Fun with a few 9V batteries. (244 of them)

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Lil Sokz : 3:01 here in my garage, you know whats more important than my Lamborghini? KNOWLEDGE!

Cape Cod Canal Fishing : Should of jumped a car battery with them

Overdriven Extras : But can it run Crysis?

Mower Man gx85 : Wife walks in...

CTB : "Why do men die sooner than women?"

Hebele Hübele : Now.... Lick it

dex dipa : You can die, if you touch probe + and - 2000V

Andy Mendivil : 1:22 ,What do you mean by "dont have that spare time" ? You just clipped together 244, 9 volt batteries.

RexTerm : Batteries not included

WHY : "244 of these, lying around"

- OlivenickO -2 : “Electricians hate him!”

Frédérick Germain : I think the reason why the capacitor didn't blow up is because of the amperage that wasn't high enough. Putting batteries in series increases voltage, but the maximum output amperage stays the same. I did that experiment once with two 9v batteries in serie, on a capacitor rated for maximum 15 volts and in reverse polarity, and nothing happened. So my bet is that the current wasn't strong enough.

Jake Plays Piano : This guys got a death wish.

Fresh Nutz : A few batteries

RelativelyEdgar : I dont have the time he says.... he literally connected 244 batteries together

Shut Up : Every like I have is how many 9v batteries I'll get

GoldenCaliber : **A few v9**

jahfarbad : Please never do this again, I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself with this stunt. That many batteries have enough energy and voltage to kill you instantly and those cables/clips are not designed for 2000V either so even if you are "carefull" by only touching the plastic, it might still kill you.

Mobasher Zaid : try it on a chicken and see if u get some kfc😂😂😂😂😂, just kidding don't

Michael Gazdecki : Don't do it at home? Ok, TO SCHOOL WE GO!!!!!

REGAA : who tf has 244 batteries laying around

Varangian Guard : 2:49 “Noice”

Sidharth Sinhku : Show of hands if you were here to see somethin blow up!!

Hiekeech : "Just lying around"

Wes Hardesky : Why buy a welder when you can just weld with 244 batteries!

Super Sophisticated : *ask someone to hold both ends of the metal clips.* *_JUST A PRANK._*

AAarohan 3958 : Just got 244 9v battries lying around

Callum Jack : 3:01-3:03 here in my garage with my Lamborghini do you know what I like more than my Lamborghini narlige

Timmy Tit Fuck : 2:48 Noice 😉

darrell octavianus : yeah, its ONLY 244 batteries.

SunGamer : I guess youtube decided to show me this today...

The Voracious Wolf : I'm surprised that you're still alive after that

Johnson CaptViral : Wow, thats fun with a "few" 9v batts!!! How about connecting 244 car batteries in parallel and stick the connectors to your sleeping cat..

Echo : Here in ny Garage with my 244 batteries fun to melt things with, driving in the Hollywood hills

youtube news : DAD!!! MY GAME!!! 2:53

Anubhav Gupta : Next try with 344 batteries

Noah_rdl : Where did you get 244 energiser industrial battery’s from please tell me please and I subbed and turned on notifications and liked the video

ThePlasmaPro : So that's what 1207.8 Joules looks like

Hacking Electronics and Programming : Join them in parallel and capacitor will go booooommmm!!!!

Jurij Sitar : But can it run crysis?

Hunter Funk : Did you put a resistor with those LEDs? They probably would blow with 1 9 volt

Mega Beast115 : How do you have 244 batteries just laying around

Justinas Vaiciunas : now in my garage :D hes like reverse lamboguy has mad battery game

Jude Crooker : The reason the capacitor didn’t blow up is because the high voltage dead shorted it internally before it had a chance to heat up and boil the electrolyte. If you want an explosion, you’re better off sticking it into a 120VAC power outlet also KIDS DONT DO IT. Mostly because you’ll have your hand blown off, but that will be the least of your concerns because you’ll be dead before your body hits the floor. DONT DO IT.

Ryan Kirsch : Why did you have 244 nine volt batteries "just laying around"?

Rick Jasper : That's pretty gutsy doing that! No, I don't mean all those batteries. I mean, using a Radio Shack multimeter.

PixelMario1105 : ‘a few’

XRogZ OJ Theron : Now u have the money holy what

Piano Madness : There must be a tonne of internal resistance haha

Marcofj Gameplays : I still don't know why this was on my recommendations