Fun with a few 9V batteries. (244 of them)

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WHY : "244 of these, lying around"

SaltyNewb Gaming : There's a reason this guy hasn't uploaded a video in 6 years :P

9v Battery : All my little brothers

Jamie Kulhanek : That is a lot of trust in the plastic insulation on that alligator clip!!!


Lil Sokz : 3:01 here in my garage, you know whats more important than my Lamborghini? KNOWLEDGE!

tech four9 : Who the hell has 244 of 9V batteries lying around?

SuperJahobo : "Children, don't do this at home" *saying that at his house with children playing in the background*

Schwarzer Ritter : Lets find out how dangerous this experiment is: We have 244 9 Volt batteries, that makes 2196 Volt. Well, they are not new anymore, so lets round it down to 2000. A limb has a resistance of roughly 1kilo Ohm, that makes a total resistance of 3 kOhm. Current is Voltage/Resistance, so we have 0,667 Ampere. 0,3 Ampere of direct current can be deadly, so this can totally kill you.

Aaron Benjamin : "I dOn'T kNoW iF yOu cOulD sEe ThaT" he says after hitting the viewers with a mini flash bang, worse for whoever in the dark watchin this lol

Wynnsanity : You’re like Bart Simpson with megaphones, just 9v batteries

eventseen : 2:50 isn't the dual flash an artifact of the cameras rolling shutter?

Carter Collins : Wife: I bet the second I leave the house he cheats on me Husband after wife walks out the door:

MrLasted : are you trying to burn your wooden table

William Cameron : Touch the + with your tongue and clip the - with your ear while standing in a kiddy pool full of eels and butane fuel 😁

DoomFinger511 : Ahh the golden age of YouTube

JP Pereira : Hey, just checking up if you are still alive. Wish you positive energies.

SendyCatKiller : 3:49 OF- OH F*CK

Xxlegit DashxX : The capacitor was deadshorted internally

Portbogie : Stick'em in your Tesla and see how fast you can go!!!

Cape Cod Canal Fishing : Should of jumped a car battery with them

Anubhav Gupta : Next try with 344 batteries

It’s_ Pronounced_ : Warning: _Do not watch this while wearing night vision goggles_

Electro Zapp : "I don't have the time" he says

Zane Atkins : *Does it on a wooden table

CTB : "Why do men die sooner than women?"

mastertank63 : Who wants to lick that?

Anonymous Anon : Shit. I remember watching this like 5 years ago. The magic of YouTube recommendations.

Riley Zarm : Everyones asking why he has so many batteries, the answer is clear. He robbed a radio shack.

Specimen : Anyone else with this inside their recommended?

Michael Gazdecki : Don't do it at home? Ok, TO SCHOOL WE GO!!!!!

Daniel Lopez : Year After year, i keep getting recommended this, each time is gets better.

richcollins513 : First reported death by 9 volt batteries

overunitydotcom : Reminds me of my Newman motor experiments years ago... I also had about 200 x 9 Volts batteries in series... But once I was not careful and got a shock of these about 2000 Volts and it knocked me down from my chair.. Was if somebody hit me with a hammer on my back.. Be very cautious with it... At least with a bigger coil in series you can draw much longer arcs and the current will be much careful and always wear gloves and gum shoes...

timing_snow : *just a few*

Wes Hardesky : Why buy a welder when you can just weld with 244 batteries!

it's ya boy Dummheit : Umm... yeah yeah?

VeryImportantX : "244 of these, lying around". Had to kill those bastards. Were lying too much to me.

Not_jonatan_ : Diy sotering iron 😂

Dan Phillips : I see you moved it off your mother's table

Solar Fluxman : Please don't become the next "Darwin Award" recipient. “...ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge...” - Charles Darwin.

Aden hui : This man got 244 9v batteries! Find out his secret!

Keith Lincicum : That is very impressive ! It reminds me of the times I used to go to Alaska Surplus in Spokane Washington. They would have outdated 67 1/2 volt "B" batteries for a dime each that hurt the tips of my wet fingers. I dropped $3. of my allowance and went home with a sack-full. They all snapped together as well. I didn't have a meter in 1967, but I could throw a hissing arc almost 3 inches. Dad din't care because I was just in his way since 1951. But I was told by a friends dad 2025 volts at that high of amperage could have killed me in a heartbeat.!

BLACKROSEMF : Blow_N up and short_N out little Leds ... Stick Yr Tongue to it on camera , Give Us a laugh !!

Jurij Sitar : But can it run crysis?

Lucas Engelen : i almost welded a battery pack to a metal table at school once, it was sticking to the table a litle, i got lucky WD

Andrew Gamino : Who the hell has that many batteries “lying around”

Preston Glenn : Please recycle those

Thrifty Jam : "This is about 3 volts. Let's try, I dunno, let's say 2000?"

RelativelyEdgar : I dont have the time he says.... he literally connected 244 batteries together