Airwolf Theme - Banjo cover
Airwolf Theme Banjo cover

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As I promised in my Knight Rider cover, here's more music from our favourite 80s series: The Airwolf theme! I tried to stay true to both the original and some of the remastered versions available and pay homage to all of them. I must admit these are super fun to do and let me know which series you'd like to hear next in the comment section ✅ To support the channel: ✅ Download music: Bandcamp: itunes: ✅ BGO Tees : ✅ Social Media links: Twitch : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Discord Channel : Channel Sponsors: U-Bass and ukulele by Kala : Amazon wishlist (because a man can dream...) : #Airwolf #airwolftheme #80smusic #80sseries #80s #airwoldintro #airwoldremix #airwolfcover #airwolfseries


EggChen6DemonBag : One of the best theme songs ever made!

Francis O'Connor : My nostalgia level is over 9000. Exclamation mark.

KonfuZer : Banjo-string fellow hawk! Well done, such memories!

JohnRiggs : Miami Vice is inevitable. Jan Hammer FTW!

K Vid : So much yes! Please do Magnum PI in an upcoming video. Or next. Next is always preferable. XD I love your style. It's just the right amount of nostalgia.

Chris Sandford : A-Team would be good.

Renserin : *Whistles out loud* I loved your version of Knight Rider, and for Airwolf, you show off the same blend of creativity and musical skill. It's almost eerie how you manage to duplicate the tune so right on the mark.

Ronald M : This brings back good memories ! Love the Dungeons & Dragons shirt as well !

Mark M : Nice job man! I love this theme in any genre. You have talent man!

Chucking Dice : Dear Lord that was AWESOME!!!!! You are a Music Deity!

netchevfr : *Super Longz, toute ma jeunesse en 1min 30 ^^ bravo...*

Nadine Sterling : Omg !!! This is truly outstanding from a diehard 80s fan of airwolf , and who continuously listens to airwolf on loop , I think I've heard every known variation. But this by far outdoes anything I've ever heard right down to the helicopter sound effect you made at the beginning. I'm truly speechless love it thank you for creating this epic masterpiece. You guys truly rock xx

N Alex : I love how unique it sounds and also how precise you are in your covers!

RyanKCR : I'm liking your covers of my favorite TV shows. I'm curious how the TV show's theme to Streethawk by Tangerine Dream would sound.

LogiForce86 : Truly awesome and the sound was actually really really close to the original. Extremely wel played! How about MacGyver next time 'round?

NobodyFromNowhere : So much yes!! I was honestly thinking of this next after you did Knight Rider. My day is golden now:) Thank you, Mr. BGO;)

John Donohoe : This awesome frivolousness is exactly what I needed this morning. Thanks you. p.s. Love the D&D shirt.

Mellow Gaming : I saw this appear earlier today and ended up spending the whole day at work humming the Airwolf theme. It's one of them classic 80s TV themes. Shows just don't have themes like this anymore. This was a rad cover man.

Jay Dee : Holy smoke! That it literally far superior to the original instrumental version and also superior to the many synthesized mixes too. Best I've ever heard - thank you!!!

Thomas : As a fellow musician, I have *sorely* underestimated the potential of the banjo. Thank you for showing how wrong I really was! Keep rockin' out, my dude (☞⌐▀͡ ͜ʖ͡▀ )☞

Alex Palmer : This is awesome. If they remake Airwolf, this should be included.

casper heyzeus : the production on this one is fantastic, the percussion and bass are crisp. keep em coming dude

tichu7 : As a kid, the only thing I knew about airwolf was the theme and the sleek helicopter. I didn't understand the plot, and was sorely disappointed during those episodes where the copter made no appearance.

etcbirmingham : Streethawk! Silly show, but AWESOME theme tune. These are great!!!

Dialga22239 : Omg, you're the legend! I love the Airwolf! Thanks you to bring back Memories :3 Also awesome Cover here ;P

Sylehu : I knew it!!!! I told you for the cousin of the Irish knight rider was coming!!! Nice cover as usual!!!

drandal : You, sir, are amazing! Your faithfulness to the original material in every single piece is nothing short of astonishing. I can't wait to hear what you will prepare next! I'd sure like to hear your version of "Streets of Desolation" from Batman for the NES or a few tracks from the Kunio-kun series, Hockey Challenge and Soccer League in particular. Stage 2 from Operation C for the GB would also be nice. :)

Jay maxwell : Airwolf, banjos and a D&D shirt. Brother?

xharleenxquinnzelx : Please, dragon roost island from zelda wind Waker.

N F : Dom liked it from the other side....

Nick Hentschel : This video is a perfect fit for me: someone who grew up with both the 80's sci-fi boom AND with a lot of folksy, acoustic music. You have to be a certain special kind of person to appreciate this the way it deserves.

Thomas ROUGEOT : I was expecting this one and you nailed it. As usual. Thank you man !

Jaz syed : Heard many before but this is the best cover. Awesome

Ricardo Bellotto : AirWolf mas no Brasil é Águia de Fogo, tudo a ver kkk!

Matthew F Holland : This is what YouTube is for. Amazing.

DaftDude : Sitting here smiling. Excellent work!

TheSpoofMan : Absolutely genius work and love the tune! *Applauds* Well done mate!

Mat Recardo : And no Stringfello Cello! Nice! Knocked it out the park again with this.

fos4nl : Great.... brings me right back to childhood. For future themes you might consider all the marvel movies :o)

HALO 2304 : A huge thank you for this!

xavierprotocols : Would be awesome to hear a banjo cover of The A-Team or Quantum Leap

luca ciccotelli : awesome, I will send the link to Jan Michael Vincent

Gooner70 : When you produce work that exceeds the original .. wow

Duncan Blade : Epic, i like it so much <3

ItsYaBoi Ryan : You should really cover legend of Zelda gerudo valley or song of storms 👍

damsonn : I have just discovered your channel and have to say I'm really impressed. Love all the old classic games covers, especially from Amiga. I grew up listening to Turrican, Lotus and many others and your interpretations are just brilliant! I would love to hear some more - maybe from Jaguar XJ220 or maybe from other classic PC games with atmospheric soundtrack like Privateer (1993 Origin) or U.S. Navy Fighters (1994 EA) .

Laceykat66 : Very Impressive on so many levels. Good job guys.

Jeffrey Ngo : Mann that was 1 of my Favorite Theme Songs and can you guys do others too like Knight Rider, A-Team

random observer : Brilliant! Banjo, mandolin, guitar, accordion and... some kind of lute?