Hayley Williams covering Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".

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OhMyLucia : Daaaaamn I hate that she has that strong and powerful voice and she acts like she's not even trying while singing, (dont get that wrong, I love her) damn I want her voice :'(((((

Patrice Urie : i don't want your bad romance i want concert tickets from paramore

Ben Enderby : Man, I'd kill for a voice like that :')

Noodle Williams : At 00:53, the tone of her voice is so funny, almost lazy tone. I love it. Hahaha.

only78percentemo : person: why are you gay? me: * sends them this video *

hayley will : I heard that gaga did à cover of this

Artem Flash : Even rockstars like Hayley making pop-covers on usual and simple web-cam)) It's sooo cute)) Peace and Love))

Carine Kay : can’t believe its been 7 years

Elena Nicole : HAYLEY IS SO AMAZING 😍😘😘 #2016

elcamel1216 : that trill at 1:06 ..oh man. 

han : I love her voice it's SO gorgeous!!!

Roy Berumen : She is the female chester bennington

Agus Weasley : Eargasm

Julieta Casal : im a parawhore i love yelayh but if youre a parawhore or just like this version dont offend lady gaga's fans because they have different kind of voices i prefer this version xoxo

Melania Pierce : Dang. Gotta love Hayley's voice.

jane corpuz : I think it's better then the original

J : What an awesome strong voice! The singing parts were great.

Morgan Whitney Music : i think this is better than the original! she's so flexible with music!

Kass Etolle : Hayley will forever be my girl crush 😍

Jack Hughes : Obviously better than Lady Gaga, Hayley isnt even trying.

Brandon Younger : Hayley can you make the full cover that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Daryl ODonald : You need to get that thing tuned Hayley

Tablet Tabletowski : Gaga + Hayley = double awesome

Josie Borlase : 1:02 I have goosebumps 

CA619ELLIOTT : that bit at @1:01 - 1:17 is just heavenly, her voice omg

juanna mcio : I highly dislike that Gaga... but I must say Hayley totally rocked this song.

Sophie Dekz : Better than Lady gaga!!

Cheyenne Thomas : Went to a Paramore concert last month! Best concert ever !

agentromanoff 13 : my god, that chorus at 1:02 she's amazing!..

Emma Pullen : Chills.

ChristianR94 : love it she's so pretty and talented

αทα нєlєทα ρrατα : better than the original

Brandon Younger : damn she sounds better then lady gaga

PC Disciple : So goddamn cute

Chonnalin S. : and she makes it seem so effortless

Sophie W : I wish I could tie my hair up in one second like that and look as beautiful as Hayley and not like a hobo!

patada frita : orgasmo

Adi Orellana : I have to say she's like "perfect" in everything she does... sometimes I even don't have anything to say about her, she's just amazing!

MKitai : She's fucking awesome! Great talent! ^_^)

Amethyst-quartz : I hope she will make an official cover! This song could bring lot of inspiration to the story that I'm writing.

shot040 : I want you to give birth to my child

kittycat12380 : She has such a beautiful voice! <3 

Rafael Nascimento : I wanna a full version of this song ):

Joana : Queen covering other queen


Kristen Hibbs : Waay better than the original

Eleni Papaiacovou : She should make more covers

Weider Dias : canta muito mds, te amo gostosa

Saúl Haraguni Salazar : People want her voice well, I want her.  I know, I know, keep dreaming. XD

Eugenia García : She can sing anything oh my gosh