Scott Pilgrim VS The World - Garbage Truck

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Chewy Thomson : I love that line. "This next band is from Toronto. And, uhh...yeah."

Jake Meade : michael cera looks like a real bassist

lefenec : this is the part of the movie where I was like  'wtf is happening?' (didn't know about the comics)

RusCus : Young Neil messed up the lyrics.

cobraxstar2 : 3 people didn't know that pirates were in this year

Tryhardest : i hate how you feel Ramona's love slipping from Scott in the movie but in the game and comic she loves him...

Jumpmann : "ooh"

Mustafa Kuloğlu : "Is this seriously end of the story?" lol

Atrijit Das : 1:43 oh no.. My..

Jayfive276 : 1:36 - if a pretty young lady you are interested in gives you a smile like that, clear your schedule immediately.

The Soggy Cucumber : I've just realised that when he sings turn the knob it cuts to Wallace looking at Jimmy!😂

Arfa McClain : Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Markus Kroberger : This movie is one of 'the' BEST films I've seen, with the old school video game graphics and MK 'vs.' that show up between Scott Pilgrim and his opponents....absolute brilliance.

Riva Dias : beeest film eveeer!!!!

edward little : The song is cool and I think the drummer is hot.

TheWandererSA : Young Neil, why did you mess up the lyrics? SMH

SPAAAAACE : I'm in love with Ramona.

Ally GP : Lol Stephen should be appreciated more

s1llhoute : Damn it, It because i watched 10 cloverfield lane i remembered this movie again.. Now i have to watched it again cause this movie is too freaking good...:v

snakeeyes1998 : God, I love Knives.

Misha Hall : I think we've all been young Neal at one point or another

David012186 : LOL!! that Chau Knives is so cute, I wish Ellen Wong would of done more movies though! I wish I had a girlfriend like her though.

skeletonsinscarves : love this movies' version of chris evans

hibertansiyar : This song's reminds me Iggy Pop's the Passenger

Aidan Golembiewski : Scott: What did i do? What do i do? Me: FIGHT!!!

Allie Blink182 : "are you a pirate?" "..pirates are in this year!"

Cbu York : lol Kim is always ready

beatleboy305 : Anna Kendrick 😍😍😍

M.B O : Singer's so sexy! Mark Webber!

Insert Name Here : I just realised that this sounds like a pastiche of Iggy Pop's "Passenger"!

Un Funny : 1:28 my chwest...

DragonBat362 : Why is Sex Bo-omb considered a lame band in this movie's universe? They sound pretty good.

s3bast1s g0m3z : 2:34 FIGHT

Lizzy Grange : The way Wallace looks at Jimmy!! Its so funny. Wallace is like"I love you,your sexy" and Jimmy is like "W.T.H"

Anthony ACE : Seriously Matthew? there's a door you know

cold sᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴇ -.- : 1:44

Antony Perillo : any1 else think this is actually a half decent song??

wocathoden : @ 2:42 "CROSS COUNTER!!!"

Larz_Vox : Oh no..This IS a nightmare..

Gabi : oh my god when he said 'what did i do?" i crack up every damn time :}}}

The Ire Jakeoson show : This was an actual really funny, awesome, love story that u don't want to watch to many times cuz u know you'll ruin it

hyperfunkd : Pirates were definitely not in that year.

Kira Simmons : I love Wallace in this scene!!!!

Tat Kalat : Wallace <3

RichChanLikesTacos : This movie though Knives is always my crush when i watch this movie

Indie Splash : que buena película la cajeta de mi hermana

Cullen Cochran : *whaatttdiididdoooo?*

R. Kayn : 1:56 the sexual tension

Netherwolf6100 : 1:35 Her smile had me swooned man

Sonic2Metro : Pause here 2:35 Why is this face not a meme?