What does it all mean? | Eurovision 2018 Mashup

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Black Poisontears : This is better than half of songs this year XD

Nick Karras : That's how you write a song

Nettle : DOUZE POINTS!!!!

Pauline van der Leer : 12 points!


lucas Korea : Thé greek flag omggg.. OTHERWISE IT'S AMAZING

Rick Velthoven : Make this the opening of the eurovision 2018 pls 😂

Euxiphipops77 : You see Alexander - THAT IS how you make a song.

Pietro Lodi : Omg this is amazing! Are all this year’s songs in?! Wow!

H U M A N : SLAYYYYY this is so goooood

Joanna Holman : This is amazing. I hope we get to see you on the Eurovision stage in the future

Giorgos Giannopoulos : Good job, but wtf with the greek flag? It should look like that:🇬🇷 I hope it's a mistake and you didn't do it on purpose! Keep it up and be more mindful next time! 😉✌️

Alexander Trenchev : That was the best thing I've ever seen!❤

Isa Fernández : WINNER OF EUROVISION 2018

eldad nahmias : Great 👍🏻

Charlie Mason : can I vote for this

Myrthe Courtz : omg this is amazing haha

Hajer Khemiri : this is just a masterpiece (I'm not even joking) loved it love it so much you did an amazing job well done Bravo !!! 12 points from France ;)

imma_zayniac XD : This is great ❤️❤️

Andrew Konstantinov : UNBELIEVABLY GREAT SONG! Really, true professional, bravo!

Katya Kozubenko : It is very cool😍😍😍

topinet : Great!!!!

Johny 7even : Epic song is epic 😁

Gregg Silva : so nice and sweet

Monster X : This is better than most of the songs lol

Vintagechannel : This must be the INTERVAL ACT!! Please let this happen in Lisbon

Virgy Sevilla : l love it !! So good, you´re a genius, Koonian ! (Y)

VintageTV : Amazing!!

Sloopy Clooka : Bonne nuit 🌃 and i love this song lol very original and funny and cool thanks

Bingocharts : Great :)

Wiem co ćpiem : Wow, that's so cool!

kika12peggy17 : wow this is perfect!

Almubunny : NICE

Nordic Hetalian : this is awesome

jessisanawkwarddinosaur 03 : This is so good 😍

Mina 12 : THIS IS A W E S O M E !

Mantai Luaa : Absolutely genius work!!! :)

wiktoria4919 : Omg I love it! This is amazing

Emma Tahirovic : can i get this on spotify??


dominique dufaut : Great song about the songs. Bravo !

Kamil J : Good, Man!

Vitalijus Banuskevicius : cringe

Just Edge : It's now a few months later and I'm still disappointed at the amount of views this video deserves but doesn't get.

Theallin1girl // DeKipVanIda : Real winner! 😂❤

Just Edge : "cause i don't wanna TOY with a song that is clever, hiding in the LOST AND FOUND. Call me a silly boy, FUNNY GIRL or whatever but I'm reaching HIGHER GROUND." Definitely my fave lyric

Lysets vokter : Better than all of the songs in the competition