Painting with Bullets in Slow Motion

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Sprays of bullets become sprays of paint as the guys unleash their inner artists at 1000 FPS. The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.

Comments from Youtube


Killacamfoo O.G. : shoot guns on most channels, instant demonetization. shoot guns here, perferred partner program. thanks Susan!

McGyver777ATGMAIL : Just a quick comment from a master marksman here, Dan, you are a steely eyed shooter and took those targets in turn with expert speed and accurancy. I tip my hat at you.

Linus : The shotgun part was top, especially the balloon shot

funkycowie : Next time get one of your creative elves, or do it your self, do a reverse template of your Slow Mo Guys logo and rub over the exposed section of canvas with candle wax so its clear. Them the paint will just run off that section revealing your logo better than your current template which allowed paint to run underneath.

Skynetspider : Have to say, after watching Dan shoot for a few years. He's actually a very good marksman.

Branco Freitas : Hope to see DemolitionRanch and The Slow Mo Guys crossover/colaboration one day.

The Punisher : #2A

gal albo : if you had used a magnum it would've been your magnum opus...

puskajussi37 : You know, I think Slo Mo Guys get most of their revenue by investing in paint and fruit companies before making their videos.

Xonor13 : And they say guns are only meant for killing people.

Callan Whitney : That v2511 shot of the balloons was great

kalinux : The birdshot in the balloon was amazing! I did not expect that at all!

Myles Porter : It’s a artmalite rifle get it art

JekyllGaming99 : You should try sticking a few large neodymium magnets on the underside of the canvas to really stick the stencil down!

Chicken Nugget : They're painting with GUNS!!! D e m o n e t i z e d

jimilordofwar : Poor John Oliver...

Codi Napkin : You should spray hydrophobic protection on the canvases with the slow-mo stencil beforehand, then just let the logo reveal itself.

KeyFreak : You just picked my favorite weapon + accessories in PUBG :D

Dragonborn : Seeing Dan with a gun is one of the funnest things to watch, I can see how happy he gets:)

PlanetFinesse : 3:45 reminds me of Naruto's Rasengan. Don't remember which episode but that's basically what it looked like.

TomHolmez12 : dan has done well, he has found an m416, a 4x scope, vertical foregrip and a suppressor lying about

baran .aksoy : This isnt slow enough WHERE İS THE SLOW MO slow a bit down next videos pls

ztsb45 : Slomoguys proving systematically that Luffy's gomu gomu balloon and rubber body is capable of reflecting bullets and other projectiles.

Manoj Dalvi : 0:05 " dan is that smell damger💀i smell 👃 in the air " Poor gav he must have been smelling it for years.. 😂😂😂 Like if you agree

Thomas Rosebrough : Wow I really want to see that birdshot effect in a higher framerate so you can see the individual balls popping out of the rubber.

Hani Allelli : An idea for a new show: Pour liquid nitrogen on some vegetables or maybe other things then smash it with a hammer. It will be broken like glass. It’s really interesting and fascinating in slow mo. 👋🏻

Jack Ansley : You should’ve brought in Matt from demoranch for...consultation....

Tristen Dent : I love the ar in this and with all the negativity about these weapons they are using it for a posative thing.

Raj K : Slow mo Guy's friends group > Dude Perfect's friends group

spaeth2005 : Dan's gun safety is the best

Zonies Coasters : What? A fire arm related video without demonitiesation? Must be nice working with YouTube

Phoenix Borealis : I think you should try boiling paint just under a canvas. That would make some cool artwork.

S. Dragon : Dan! I really appreciate your good trigger discipline even while the gun is unloaded. That's great safety.

Bryant Vreeland : Bloody gorgeous mates!

Matas0723 : This finally felt like a real Slow Mo Guys video. Great stuff <3

CasInbound : Finally some proper interesting slow motion shots.

Mathewpoke : Dan flips us off at 6:14 lmao

invertMASA : Wonder how big that video file was for all 4 cans a paint.

zeitgeist909 : okay - every so often this channel just blows my mind. This would be one of those times...

jasper ivory-castile : Is anyone else concerned how good dan is with the guns? Like he hits almost every shot

IMDAAD POBON : Whatever the video is or at every explosion they do the same exact reaction all the time in every video ! -oooouuuuugggghhhhh!

LezzerNet : "It's strange that such a small hole could do all that." Well Dan, small holes can do a lot more that just that, if you know what I'm saying.

Adbel Mendoza : Now that's a bullet masterpiece.

AFG Cliipz : Poor buckets, your killing em one by one as if they're hostages or something. Looked dramatic especially in slow motion, hah!

EqlipsE : Pardon me for saying but this video... TRIGGERED me.

Buddy Dry : Wish they would use 3 inch slugs, i think that would be amazing!

Becca Wheeler : art can be ANYTHING, like ANYTHING AT ALL!! and you guys are doing it EXACTLY the way it should be done, with fun and mess! just look at artists like Pollock or Kandinsky, you are unknowingly following the artistic and culturally influential path they've carved into society with action painting and abstract expressionism and i think you're doing a wonderful job

Anand Sharma : I wait eagerly every night for slow mo guys video.. ~~ Love from India.