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jordan roos : Very brave to go after this one bro I admire your courage

lhollins ok : I wonder whose behind the door? Could it be El? *-NoOo WaAaAaY-* Bruuuh subscribed haha good content and funny with charisma. I like you :)

ChardBotham : Very good video. I like that you established what made season 1 great so your season 2 criticisms had a baseline of quality attached. I do wish you had talked about Max and Billy more, though.


Ben Walters : The second season was like my second relationship... I forgot most of it, but it wasn't terrible... Also, nice Goonies music during the Bob segment

Living Among Us : Very good review. Could you review river dale next?

HoustonProductions1 : Great stuff! I was worried for a minute here, because I quite liked S2, but the video turned out to be really balanced and nuanced. Far more nuanced, in fact, than I fear the commenters here will end up being. Your critiques of Episode 7 are spot-on, and everything you said about this season repeating much of the original is accurate. For sure, S1 is undoubtedly a much more well-thought-out and concise piece of television than S2. There's no question of that. That said, I think the emotional core (and the flat-out fun) still ring true in the sequel. And that - paired with the characters - is enough to make me love it despite its flaws. Additional note, just a nitpick (OR SHOULD I SAY NITPIX): I think it's valid to point out that the ending scene with the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down is accompanied by the song lyrics "every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you" and "can't you belong to me." I believe it's more than just a forced cliffhanger - it's a sign that El is being watched by the monster now, and she's on its radar.

Harry's Moving Castle : Despite enjoying the series for the most part (Especially the first few episodes) I now seem to remember several moments where I would be keenly interested, and in other scenes I would just turn off. I've now had my brain retuned by this video and I now understand why. Audio was perfect btw I didn't do as much squinting of the ears this time. ;))))))

RayLedgend : 11:20. Wow, you're an actual nerd, aren't you?

Litty Pug : Only thing that el got from her “sister” was better strength for her powers by fuelling herself with hate

SF GOLDENSTATE : This season was😴😴😴😴😴. WTF was the point to the 2nd season. How do the kids know so much due to there knowledge a game they play. Shit ima good at monopoly maybe I should apply my knowledge towards NYSE. Oh yeah we're supposed to believe Steve is the ladies man. One more thing if that shit is growing underground then who knows if it made it to the big city Those dumb shit scientists didn't even know it went to that pumpkin patch. Like I said 😴😴😴😴😴

metalmugen : Yeah I didn't like Season 2 that much. It was good but something was missing and I can't put my finger on what. It's driving me nuts talking to people and not being able to explain why I didn't like it as much. Of course aside from Episode 7, which was straight up fucking terrible.

Liss Jonesy : I preferred season 2! Anyone else?

V. Erin : I didn't enjoy the plot for S2 but S1 made me so attached to the characters that whatever they experience (even fillers) seemed interesting and important. Like they're becoming a part of my now-memories

Scarlet72 : Another brilliant video - there really are fantastic It took me four days to watch episode seven. Four days. That is not a good sign. No mention of Steve? Pretty sure he's my favourite mum now.

CHIMICHANGA : If you complain about coincidences in movies/tv shows, you lost the argument. What do you want them to do? DLC's like in AAA games? I thought your channel is good/relevant but now I realised that nothing of what are you doing is original, not even the intro or the god damn logo, nothing. Even the name it's inspired from Netflix. But what am I doing, complaining about a teenager who is also complaining about obvious/stupid reasons. No wonder you only got 26K subs and views, and that like/dislike ratio. Advice: Grow up.

DreamOfTheRebel : To be honest with the exception of the sister plot I liked the second season better than the first one.

idk : I like Steve’s character arc. Turned from an asshole to a caring guy

simon Doyle : Ok I know I’m gonna get fucking torched for this but am I the only one who despised max The only thing I will give to the creators is that Max’s existence made it tense at the beginning the question was why is she there,what did she do all we know is that she came from California and her brother is a douche I feel that she was wasted and the love triangle sub plot made me annoyed,as said in this video I feel that there was a lot of missed opportunities with playful and structured dialogue explaining characters but with max there were very few and by the end we know that she is good at dig dug,her step brother is a douche and she likes Lucas. End note.I feel it’s appropriate to add that max wasn’t ‘standing up to her brother’ it was an instant decision and he had his back turned she had the advantage and in that current moment there was a 0% chance of her getting hurt I just don’t understand,Thank you for hearing my shitty opinion

OfTinúvielsKin : Personally I really did enjoy season 2, but there were some things I just found kind of off putting like the cheezy as fuck ending or the fact that apparently we were supposed to be thinking Steve was being a bad boyfriend even though it was Nancy who was acting uncharacteristically shitty toward him through the season. Also, Nancy's mom getting the hots for the new guy. And why did Joyce wait inside the doors of the building for Bob and why did he also seem to think that it was safe to stop running when he came to the lobby? Shouldn't one of them have been like "let's go, let's go - let's blow this banana stand already!"

The Truth : Why doesnt this channel have 1 million subscribers i dont understand

Alexander Forbes : The catalyst for Nancy and John exposing the lab is Barb's parents selling their house to pay for the investigator, which shows that they're definitely not moving on and that they're going to ruin their lives because they can't get any closure.

King Mckay : Really liking these so far, can't wait to see what else you put out :D

David Martinez : Am I the only one who thinks Lucas and Max were both useless. Whenever max was on screen, I felt like El when she met her for the first time. Their relationship felt so forced, and it really only felt like Max was there to give Lucas something to do. In season one all Lucas did was argue with the boys, and the only reason that was resolved was because El hurt Lucas. In Season 2, all Lucas did was remind you he's was black and continue to argue with everyone. Not to mention he constantly stalked Max, and for some reason really needed to tell her the truth. He should of just lied and kept her away from the danger, if he really cared about her. But no! He had, get her involved with everything. It didn't even feel like Lucas cared about Will, who he knew there was something wrong with. Never once did he go check on him. We see his priorities right there. I'm not being racist, but his character is pointless. He really remind me of the black guy from Ghosterbusters (1984).The happy ending he got with max was completely unearned. And honestly, if they took his character out I wouldn't care. It would still be interesting without him.

Woody Woodpecka : You thought the Dr Who hate was bad, just you wait for the Stranger Things fans to get ahold of your video...

bartholen : 3:36 I was actually expecting Bob to be an undercover agent meant to keep an eye on Will by posing as a bumbling stepdad. It made perfect sense too: why wouldn't the government want to keep Will in their sights? It also would have made his dialogue in the car with Will have much darker implications: that he was deliberately misleading Will into letting the Mindflayer infect him, just because It would allow the government to experiment further with the effects of the Upside Down. When it turned out that none of this was true, and he really was "what you see is what you get" it felt all the more refreshing, and I was genuinely upset at his death.

Aspirin : I thought season 2 was 10x better!

vxctoria : *STOP SAYING EPISODE 7 WAS IRRELEVANT!* The point of the episode was to show the hero's journey. El leaves home (Hopper's place) because she feels like she doesn't belong. She then goes out and finds her true purpose by being with 08. She then returns back home to carry out her purpose (saving her friends and Hawkins/the world). Now I know it wasn't executed very well but the point of EP 7 was to add more character development to El and portray her as a true hero.

NewPhoneWhoDis : i think season 2 actually had more dramatic scenes. and they made el more humane. i actually liked it more. (:

FerrowTheFox : While I still liked S2, it made me practically despise some of the characters because of the writing. Almost everyone of the main characters behave like asses in S2, but especially Nancy and sadly Dustin, whom I really loved in S1, take stupidity to a whole new level! Nancies idiotic infatuation with "bringing down the lab" would have been ok at the end of S1, but now that we have a helpful character as lead scientist, wo actually EXPLAINS to her how they're keeping the darkness at bay, I was practically screaming at her for continuting with her plan. These people had nothing to do with the original fuck up and were actually trying to rectify it. But, no, BARB (who I couldn't care less about in comparison with trying to quarantine the rift) is so much more important. Dustin, because he just insists on raising a monster while EVERYONE else realises pretty early what it could be. He doesn't even bat an eye when Dart muders his cat! And I agree, IF the goal would have been to learn more about the Demo-Dogs and how to fight them, it would have been awesome, but not just because Dustin wants a new pet. Also it pissed me off that the boys were always bickering and more or less doing their own thing. Oh and how Mike constantly insists on being a dick to Max! And yes, E7. Better not talk about that train wreck. For me S2 was carried by Hopper and Steve, who both have great character development. Also, props to Bob, who started out as a goofball sidekick and got better and better with every episode.

Allana DDC : I can understand your criticism, but I cannot stop loving this season. Even with some obvious flaws, it just feels nice to watch it.

Dose Of Cringe : Come on, it wasn’t *THAT* bad...

Barnaby Keyes : There's a little metric that I sometimes use for measuring how much I enjoy a show or film, it's how much I skip. If I don't find a particular element of a show or film interesting or engaging I skip it, this is really easy on Netflix especially because I can look at what's at certain points without going to them by hovering over the time marker with my cursor (and on Netflix it's clearer than most other places from what i've seen). Season 1: I don't think I skipped more than 3 or 4 scenes total. I was engaged throughout and the mysteries found within combined with the interesting characters made me want to watch as much of it as I could. Season 2: I probably skipped half of what went on. I didn't give a shit about the mystery of who had higher arcade scores, most of what went on at school, the ginger girl who was obviously just there to stir things up for when 11 came back, her brother, the conspiracy theorist or the odd love triangle sub-plot with the sister and the two guys. I understand why they separated 11 from the others for most of the show but I think that's actually the main reason they had so many writing issues this season (i'm only 1 minute into the video by the way, this is less a response to it and more of a collection of my thoughts on the matter before they get swayed this way or that by what Nitpix says) They had to fill the hole in the stories that could be filled by "just have 11 solve it" or "they won't be sad if 11 is there" by putting in mundane bullshit. Yes there were unnecessary bits and pieces in season 1 but they were manageable and they didn't bog down the rest of the show.

INSERT USERNAME : Episode 7 to Millie Bobby Brown is kind of like Sucide Squad to will smith in that they were bad, but the actors were competent, the best part of it, and couldn't save it.

Marc Anderson : 8:08 the duffer brothers said they wanted to leave it more open for the end of season two so they don't lock themselves into anything

Lauren Bennett : Man I really liked Bob.

idk : I love the father/daughter vibe between El and Hopper. Reminds me of Joel and Ellie’s relationship dynamic from the Last of Us.

Kezi Howell : I *loved* season two, but I wish episode seven was just IN THE BIN and that there was more time with the kids tOgEthEr. Being KIDS! We see the boys dressing up for Halloween, and going trick or treating. But then five minutes later Will falls into the upside down. Jesus Christ. And I wish there was more time with Max to fully get to know her character. And Eleven shouldn't have been such a bitch to max, and it TOOK THE WHOLE SHOW FOR MIKE AND ELEVEN TO SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN AND THEN THEY'RE JUST DRAGGED APART! but its fine.

B I T C H I N E G G O S : Yes episode 7 was boring, but when you think about it, was it needed...? allowed El to see who she needed to be and where her home was. She wouldnt have been able to learn how to close the larger gate, if she didn't learn how to direct her power and anger.

Kay K : I couldn't fucking stand Jonathan and when they snubbed Steve like that, frfkdnsiwwkdfivnfxwnwidnrif

imake videos : Totally disagree I think season 2 is a lot better, great video tho, PS: season 2 episode 7 was rubbish

Karen McCulloch : They do introduce 8 at the very beginning of S2, so there is a seed of whats to come in S7 there.

Brock Pierce : Season 2 was quite great and still with loads of unanswered questions...even despite the many many storylines. Sometimes too many separate stories at ones. But I guess we wanted to get answers from season 1 and it then unfolded got sometimes confusing but still exciting. And yet many more questions needs answering..... .....looking forward for season 3!!

CH7editzHD : Lol this was just an episode 7 rant

Daniel 1 : Lmfao, it's better imo...except for that fucking bottle episode about the Chicago gang and the other chick with powers... Who also had a mustache for some reason...

Varangian Vigilante : I stopped watching Stranger Things season 2 after two episodes because I was so bored, I loved the first season 'though

Pasteloween Animashun Producshunz XD : You deserve so much more subs

Maffulfish : Youtube did something right for the first time. It recommended me this dope ass channel, nice.

irrigger1 : I was really close to giving this a pre-thumbs down since I loved Season 2. However, I feel like you made great points, and the Duffer Brothers could definitely use the constructive criticism. Keep up the great content!

asher : You sould make one on big mouths