Britny Fox - Girlschool

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Злой Народник : press the "like" button if you hate justin beiber

Matt Brewster : Nothing hotter than 80s Rock chicks.

Wolfcoven Wolfcoven : Sorry haters nobody can top eighties metal. 80's metal will forever rule the music scene they can try but they will never be able to top it

Peace Sells but WHO'STURNINGTHEFRICKIN'FROGSGAY? : 80s girls are by far the hottest. Period.

Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage : Those 80s chicks man....proof that a girl doesn't have to dress nudish like a skank to be sexy!

A Chaps : i thought the female teacher was going to ask "What do you want to do with your life??"

Noah Almighty : AC/DC should of had the lead singer for Britny Fox step in for Brian Johnson instead of Axl Rose.

Brittany Royal : My dad named me after this band.

VaughnJogVlog : No girls like late '80s girls.

Celtic Wolf1986 : Let's bring back the era of politically incorrect music. Who's with me?

echoman echoman : Yeah it's true, the girls were way hotter in the 80s, I was there. They weren't all tatted up, 30lbs overweight and dressed like the slobs you see know.

Vitreous Lamella : And to think, all those girls in this video are probably soccer moms now.

KEVIN JOHNSON DOURADO : oh man the girls in the 80's were hotter

Harv72b : This video could not possibly be more 80s.

paul mclaughlin : as an 18 year old, i cant say i remember bands like this, because i wasn't alive :( but i am always gonna be a glam metal fan, it was the best, and it all seemed like a great time, i wish music dint go the way it did, rubbish now, but this music will never die

Eric Nulph : Heavy metal + killer guitar solo +hot chicks+ long haired band members = great music video!

Robert Nodge : I remember this video and many others by 80's bands being played on headbangers ball. such a great decade

Robert Bruce : Damn I was like 17 when this was on MTV. I never heard of the band before I saw this video, but damn this video had more babes in it than any Motley Crue video back in the day!!!!!!

kashogi66 : To me this will always be rock music. I have no illusions about the 80's being a better time than it actually was but the music sure was a lot better.

wb13able : I have to laugh when I hear people say, this band is a Cinderella rip off, 1/2 this band were original members of Cinderella

Troy W : I miss the girls of the 80's !!!

5150eddie : Look kiddies Entertaining video! Les Pauls! Musicianship! A cool break with an actual kicking guitar solo (not to mention the girls!) The way things were, the way things still should be.......

The God of Truth : Vote for Trump and bring back these patriotic Reagan years.

JTA 1973 : Back when rock was still fun...

Veeny France Art : I went to a girl school! This is my song.

Super Kyle : All those hotties are pushing 50 now.

Jeff Mason : excellent song , excellent video , i SO miss the 80s ;)

ed herrick : 80's hair metal ruled.  Period.

Jerry Dean : I miss the 80's

Bob Silver : I miss the big hair!

George Alowishus Lipshitz III and 3/4ths : Another reason why the 80's was special. I was in 9th grade when this came out. I bought the cassette after seeing the Long way To Love video debut on Headbangers Ball but this song became my favorite once I got home and hit play. Man those were awesome times!

Anthony Cahoon : This band is badass. I don't care what people say. 70s and 80s Hard Rock kicked ass. Today's music sucks

Jose Sanchez : How come I'd never heard this song before?? It´s a masterpiece. can´t stop listening it. It really made me jump and shake my head. Thank you than you thank you for this rush

JessicaTG2008 : The awesome 80s, a video made then that couldn't be made today, at least not without a little jail time.  :-D

Kustom Krome : 80's ... lived it... loved it.

David Busick : Goddamn these chicks are still hot!

James Beavan III : Awesome, I was just listening to this cassette a couple days ago and decided to look up the video. I love this music, its funny that kids in the 80's rocked harder then kids of the last decade, everything on rock radio these days is so soft and weak.

Adept42 : might be drunk, but this is badass

Rebecca Hunter : Sounds like AC/DC, looks like Steven Tyler, dances like Mick Jagger????

Kike Aguilar : the girl at 2:37 oh man!!!

metaljuana : The guitar playing is awesome on this song.

Doyle Hargraves : Dude, there's some hot, young snatch up in that room!

malagua21 : 80s metal chicks rule

Armando Perez : The teacher is the lady who was shot when she answered the door in the Terminator.

Travis Kale : The girl at 1:52

Jeff R : music was just more fun back then..bong hits and heavy metal forever

Mike D. : Music was good but dudes looked like chic's..god I miss the 80'

sparkymoo : This was in heavy rotation on the original MTV... when it was music videos. You know, the good ol' days with Beavis and Butthead.

SpaceMetalFerrari248 : This song would be fun as hell to cover

Michael Jones : It was all about the music in the 80s