Fun with a few 9V batteries. (244 of them)

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WHY : "244 of these, lying around"

CTB : "Why do men die sooner than women?"

Andy Mendivil : 1:22 ,What do you mean by "dont have that spare time" ? You just clipped together 244, 9 volt batteries.

Shut Up : Every like I have is how many 9v batteries I'll get

Hebele Hübele : Now.... Lick it

Lil Sokz : 3:01 here in my garage, you know whats more important than my Lamborghini? KNOWLEDGE!

- OlivenickO -2 : “Electricians hate him!”

9v Battery : All my little brothers

Jakob : who tf has 244 batteries laying around

Overdriven Extras : But can it run Crysis?

Cape Cod Canal Fishing : Should of jumped a car battery with them

Super Sophisticated : *ask someone to hold both ends of the metal clips.* *_JUST A PRANK._*

RexTerm : Batteries not included

Mower Man gx85 : Wife walks in...

Name not found : Ain’t this how Albert Einstein invented lightning or some shit? /s

Ryan Kirsch : Why did you have 244 nine volt batteries "just laying around"?

Mobasher Zaid : try it on a chicken and see if u get some kfc😂😂😂😂😂, just kidding don't

GoldenCaliber : **A few v9**

William Cameron : Touch the + with your tongue and clip the - with your ear while standing in a kiddy pool full of eels and butane fuel 😁

Rick Jasper : That's pretty gutsy doing that! No, I don't mean all those batteries. I mean, using a Radio Shack multimeter.

Michael Gazdecki : Don't do it at home? Ok, TO SCHOOL WE GO!!!!!

Varangian Guard : 2:49 “Noice”

Fresh Nutz : A few batteries


A Cute Pupper : I liked my own comment, like why not?

Wes Hardesky : Why buy a welder when you can just weld with 244 batteries!

Frédérick Germain : I think the reason why the capacitor didn't blow up is because of the amperage that wasn't high enough. Putting batteries in series increases voltage, but the maximum output amperage stays the same. I did that experiment once with two 9v batteries in serie, on a capacitor rated for maximum 15 volts and in reverse polarity, and nothing happened. So my bet is that the current wasn't strong enough.

Sidharth Sinhku : Show of hands if you were here to see somethin blow up!!

T. V. : Attach a paper clip to your finger and try it lul

Levi 072906 : IM HOLDING THE SUN IN MY HAND! Until my light burns out

Jurij Sitar : But can it run crysis?

Hiekeech : "Just lying around"

eventseen : 2:50 isn't the dual flash an artifact of the cameras rolling shutter?

Brett_Kendrick : Who has 244 9V batteries laying around and then claim he didn't go out and buy a bunch ? 😂

Lalit Kumar : Thanks for the video. Now i am going to try this with the 200 batteries that must be lying about my home.

XeriationGT : 3:01 "Here in my garage, just got these 244 9volt batteries"

AAarohan 3958 : Just got 244 9v battries lying around

Anubhav Gupta : Next try with 344 batteries

Theo Dahl-Mehlsen : throwing flashbang

Charged Electronic Concepts : He said he had a couple. 244 is not a couple my dude

Yoel Quevedo : rip radioshack you were probably their only customer ;(

Callum Jack : 3:01-3:03 here in my garage with my Lamborghini do you know what I like more than my Lamborghini narlige

Aaron Benjamin : "I dOn'T kNoW iF yOu cOulD sEe ThaT" he says after hitting the viewers with a mini flash bang, worse for whoever in the dark watchin this lol

Jonatan garcia : Diy sotering iron 😂

pro_100_NIK : Когда ограбил магазин, но в кассе денег не было, зато были 9 вольтовые кроны.

Cloud Ninja : "Batteries aren't supposed to make these sounds" Batteries aren't supposed to make sounds

NuclearWolf : I think that the dual flash from the white LED was from the shutter speed of the camera. Rolling shutter effect.

The26 : A "few" 9V batteries.

A Cute Pupper : His voice sounds like a camel

A Cute Pupper : His voice kinda sounds like a camel