Tujurikkuja 3 Eesti Ujumine

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Risto S : Puhka rahus Lembitu Kuuse ! Ilma tema kommentaarideta oleks see video poolik .

Chukase : I love how the explosion smooths the water surface :D

Jane McGinnis : I feel like this is almost better without any subtitles. Estonia, you are awesome... 

OGCarlWheezer : that one guy that didnt finish his pickle drowned for sure

Gaian Valdegamo : Of course it's Estonia...

TheWolf401 : Märt - kokkupuutel veega uppus tema... võib-olla isegi enne xD naerukad

Kaïsa : Ott Tormab Välja.. Külma Kätte.. Lumme.. Ei Autosse.. No Kuhu Nüüd Ott?! 😂😂

Niko Theophanis : just watching that makes you feel drunk

Darkforce 5 : Who's here from Ozzy man?

MellenceOld : See on mulle naljakas, sest umbes aasta tagasi, ma nägin palju reklaami, mis ütles, enam vähem, "Ärge laske purjus sõbrad ujuda". Nüüd, ma näen mispärast. This is funny to me, since about a year ago I saw many ads, which said, more or less, "Don't let drunk friends swim". Now I see why. Sorry for my Estonian mistakes, it's my second language.

Lord of mangoes : I am surprised that this one doesn't have subtitles..

Carlos Atwell : Ah, Ozzy man, you showcase the funniest things.

TKWeckroth : Being a Finn I can kinda understand what's going on without actually knowing exactly what they're saying. I think I now know how most people hear Finnish.

Boomgm 443 : Like, kes vaatab seda 2017 ;D

Mimirs Leiche : This is some Monty Python level of shitposting for sure.

Jason McCullough : Swimmer 3 is by far my favorite. Ever the gentleman toasting the crowd on each shot, and later passes out in the pool with the pickle still in his mouth.

Cannabis Maker : "Võistlejad on üha rohkem teiseks etapiks valmis" hah nii hea

Aksu Fin : This is very funny because I understand some of the eesti keel and I am swimmer.

sten260 : haha märt on uppund kurk suus :D

annika meressaar : Vana hea Kose ujula :D

pu pu skraaa : Vaatake 3.19 dab lol

Foxiol : Holy shit! hahahah

Christhjian : Jah, oli tõesti kirss tordi otsas Kuuse Lembitu kommentaar siin. Puhaku rahus! Väga omanäoline kommentaator oli minu silmis.

Maribel Klais : Eesti uppumisliit. estonian sinking federation xD

Ege : Came from OzzyMan!

ellen : 0:10 Ärge siia vaadake 5:02 Ikka ärge vaadake.:P

Microphunktv : aa need on ajad seal ve.. ma mõtlesin, et rekordid on promillides ikka :D

PrimalVibes : We're not actually like this... Well, a little bit of this... But we do not contribute swimming while drinking :P

Draco The Lord : Ozzy man hell yeah !

Jorsten Hain : Ei kannata!!!!!

Mr pleb : All my wuts

Apurvaraj Singh : Incoming Ozzy man wankers.

DesertFox : R.I.P. Lembitu Kuuse

cbwtk : 4:17 thought that was Bo Burnham for a second

Robert Dunay : Oh god this was hilarious

FireOccator : The only way Estonians are capable of racing. :D

VHopstaken : thank you imgur

Surreal Wolf : Watches 3 people die does not feel a thing? Should I go to a medical facility and make sure I have a heart?

JustJulyo : Thank you Ozzy man for showing me the light!

Soumya Ranjan Sahu : Ozzyman anyone?

Amir Duishvili : Pure Estonian diving.

aux lez : Puhka rahus Lembit.

wr250John : so Fucking funny

Mafia Mafia : wódka i europa wschodnia to najlepsza symbioza na świecie

christopher tucker : wtf?

Chronocat : Is this real life because this is beautiful

Don Ascanio : Why the pickle? Is it to get the taste of vodca out of their mouths?

Random Username : Did the guy whose car exploded die?

Markus M : 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🚧🚨♨

Arne Unt : vat?