EASY DIY: Print any image onto wood + MORE Fall DIY's
Print a picture and transfer it to wood

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Thanks for watching this Simply Craftsy video! In this video I showed you how to print an image onto wood using gloss gel medium, and mod podge. I also showed how to make a fall DIY mason jar using leaves and mod podge. I created a map and quote template which can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/tpLBm All music in this video is by Luke Christopher: • Luke Christopher - https://twitter.com/aylukeChris https://soundcloud.com/lukechristopher https://www.facebook.com/lukechrismuzic Keywords: Fall Décor, Fall DIY, Print image on to wood, leaves, mason jar, TUMBLR, wood, map, quote, In a world where you can be anything be kind, Fall theme, Lights, how to print on wood, how to print a picture on wood, how to print an image on wood, how to print on wood


Michael Vivian : Nice! Your voice reminds me of Vi Hart.

Fer Quinteros : wow I love the idea

Brandon Toigo : Hi would this work on stained wood?

jat07jatty : Would this work with colour ink?

Molossus : First!

Sadgoth Boy : Thank you Soo much!!

LeDieuBrebis : Nice! only downside is that when you rub the paper off some of the ink goes away :/ any way to prevent that? anyway well done