Thanksgiving Sides | Basics with Babish

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Zaychavitch : You undercooked the wooden spoon.

Dutch Duk : "A personal butter bath, don't you wish you could have that?" Yes, yes I do

opentehtrap : Great babish. But can you please show us how to cook a 25lb turkey in the microwave

alize0623 : “Basics with Babish” *whips out several hundred dollar Sous-Vide machine*

Lateman Parodius : A lot can change in a year. Currently, I have a job and an apartment. Last year, I was homeless and living in my car. On thanksgiving, a friend gave me a few leftovers. Green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and some turkey. I had some orange juice as well. In a normal ceramic bowl, I combined them into what I've taken to calling '2017 stew'. I heated the mixture in my car using a jerry-rigged stove made using a ceramic plate, some of those little tea lights (unscented, because I could get a pack of about a hundred for super cheap), and one of those metal stove drip pans (close to the size of the plate) which was inverted over the burning candles. When the mix was too thick, I would add either some gravy or a splash of orange juice to thin it out. If it was too thin, I would add more of either stuffing or mashed potatoes to thicken it. I never managed to get it 'hot', really, but it was at least lukewarm (a welcome change, given the cold weather at the time) and tasted like thanksgiving in a bowl. So... if you folks have leftovers around this year, why not give it a shot? Just play fast and loose with it (and use a proper heating method, because that 'stove' I made was janky as all get out). And remember to be thankful for the basic things you have. Like a place to live. And food. Remember those that've helped you get to where you are today, and have a good Thanksgiving.

Jeremy Hayes : No cranberry sauce? No Mac n cheese? No HAM?! I feel robbed Babish

Zoogoo40 : Be sure to serve your butter with a side of butter.

SuaavaChina : You should make hot chocolate from Polar Express

Carol Shuturan : Potatoes are not grains. They are root vegetables. They don't contain gluten.

Galactic123 : I don't think sous-vide ANYTHING can be considered a "basic". I don't know any casual home cook that has ever sous-vide anything. Most people who utilize sous-vide are past the basic stage.

Aaron Powell : Can you make the warehouse guys Caprese salad from the office?

ZGX : Anyone else think thanksgiving sides are better than the turkey?

WickaWickaWoo : Yams? You mean SWEET POTATO

sgeivo : How long has the "new" website been new???????

jonathan tanner : WHERE IS THE STUFFING? (and the first person to say 'on the StoveTop' is getting punched')

James King : No Mac n Cheese?! Wtf Babish!

adithyac1001 : No STUFFING??? We've been cheated...

Anzio : What could I use instead of Cognac?

Liam T.W : 4:20 roux-demintary

hamish rattray : >basics with babish >sous vide mashed potatoes yeah ok

dnguyen253 : I prefer to eat the sides at Thanksgiving. Not really a fan of the Turkey.

mugensamurai : This guy always sneaks some alcohol into his dishes.

Jenny Le'Dang : You’re green bean casserole was a hit with my friends and family!! Definitely will keep making your version! Also should have told your viewers to save the onion oil to cook other things with. I simply fry my eggs in that oil and it gives it sooo much flavor! Love watching your videos. :)

•əřřøř official• : *Basics With Baldi*

Izzy : *I’m not American but damn those look good.*

Rajita : My family's favorite Thanksgiving side is my grandmother's broccoli casserole. She always doubled the recipe and brought at least 2 casserole dishes of it, and it was almost always cleaned. Sadly, my grandmother passed away a few years ago. And she never showed anyone the recipe. So now, every year a couple people bring broccoli casserole, trying new recipes in an attempt to get close to what my grandmother made. No one has ever yet nailed it, but it is still a nice way to remember her. :)

Summit Heino : Hey Babish you should make Brock's Jelly filled donuts from Pokemon.

BnaBreaker : Turkey can suck it... it's ALL about the sides on my plate.

EvenWhyProductions : I made the green bean casserole. Best god damn cream of mushroom soup I’ve had, used shiitakes as well. Bouta put the whole thing in the oven

Moxie Beast ASMR : oh good god those taters.

Rainier Lim : 4:29 When andrew left the spoon on the pan i laughed sorry andrew

Chuma Uyamadu : should i have let the onions and buttermilk dry after the 15 min???

Chris Bun : My family never cooked green been casserole for thanksgiving . I made this recipe yesterday, I was surprised!! It’s so delicious . It was a big hit for my family. Thanks babby

Burnt Trees : Man said green bean casserole holds a place in our hearts but not mac n cheese

RiRi Mars : Imma bout to roll up to my grandmothers house with those yams “IN YOUR FACE AUNT JUNE I CAN COOK!!!”

Leyla Asici : It’s so strange to me to see “yams” prepared in such a sweet way. I’m from New Zealand and we call them kumara we normally roast them in the oven and salt them

Caleb Davis : Ima need a fire Mac n Cheese recipe ASAP 😂😂😂

Prototype oZ : Green been casserole is my life

Melynne Jimenez : I'd like to see you insult my yams this year KAREN!

Clinicalyabrasiv : No mac & cheese? no stuffing? no cornbread? we gonna need a part 2 Babish

Emerson Yu : Is it weird that listening to his voice through earbuds is satisfying? Also...that food...

Edwin Robbins : Potatoes can't develop gluten; they're gluten free

jasminesfeels : ugh I was dying to know your go-to stuffing recipe

Zack : "Basics with Babish but I use ingredients and pieces of hardware that no basic homecook would ever have."

Eric Scott : Hey Babish -- what can you make ahead of time? Maybe the cream of mushroom? Fried onions?

RandomdudeZ9 : Finally. The things people actually care about, not the turkey.

mcchicken 1212 : I have Ham for thanks giving cause me family dosent like turkey sadly.

Chaelea Rennie : So I made the green bean casserole and oh. my. god. It is AMAZING.

Abbreviated Reviews : Basics with Babish - "First you're gonna need a vacuum sealer and then a sous vide so you can make these mashed potatoes" Seems like we've gone a little beyond the "basics"...

Lennzee Lawrence : Would this be the same without the cognac?