Harland Williams gets to know the crowd.

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Ma P : The best late night show ever would be if Norm and Harland were the 2 guests on Conan

wickkidda : I just wanna see how you guys are doing and then I'll pop right into my comment.

Mahesa Anabrang : He sounds like a cop

Mason Brooks : wait is this the guy from rocketman?

DawnOfThaDusk : Rocket Man anyone? Fucking love this guy.

Supa Kron : 'And then I'm gonna pop right into my routine' Bet he kept saying this for the rest of the show.

iyaramonk : One of the best :D

The Velo In The Vale : One of my favourite comedians of all time ... Harlan doesn;t get his due.

FestTilAlle : i need more from this guy

MoXy : For those that don't know this is the legend that got saved from an anal raping by Tommy Chong in half baked.

Charly85 : You little pumpkin pied hair cutted freak

Hanklin : Gotta love Harland Williams.

Haut Strange : "He rarely gets out of the house" was a perfect line.

Marius VanDamme : Reverse heckling.

Nazario Gazca : "Six minute abs"!!

Lokey Cool Breeze : Didn't know Greg Popovich did stand up lol

J M : I opened for harland at the hollywood improv once it was awesome 😀

Daven Watts : This man can wrk a crowd like no other

Harun Göktas : Gregg Popovich?

assew weasa : this dude is BEAST!

Mike Soda : Please more of Harland!!!!!!!

Meesho Batayeh : He's awesome in the movie half bake.

Mohamad Issa : Chris d'elia 30 years from now.

Lou Zer : Now thats crowd work

Apple_Cider : very funny guy

TheDonUrbas : Holy shit this guy got old

tripkhaos : Harland is the man

Wahja Ellington : I have one of his comedy albums. It's pretty good.

michi k : if you like more of this, harland got 3 albums full of this type of crowd work called "crowd control"

Sergio Gonzalez : Hilarious

julie 0000 : hey!....that's pretty good

To Live is to Suffer : ButterStuff!

Doug Dimmadome : Meh...

Dawid Kowalewicz : Mah... I do not like "milking the croud" type of stand up. "what do you do for a liveing.... oh real estate ? how many houses have you sold?" YYYYAAAAWWNNNN.....

rob rogers : classic

Mythical Vigilante : Always loved Harland.. Very original style.

Mark Swearingen : Just gonna comment real quick and then I gotta get right into my act.

40 Plus Gaming : If you like Harland Williams you need to watch 'Half Baked'.

Michael Hamm : The most underrated comedians of the 21st century!!!!.....sorry for the edit..and funniest comedy actors of all times!!!

Tim W. : It sure is great to see the old school guys coming back out and still making us die laughing again after all these years.

sonidocuba84 : Police guy from Dumb and Dumber 🍺🍺🍺🍺😂

willard39 : Barely recognized him. That beard is hiding his anti-chin.

Jeremy Turner : Notice how he keeps grabbing his nose?He's got the powder itch.

8lbs 6oz. Baby Jesus : "Pull over!" "What?" "I said pull over!" "Sorry it's a cardigan, but thanks for asking." 😂😂😂

FRIGGIN' BROBOCOP : Harland is such a unique and hilarious comedian.

Dr. Guildo : Sippin on Grandpa's cough medicine.

Marco Huevo : Holy crap, what the hell happened to Harland Williams? He got all kinds of wrecked.

Andy Gertjejansen : One of the only one of these I cried laughing at

koshar44 : Makes his teeth go, pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop.....

Anthony Pearson4JesusofNazareth : he eats the audience for breakfast!!!