Fun with a few 9V batteries. (244 of them)

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WHY : "244 of these, lying around"

Wynnsanity : You’re like Bart Simpson with megaphones, just 9v batteries

CTB : "Why do men die sooner than women?"

Andy Mendivil : 1:22 ,What do you mean by "dont have that spare time" ? You just clipped together 244, 9 volt batteries.

- OlivenickO -2 : “Electricians hate him!”

9v Battery : All my little brothers

Jakob : who tf has 244 batteries laying around

RexTerm : Batteries not included

Overdriven Extras : But can it run Crysis?

Lil Sokz : 3:01 here in my garage, you know whats more important than my Lamborghini? KNOWLEDGE!


Charged Electronic Concepts : He said he had a couple. 244 is not a couple my dude

Name not found : Ain’t this how Albert Einstein invented lightning or some shit? /s

Mobasher Zaid : try it on a chicken and see if u get some kfc😂😂😂😂😂, just kidding don't

Cape Cod Canal Fishing : Should of jumped a car battery with them

Rick Jasper : That's pretty gutsy doing that! No, I don't mean all those batteries. I mean, using a Radio Shack multimeter.

Varangian Guard : 2:49 “Noice”

William Cameron : Touch the + with your tongue and clip the - with your ear while standing in a kiddy pool full of eels and butane fuel 😁

eventseen : 2:50 isn't the dual flash an artifact of the cameras rolling shutter?

GoldenCaliber : **A few v9**

Sidharth Sinhku : Show of hands if you were here to see somethin blow up!!

It’s_ Pronounced_ : Warning: _Do not watch this while wearing night vision goggles_

Callum Jack : 3:01-3:03 here in my garage with my Lamborghini do you know what I like more than my Lamborghini narlige

Michael Gazdecki : Don't do it at home? Ok, TO SCHOOL WE GO!!!!!

Alexandre Truppel : I'd say that capacitor failed silently with an internal short

Lalit Kumar : Thanks for the video. Now i am going to try this with the 200 batteries that must be lying about my home.

mastertank63 : Who wants to lick that?

Wagyourtail : capacitor was over breakdown voltage

Ryan Kirsch : Why did you have 244 nine volt batteries "just laying around"?

Levi 072906 : IM HOLDING THE SUN IN MY HAND! Until my light burns out

A Cute Pupper : His voice kinda sounds like a camel

Aden hui : This man got 244 9v batteries! Find out his secret!

WIK C : In the video, the functioning of the working model of the electromagnetic mass accelerator (mobile test stand). It is generally accepted that the implementation of this design is very difficult because of the low efficiency and low reliability. Nevertheless, this opinion is mistaken - modern technological the base has long been able to realize an electromagnetic mass accelerator with an acceptable efficiency and high reliability I am looking for interested in making.

Wes Hardesky : Why buy a welder when you can just weld with 244 batteries!

Jude Crooker : The reason the capacitor didn’t blow up is because the high voltage dead shorted it internally before it had a chance to heat up and boil the electrolyte. If you want an explosion, you’re better off sticking it into a 120VAC power outlet also KIDS DONT DO IT. Mostly because you’ll have your hand blown off, but that will be the least of your concerns because you’ll be dead before your body hits the floor. DONT DO IT.

overunitydotcom : Reminds me of my Newman motor experiments years ago... I also had about 200 x 9 Volts batteries in series... But once I was not careful and got a shock of these about 2000 Volts and it knocked me down from my chair.. Was if somebody hit me with a hammer on my back.. Be very cautious with it... At least with a bigger coil in series you can draw much longer arcs and the current will be much careful and always wear gloves and gum shoes...

LolPlayFelix Gaming/Elektronik : dc doesnt really arc in long time

Theo Dahl-Mehlsen : throwing flashbang

RelativelyEdgar : I dont have the time he says.... he literally connected 244 batteries together

Anubhav Gupta : Next try with 344 batteries

Brett_Kendrick : Who has 244 9V batteries laying around and then claim he didn't go out and buy a bunch ? 😂

tech four9 : Who the hell has 244 of 9V batteries lying around?

Zulfburht : So basically a battery powered welding device?

Jurij Sitar : But can it run crysis?

Lucas Silva : Warning!! a lot of misconceptions about electricity on the comments!!!

MyFunExperiments By Ryan : For high voltage

kashindi buyoyo : Is so dangerous

Aaron Benjamin : "I dOn'T kNoW iF yOu cOulD sEe ThaT" he says after hitting the viewers with a mini flash bang, worse for whoever in the dark watchin this lol

Cloud Ninja : "Batteries aren't supposed to make these sounds" Batteries aren't supposed to make sounds

NuclearWolf LEGO Technic Design : I think that the dual flash from the white LED was from the shutter speed of the camera. Rolling shutter effect.