she is nothing like that. She barks to play with me, to let me know she wants me to get her out. Everything you are saying about them is wrong. Zelda sleeps in my room and loves kids, she doesn't mind when the dogs being around her cage and she plays with them. The time it takes me to get her food ready takes about 2 minutes. yes I give her live bugs that I get from outside my house and I have meal worms in my home because she likes to eat them. for someone like you that only sees the things they do as bad, you need to do some reading and learn about them before YOU say that they are bad pets, because I will be the first to say I love my little girl, she is not just some pet, she is part of my family, she goes to the store, the park, anywhere the family goes, she goes. To have her show us so much love is like magic, to know that she is happy to see you, to be around you, that she wants you, that is what having one of these little ball of joy is like. To the people that looks at them like family there is never a downside to having them as a part of your live. It's a blessing NOT a curse.

Daniel Martinez : "Uhm,uhm,uhm,uhm,uhm" Enthralling...

John Morris : this lady is a complete moron. i own two sugar gliders. they dont randomly piss or shit on me. they dont bark all night. this is 2016, not 1920 so they make food with protein in it so that you dont have to use insects (you can get 2 years worth of food for $63 online). mine have never randomly bit me and instead either sit on my shoulder or in my shirt or coat pockets (they're a marsupial, not a rodent). the food you buy them makes it so they dont stink and they are family oriented and bond with your cats and dogs. plain and simple this dumb hag doesnt know how to raise an erection let alone an animal

Joni Holt : Liar! My Sugie Baby has never bit anyone. He loves my kids and my other animals. He doesn't bark and keep us up all night. If she wouldn't just yank hers from his bed he wouldn't't pee on her. She's an idiot

ArtistAtWork : there's this thing called the bonding process! No wonder he urinated on your are he hasn't bonded with u duh!

Janel Vega : That's pretty much crap. One trip to the grocery store and one to Petsmart and that's all you need to feed them. 3 hours to prepare their food for the week? Seriously? It takes 20 minutes to make BML for a month. Mine like my dogs and they just met them. Anything with a mouth can bite. Even my leopard gecko has nails that pinch. I wouldn't let this video speak for sugar gliders honestly.

Skylar Harris : She sounds like she hates them, why does she still have them if she can't say anything positive about them, like geez

Charlize Tryon : This is bull crap, all of it!

palcolon : I wonder what the qualifications are to be a Sugar Glider Expert... smh

Stupidlykristen on ig : Umm oh and umm oh ummm wait ummm and umm also umm wait umm oh umm ya umm

Alexa Jones : Sugar gliders are awesome when u train them there are amazing she may be right bug it is worth it

Felix T-Rex : Can you eat them?

Claire Lewis : wow, this is seriously inaccurate...

Stuart Wright : ummm bollocks

Rachel Decastro : So many umms...

230 Pound Life : As for the mess they make in their cages with their food, that can also be easily taken care of. All you have to do is make a "dining" room for them out of a plastic container and all their mess will remain in there making it an easy process to clean. She needs to do more research on her gliders.

Henry Tan : Lol.. only someone with no knowledge about sugar will think that they are hard to take care of. You are such a noob and u dare to make a video saying bad things about them. .

Carly Harvey Music : Sugar gliders are like people; they have different personalities. it is unfair to generalize all sugar gliders under the umbrella of negativity that this video states. I have a sugar glider who is not potty trained who does bite me if I don't have Cheerios handy for him--he is wild but we have bonded and I love him. He may have the characteristics of The negative side which is portrayed in this video. I however have known other gliders that don't bite who are potty trained and who don't smell. Also my glider eats the food that has meal worms in a pellet and I give him spinach and apples and he is healthy. The statements in this video are drastically over exaggerated. I stated before this is coming from a person with a glider who has attitude!

Katherine Franco : I know this video is pretty much one big lie, but is it possible that they can be potty trained.

Nathan Peyton : They are easy to care for you act like it's a chore

Jadon : She surely know how to make you not want an animal. Damn

allermenchenaufder : Sugar gliders are tiny nocturnal marsupials who, in nature, live in groups of 30. They spend their time in trees searching for insects and sap, and frolicking with family. Kiosks and pet shops are now acquiring them from hellish breeding facilities similar to puppy mills. They are then peddled as cheap trinkets to customers who buy them on a whim. Confined to small cages, roughly handled, fed improper diets, and forgotten when the novelty wears off, sugar gliders are doomed from the moment they’re born. They are not to be domesticated. Please !

Sharla : this video is HIGHLY inaccurate! They are so sweet! Anything will bite you if you piss it off enough or make it feel like it's in danger. They can be potty trained. They are very cleanly animals so they will not urinate or defecate in your pockets where they like to curl up and sleep. Lots of animals make noise while you sleep. They are animals. That's what they do. Sugar gliders DO NOT put off a foul odor. They are practically odorless. They don't stink like rodents do because they aren't rodents; they're marsupials. They are sugar gliders. Not insect gliders. They have this name because they eat sweet things. Like fruits. They don't eat bugs. They get along great with other animals if they are taught to. Of course you can't pair them with snakes and such. But cats and dogs especially tend to get along great with them. This woman is obviously no "expert" on the matter.

CyndicalWaves : Video is older then jesus.

Nick Laviolette III : "Um, um, um, um, um." Honestly, you sound like you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you do that. Furthermore, why make a video only listing negatives? Why not give us both sides of the story? Get out of here and don't come back until you can put together a thought that doesn't have "um" in it.

Mike Marshall : You say "Uum" A LOOOOOT


Tyler Brengle : Thanks for the non-informative video.

Piper Sisk : Alright, before any of you are scared away from sugar gliders due to this girls miss information. Let me direct you to a web sight that will tell you all you need to know about raising sugar bears, and if you choose to adopt. They will also help you set up your home for the new baby.

Starwarsgeek02 : none of what she said is true if you are going to by a sugar glider watch sugarglidervet's channel

John Ray Ouano : Ahm. Ahmm Ahm everywhere..

Jakob Schaefer : I watch david m brust the president of sugar gliders veterinarians and he says the opposite you can teach it to pee they just have to get used to it. They also form strong bonds with other pets like cats and dogs. Another thing that was wrong is they bite if it is being harmed, but they rarely bite and if they do it feels like a weak pinch because unlike things like hamsters there theeth are not ment for sinking into something. Go check out his series about sugar gliders for real information

Brooke Z : Not a lot of this is true. I had my sugar glider (About 10 years ago). He was potty trained. He was fed the pellets with cricket treats and the occasional honey. Yes they are nocturnal so off course they are going to make much of their noise at nite. The only reason I had to get rid of him was because I stupidly stopped playing with him and he started to bite. (what can I say I was 15)

230 Pound Life : I don't know why she keeps saying they can't be potty trained. they CAN be potty trained. you just have to empty their bladder every time you take them out of their cage. something she obviously hasn't done. Once you empty them out their good for several hours until they start showing signs of needing to go again. Also, you don't have to make their diet so complicated. there IS specialized pellets for them you just have to get some vitamins along with it. It's super simple to do instead of doing this whole mixing of fruits and bugs and what not.

Birb : Holy crap it won't pee on u if u DON'T FREAKING CREEP IT OUT

TheFATMAN0014 : she had pee on her arm the whole time XD

Mina C : When I had a sugar glider I gave her freeze dried crickets for treats instead of having live ones. You can find ways if you really want one as a pet. I had to rehome mine as I was allergic but I really did enjoy my glider for the time I had her. I took her to college classes with me in a pouch and she did really well. 

binnbine : LIES I feel awful for those gliders because you obviously haven't taken care of them right and haven't bonded with them. So sad

Jo Jo : You said so cause you are not good at taking care of them so shut up

laura aymar : Sugar gliders can b trained to pee/poop inside their cage only but also can indeed pee/poop on u for bonding purposes marking u as theirs. The bite only if u handle them wrong or if u done something they dont like. The thing is u r to take the bite or they will bite u everytime (a form of control). They do like other animals they r sociable animals. They r great with kids. Mine r great, very intellegent, very responsive, easy going sugar gliders. If handle and cared for the right way u wont have issues. U have to feed them insects yes but have to b careful because they can carry a form of sickness that can affect sugar gliders. Dont matter if u order bugs or get them from pet stores the insects can still b infected. Hpw and pellets u need to get for sugar gliders because without the right nutrition there can b health issues that follow. Its always good to give them fresh veggies/fruit on the side. Fresh water etc. They also bark to get ur attention once u give the attention required they r fine. Yes they bark for other reasons but i find mine bark because they want me up to play with them at night. They r loving caring sociable animals and non the less. They may not b for everyone who dont have time or patience for them because they require time patience love nutrition with hpw, pellets and staple foods and some treats. I really didnt find ur video accurate im sorry to say. Have a great at day. Yes i do understand not all sugar gliders r the same but if handled and raised right there wouldnt b issues, so please dont make them sound like horrible creatures.

Samson Bedlam : GliderCentral is the forum to learn about Sugar Gliders. This video is not the place to begin an understanding of their needs, diet, drawbacks, or rewards. I relay this message as a concerned Suggie Owner&Breeder for over 20 years, the place to learn anything Glider is at GLIDERCENTRAL


SuperDannyrulez : You guys are all so negative. I'm pretty sure the purpose of this video is to deter all the lazy people who wouldn't take care of it properly. They'll be like: hmmm too much work. And then the animal will get to go to a better home. you have to remember some people will just buy it without research after watching one video. If it's too positive and you make it sound too easy that's worse. It's better someone's actually prepared for the worst.

S Y : I've seen this video both before and after owning gliders, and have heard from others to watch this when they hear I own gliders. I am by no means an expert, but this video seems EXTREMELY full of misinformation. Feel free to watch this video and as she hits each key point, read my list to learn the truth of the "real drawbacks" (it should be in the same order). Please note: not all gliders are equal, store bought gliders or glider mill gliders will likely be more difficult than hand-raised gliders and those acquired at an appropriate age, 8 weeks out of pouch to 1 year old is usually ideal. Even the worst of gliders with bad tempers can almost always be brought to a sweetheart with enough time, affection, and attention. LONG LIST AHEAD! TL:DR - Pretty much most of what she says is either inaccurate, outdated, or ignorant of ACTUALLY owning a glider for a prolonged period. 1) Sugar gliders are difficult to take care of: They are fairly self-sufficient (cleaning themselves and others, kept entertained with a variety of toys, are generally happy as long as they have at least 1 other friendly glider with them) 2) Not friendly with children: I am guessing children means VERY young children, which should generally not be with animals anyways as both animals and young children can act very unpredictably. Children who are more mature can easily enjoy time with gliders. 3) Sharp claws, sharp teeth, can bite, will bite if you restrain them forcefully: All of these go for just about any pet or animal. There are wheels with a sandpaper like texture that helps keep their nails under control, and they can have their claws trimmed (usually takes 2 people at first until you learn to do it alone), and that will keep them from scratching you when they climb for weeks. Also, no animals like to be restrained forcefully, and the only time you would do that to a glider is for inspection of the glider in case of a wound, or during nail clipping, both of which can be avoided with swaddling the glider in a hand towel or other safe soft material. Also, a glider bite can be painful but will rarely if ever break the skin, especially if they are bonded to you. They may bite during nail clip time saying “HEY I DON’T LIKE THIS” but it will feel like a strong pinch and leave a little red mark for a few hours. A mistreated or new glider who is scared may bite as a defense, but you can expect the same from other animals, just use common sense. 4) Upon waking they urinate down your arm and cannot be potty trained: If I woke you up and jostled you around without giving you a chance to pee, you may very likely have a hard time holding it as well. Gliders are tree animals, so they tend to poo and pee when they need to as it would ‘fall to the forest floor’. A way to reduce this risk is letting them WAKE UP first and do their thing such as pee, get some food, etc. When you are ready to spend time with your glider, use an unscented gentle baby wipe and hold them gently but firmly in one hand and wipe their genitals with the cool wipe. This will generally cause any additional pee and poo they didn’t release yet to be released (or if you REALLY need them right when they wake up, this is a good way to cause them to do their business). It is not always 100% but even the best trained animals sometimes have “accidents”. 5) They make a mess when they eat, leaving a 2-foot radius around cage: There are several ways to prevent this, such as using a somewhat deep bowl (about as tall as the glider) and placing it in a central area, using plastic shielding on the OUTSIDE of the cage near their food area to prevent splashing, if the gliders are fighting for food, provide a secondary dish to help with it. There are MANY methods to help keep their area clean but it is generally similar to owning a medium to large sized bird. 6) Cage and surrounding area coated in urine: A proper cage will be metal specifically for sugar gliders. When they climb the cage, males often urinate as the cold metal comes into contact with their genitals (kind of like how warm water on human genitals make you want to pee). This is less likely with females but they do it as well, because again - tree animal. When they are on the cage they are usually excited to see you, so they may urinate because of excitement (like a dog). There are also sprays and wipes specifically made to help keep sugar glider cages clean and healthy for their environment, as well as home remedies to address the issue. It is honestly not really any more difficult than dealing with cat litter. 7) If you don’t clean their cage every few days there is an odor: There are a lot of glider and small animal lining that specifically absorbs and reduces odors. I’ve had people who know about gliders and fear the smell issue and are surprised that there is no odor or little odor. Replace their lining as needed and it wont be a problem. If you want no odor issues, every few days, then try to adjust timing to see how often works best for you. I’ve had the same lining for 2 weeks because of a busy time and still had no odor issues at all (though I do not recommend just leaving it for too long) 8) Will bark in the middle of the night: Yes, this will happen, though not always. It is a way to signal other nearby gliders (they don’t know that theyre the only ones in the house), and a way to communicate. Dogs also can bark at night if they hear a noise. Birds can suddenly become noisy as well if they are up late or get woken for any reason. Many animals have nocturnal issues that can wake their owners. If their barking is an issue, you can try placing them in a further area that is ventilated and heat controlled and you wont be bothered by it, but if you live in the same room as them, invest in a pair of earplugs if you are concerned. 9) Can live 15 years, as long as a dog: Yes, these are a long-term commitment animal that you can have an amazing lifelong bond with, not a disposable hamster or mouse. If you want a week shelf life pet, don’t get a glider! 10) Prep takes 5-15 minutes (or 2-3 hours on the weekend for a full weeks supply), you need to keep live insects, there is no “kibble”: There are several “kibble” foods for gliders that incorporate many ingredients for their diets including fruit bits, and some vets are going so far as telling glider owners to try to keep them on a primarily kibble based diet. However, to keep them truly healthy, kibble+real food is the way to go. Check what they CAN NOT EAT, and when youre grocery shopping buy things you and your glider both eat, it will likely improve your diet as well! They can eat a lot of delicious fruits and veg, and have a small limitation of toxic foods (only about 6 or so that I can recall). Also, you do NOT need fresh bugs, you can buy a big bag of freeze dried meal worms and give them that (in addition to other proteins such as baby foods with chicken and turkey). There is also a mix called gliderade (and others) which gives them additional nutrients and is an easy way to provide them with added calcium when needed mixed in with the gliderade (especially if you have a breeding pair and are expecting!). Also, most pet stores now carry sugar glider foods, treats, snacks, and other items. ADDITIONALLY: There are many "glider diets" that have specific names and formulations, these do take more prep time but as you learn how to care for them, the times drop drastically! 11) They get lonely: Sugar gliders are a bonding animal (similar to a dog in certain ways), if they don’t see you for a while, they will feel neglected and lonely, but a good way to combat that is to own at LEAST 2 gliders so they always have a friend to play with. Give them regular attention as you should any pet and they wont become lonely. 12) They jump around and get into trouble: Theyre sugar GLIDERS. They jump and glide (from tree to tree in the wild) and all around in captivity. If you allow them to free roam without being prepared, YES they will get in trouble, but they make a distinctive "prep" move and look when they are about to jump and/or glide (unless they are shocked and flee in fear). They are both smart and curious and many people create “sugar proof rooms” such as bathrooms (high outlets are a blessing, but keep the toilet lid closed), or use a small childs tent to play with them so they cant get into trouble or get away (bring a book or your phone/tablet!). Basically, as long as you are not just ignoring them and letting them run free without watching them, their trouble making can easily be kept to a minimum. 13) They don’t get along with other animals: Sugar gliders are a BONDING animal. They do this primarily through smell at first, followed by interactions. You can search the internet for proof of gliders riding, sleeping with, or playing with nearly all types of animals. They are marsupials and generally not seen as a “prey” animal to things like cats and dogs, HOWEVER if they are not acquainted and the glider dashes, instincts may take over causing chase! If done properly, your glider can very likely be bonded to nearly any other pets (excluding lizards, fish, and birds... I believe, could be mistaken) but it will take time, so do your research! Also, for a while after introduction you will need to make sure the glider and other pet are closely watched until you are certain they are comfortable with one another. My gliders are so curious of the cats and dog we have, but the cats and dog are so scared to go near them! They generally stay about 1-2 feet away while the gliders try to reach out to the other animals to say hi! I honestly wish this video were either deleted or updated with someone who is far more knowledgeable with gliders and behavior. Seeing my gliders excitement when I come to their cage and the bonding we have together makes me glad I did NOT listen to this video.