Painting with Bullets in Slow Motion

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Killacamfoo O.G. : shoot guns on most channels, instant demonetization. shoot guns here, perferred partner program. thanks Susan!

Colonel Marks : “Do not attempt to recreate” Unless you’re American. Then go for it.

funkycowie : Next time get one of your creative elves, or do it your self, do a reverse template of your Slow Mo Guys logo and rub over the exposed section of canvas with candle wax so its clear. Them the paint will just run off that section revealing your logo better than your current template which allowed paint to run underneath.


Anand Sharma : I wait eagerly every night for slow mo guys video.. ~~ Love from India.

TomHolmez12 : dan has done well, he has found an m416, a 4x scope, vertical foregrip and a suppressor lying about

Linus : The shotgun part was top, especially the balloon shot

Skynetspider : Have to say, after watching Dan shoot for a few years. He's actually a very good marksman.

kalinux : The birdshot in the balloon was amazing! I did not expect that at all!

puskajussi37 : You know, I think Slo Mo Guys get most of their revenue by investing in paint and fruit companies before making their videos.

Tristen Dent : I love the ar in this and with all the negativity about these weapons they are using it for a posative thing.

Xonor13 : And they say guns are only meant for killing people.

YouTube Thing : Glad the subtitles are there coz I don't know what it sounds like coz I was born deaf (apparently) coz I've never ever heard sound before I don't even know what being deaf is to be honest so thanks to who ever wrote the subtitles. Coz most YouTube vids I have to watch in auto subs which seem inaccurate to the video mouth movement, obviously I can't really tell coz I'm deaf though... 👍🏼

PlanetFinesse : 3:45 reminds me of Naruto's Rasengan. Don't remember which episode but that's basically what it looked like.

Branco Freitas : Hope to see DemolitionRanch and The Slow Mo Guys crossover/colaboration one day.

Callan Whitney : That v2511 shot of the balloons was great

Astra : They're painting with GUNS!!! D e m o n e t i z e d

Griffin Aasen : Use. Higher. Frame rates

The Punisher : #2A

McGyver777ATGMAIL : Just a quick comment from a master marksman here, Dan, you are a steely eyed shooter and took those targets in turn with expert speed and accurancy. I tip my hat at you.

Myles Porter : It’s a artmalite rifle get it art

Adbel Mendoza : Now that's a bullet masterpiece.

gal albo : if you had used a magnum it would've been your magnum opus...

Michael Bingham : Is good to see big youtubers like y’all still using AR-15 style rifles even after all this controversy 👍🏻

Dragonborn : What happens when a European fires a awesome AR? he or she becomes American:)

Madhav Singh : In next video plz shoot a bullet against a bullet in a thick long glass tube....plzz... I have been saying that from years...why don't you do that...its such q crazy thing.

O B A M A : bullet spliting in half + paint can = great idea (who agrees??)

jimilordofwar : Poor John Oliver...

JekyllGaming99 : You should try sticking a few large neodymium magnets on the underside of the canvas to really stick the stencil down!

Jack Ansley : You should’ve brought in Matt from demoranch for...consultation....

spaeth2005 : Dan's gun safety is the best

The DarthChief : Well good news Dan, there are about to be a lot more guns in art class...

ztsb45 : Slomoguys proving systematically that Luffy's gomu gomu balloon and rubber body is capable of reflecting bullets and other projectiles.

DROP SHOW : Slowmotion macht alles besser! Grüße drop show aus DE ^^

Dragonborn : Seeing Dan with a gun is one of the funnest things to watch, I can see how happy he gets:)

My Mesuan : I love vdeo

Gustavo Schneider : I am Brazilian. I like this channel too much so could you make subtitles in portuguese again please? Cheers Gav and Dan!!!

Mathewpoke : Dan flips us off at 6:14 lmao

Becca Wheeler : art can be ANYTHING, like ANYTHING AT ALL!! and you guys are doing it EXACTLY the way it should be done, with fun and mess! just look at artists like Pollock or Kandinsky, you are unknowingly following the artistic and culturally influential path they've carved into society with action painting and abstract expressionism and i think you're doing a wonderful job

Thomas Rosebrough : Wow I really want to see that birdshot effect in a higher framerate so you can see the individual balls popping out of the rubber.

Oklahoma Airsoft By Callsign Zilla : Who doesn't love the H&K 416

The British Patriot : They're in California, the show is sponsored and set-up by Google and Dan's nonchalantly shooting what looks like an AR-15 (aka "the scary black gun") with a suppressor, I wonder if this will get demonetized?... Nah, double standards apply.

James Greene : Oh look an AR-15 used in a safe environment, right where it should only be used and available.

Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera : Hollywood must put attention on this to create better and real special effects in explosions. Let's go back to practical effects. :D

Phrawzt Gaming : Nice

Eamon Ahern : Awesome

Mohammed Dokrat : R these lot from my country England?

xFade P.S. : 6:36 one of the coolest things I've ever seen on this channel

invertMASA : Wonder how big that video file was for all 4 cans a paint.

MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer : It's funny he said "In the blink of an eye," because I actually blinked when it happened and didn't see the bullet XD