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DikPix : Don't you dare talk shit about my boy Dustin. Your videos are garbage. My content is MUCH better.

ChardBotham : Very good video. I like that you established what made season 1 great so your season 2 criticisms had a baseline of quality attached. I do wish you had talked about Max and Billy more, though.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : But that's just a pix *A NIXPIX* Thanks for Watching

Harry's Moving Castle : Despite enjoying the series for the most part (Especially the first few episodes) I now seem to remember several moments where I would be keenly interested, and in other scenes I would just turn off. I've now had my brain retuned by this video and I now understand why. Audio was perfect btw I didn't do as much squinting of the ears this time. ;))))))

Ben The Writer : The second season was like my second relationship... I forgot most of it, but it wasn't terrible... Also, nice Goonies music during the Bob segment

Litty Pug : Only thing that el got from her “sister” was better strength for her powers by fuelling herself with hate

Lauren Bennett : Man I really liked Bob.

Dvon Rivers : Hater

Nya Jackson : I was binge watching the second season and I swear The Lost Sister episode gave me a headache. It's definitely the worst episode, I agree with you completely, that is all.

Pasteloween Animashun Producshunz XD : You deserve so much more subs

Tous : Love your analysis. But just playing devils advocate here. Im goin to disagree with just one of your thoughts: that ‘The likelihood of her walking in on mike at this particular moment’ does happen in real life all the time. Bad things or even inconvenient things happen AT THE WORST TIME. Forcing us to ask “why now!?” When that troubling frustrating moment arises I’ve even had the feeling that this moment in my life was being filmed by some god watching me on a tv screen. I would say these moments in film give us the larger than life moments because the film itself is larger than life. How you suspend your disbelief for smoke going into a kid in the middle of his comatose-dream-upside down dimension and not this very human moment. Albeit sometimes it feels orchestrated which it is and maybe that was the problem. You are just very knowledgeable about film and have seen this moment too many times. And that’s a great thing. I have the same thinking as you and that’s why we can learn our own nature in real life from films. It allows us to step back and think: wait a moment, who orchestrated this to happen. (Also a rule from Pixar in storytelling is that a coincidence that gets the hero in trouble is a good thing. Getting them out. Not so much. Do it too often it becomes a cheat. I’m paraphrasing here but yeah; I’m sure this quote was said somewhere else)

E. B. C. : The main problem is that the attempts to keep happy different segments of the audience ends up with an incoherent flow of events. Some audience segments: Teen romance fans. Family drama fans. Paranormal fans. Sci-fi fans. Kids stuff fans. Comedy thriller fans. Conspiracy theorists. Conservative nutjobs who want the sheriff to beat up people. Deep state nutjobs.

Lamb Thor : lmao i guess no one noticed subtitles at 11:05


Hail To The Chin : Season 2 was a letdown. Characters that didn't really need to be introduced for the story to flow as they felt thrown in. Plus, too many parts where the story seems to just forget about new side characters until randomly bringing them back into it.

Zap : the suicide squad joke made me fucking fall off my chair ahahahahaha

CatsAndBears : I ended up disliking Max in season 2. I felt she didn't have much of a reason to be there aside from causing El to leave when she could have met with mike, and giving Lucas someone to have a romantic relationship with. Max also caused issues by creating s rift between Dustin and Lucas, as well as releasing Dart. It mostly felt like she and her brother and the rest of her family were unnecessary. I don't like how she was introduced either. "Oh, that game we are all super competitive over and work hard on improving ourselves with has a MysTeRiOuS nEw HiGh ScOrE?? I'M SO ANGRY! WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHO DID THIS! Wait, it's a girl? Sweet, I wanna get with her!!" It seemed artificial and honestly just made me think of Max as some special snowflake, and it became obvious she would only create more issues instead of helping the plot in some way. Her whole character and her family just seemed like an annoying, cheap way to add more drama aside from the whole Mind Flayer fiasco. I think season 2 would have been much better without her or Billy, or episode 7.

ultraviolatlove : I give your sense of humor a 10/10

FancyKetchup96 : Hey, I just found this video and it is exactly what I'm looking for in a in depth review. As much as I loved this season, I have to agree with most of your points and look forward to watching your other videos now. You just got another subscriber, keep up the good work!

Bad Apple : This channel blows me away every time ever since I saw it in the featured tab, keep up the good work man.

Joshua Wheat : Finnaly someone who agrees with me

bartholen : 3:36 I was actually expecting Bob to be an undercover agent meant to keep an eye on Will by posing as a bumbling stepdad. It made perfect sense too: why wouldn't the government want to keep Will in their sights? It also would have made his dialogue in the car with Will have much darker implications: that he was deliberately misleading Will into letting the Mindflayer infect him, just because It would allow the government to experiment further with the effects of the Upside Down. When it turned out that none of this was true, and he really was "what you see is what you get" it felt all the more refreshing, and I was genuinely upset at his death.

Thomas Daugereaux : Thank God I wasn’t the only one thinking this

Koisha Katrina : Your content is so good. Your points are well thought out and argued and your sense of humour is amazing. I binged your videos and ended up doubling back because it's just so good. Your content is completely underrated.

Crystal_Costello : thank you for having a track list.

Krust bag : If this was meant as satire, or similar, forget the rest of this comment. If these are actual things you think make season 2 lesser, I disagree. Plot - They don't really mess with it, they push back its growth as compared to the end of season 1, and then later find it has expanded under the lab, the tunnels and such are not actually in the upside down, they are the result of the portal being left open, like how it had spread in the first season. will wasn't even actually in the upside down the second season, the monster just made him see it. -No monster is released, it was always there, just not known to the characters. also the demodogs came through the already open portal, not a result of the scientists that took over from brennan. -Yes her house looks crazy again, and will suffers again, but this is all a direct result of the last time, not a lazy plot mechanic as you are implying. -In the first season eleven kills on creature, and ends up in the upside down as a result, in the second, she actually closes the gate SHE opened in the first place. You make it out to be just a lazy repeating plot, this is not really the case. -eleven behind the door, well ya, the audience was supposed to know, the others didn't expect it. It's not a surprise to the audience because she literally says she is going to save them in the previous episode. Did you miss that part? - that specific demodog didn't become evil, it didn't actually attempt to harm the kids at all, in fact it's connection to the kids is what saves them in the end. Coincidence - if eleven had arrived earlier, she wouldn't have gone to find her mother, she wouldn't then have found her sister, and as a result would not have learned how to unleash her powers, and they would all have died when the shadow monster got through the portal. pretty sure a realistic coincidence is a better story. -if you actually paid attention, you'll note that her decision to reveal the truth about barb, was directly after discovering that her parents where convinced she was still alive, after being missing for over a year. that coupled with seeing all the pictures of her in the house, made her suppressed guilt resurface. Jonathan goes along with it because he loves her. -dustin finding the poliwog is a little convenient, I'll give you that, but considering that there were so many of them, the chances are higher than you think. Side Plots -Eleven finding her mother, leads her to the sister she didn't remember, whom taught her how to increase her power, so yes it did help her with the gate/portal, and it also set up the next seasons with the other 9 possible powered people. as for changing her character, she made a major decision on her own, as opposed to others imposing their will on her (papa, Hopper, Mike), or her making a rash emotional decision (going to find Mike). I'm starting to wonder if you actually watched the show. -"irrelevant to the rest of the story" thats not true at all, their characters grow from it, they finally admit their love for each other, their actions reveal to the audience more about dr owens motivations, and help to get the audience to trust him just a little bit more than before. What If -yes because Dustin is totally capable of making real scientific discoveries (advanced biology). even though he hasn't even started high school... and needed advice to add salt to water to make eleven float (basic chemistry) - what makes you think that this guy would have any new info, when he was wrong about so much, and had never actually seen anything, just had hearsay about eleven... he didn't really know anything until nancy filled him in. -the tapes didn't arrive to the papers till after everything else happened, remember that they mailed them to various papers, and snail mail takes a few days, and the gate was closed the night of the same day nancy and jonathan left the journalists place. so many different things happen simultaneously because mike is too busy being sad about eleven to lead the others, so they all do their own thing. as for the rest, the converging stories bring different parts of the puzzle together for the final act. pretty good story telling mechanic, common among many great stories. The Upside Down - in season 2, no-one actually enters the upside down, we think Will does, until we see him in the field while he sees the upside down around him. the tunnels are not in the upside down, just like the lower floor of the lab wasn't. the gate just spreads the same environment around it, and spread under the lab as they were burning it back to the gates entrance. The characters cannot define something they still know nothing about. - they aren't really in any "fret" as you say, it's meant to confirm that it's still there, and still knows whats happening in the normal world with the gate closed. It seems it will take about 2 years for anything else to happen, the next season is supposed to take place in 1986 rather than 1985. Episode 7 -so if you are tortured and kept against your will, you wouldn't seek revenge? she is specifically targeting all the scientists from the lab, not "us vs the world" as you say... - not easy to find normal people willing to help you kill people for no reason other than you said they did you wrong... they are crazy criminals, what were you expecting, upstanding members of society? -axel... is obviously willing to kill anyone, for no reason. exactly why eight finds him useful. -no real care was given to the characters because none but eight will appear in another episode, they were just extras with lines. - eights character finaly grows when eleven leaves, because she realizes there is more to life than revenge. she can't be interesting before that because her story is reactive to eleven's. -in that episode she was just using eleven, the pay off of their meeting will happen in the next season, and is a direct result of eleven's decision to return to Illinois. - to show rather than tell, as you suggest, would require more than the 45 minutes that was available. and as I stated earlier, only eight matters for the future, no point putting time into the others. - we are not supposed to like these characters, only eight matters to the big picture. - right from the duffer brothers, the process was like making a pilot, not, they were making a pilot. they wanted to see how people would react to adding more of the powered kids, think of it like luke's training with yoda. -not pointless, a journey needed for her to actually learn more about her capabilities, and to grow as a character, as she previously would not have been able to close the gate... All said, I think that both seasons are equally better than 90% of all other shows out there, and most of the criticism I have seen, seems to ignore the fact that season 2 starts off the bigger picture story telling, because they now know they get a few more seasons. season 1 was pretty neat and tidy because they though it was going to be a one off.

somethingholden : You're on of my new favorite channels now, holy shit! You've got such a lighthearted style while still being serious with your opinion! Keep it up, man :-)

Kalila Medina : My nitpix impression: Strong accent

Op_cybr0 : Bad video. Season 2 wad actually good. Maybe as good as season 1

Jaz Nought : NitPix is Alex from IHE, right? Has to be?

irrigger1 : I was really close to giving this a pre-thumbs down since I loved Season 2. However, I feel like you made great points, and the Duffer Brothers could definitely use the constructive criticism. Keep up the great content!

Charles Mingus : I like ur vids

Dee Whoa : Please make more videos

Racoon : Woah this channel is pretty new, I was sad that you have so few videos. I really like watching them, keep up the good c o n t e n t.

Jackson Fahey : nitpix started off good and since then the episodes have improved more and more. just letting u know if u havent been watching

theo Last : I agree with you wholeheartedly EXCEPT for the slim chances part. Yeah, it was a slim chance, like 1%, but like, its still a 1% chance. Maybe we're just seeing the 1%. Of course we are, that's the story they're telling. I don't that's really a legit criticism. Otherwise, 100% agreement.

John Helf : finally someone agrees with my opinion! awesome intro btw

BaldManLogan : Yeah probably because the original group was separated. Eleven was by herself. Will, Joyce, and mike spent the entire season remaking the exorcist. Max, Lucas, Steve, and Dustin decided they wanted to be the justice league. Who the fuck knows what Jonathan and Nancy were doing that season, nobody really cared lol. Hopper, like always, decides he’s a one man army and nearly gets himself killed again. Bob died probably because Sean was too expensive to keep on the show. I liked season one because a bunch of naive kids went on risky adventures and developed stronger bonds with each other. That was missing in season 2. The finale was better in season 2 though.

Brigitte Macaroni : So many dislikes ... Why can't he have his opinion ?

V. Erin : I didn't enjoy the plot for S2 but S1 made me so attached to the characters that whatever they experience (even fillers) seemed interesting and important. Like they're becoming a part of my now-memories

Biowott : Actually El finds eight through her mother which leads to her being able to learn how to channel her powers.

MinjiLindsey : This video is genius all the way through. You make some good stuff guys. Psyched about finding this channel. Subbed on this video after watching your vid on Andy Koffman/Jim Carrey which was also genius. Keep it up!

DAERO : I liked season two. I can understand why you'd feel that way about episode 7, but I personally feel that those characters were written that way purposely. When watching this I wanted Eleven away from those cronies immediately, I never liked any of them to begin with. I think maybe the point of the episode was to show that Eleven was offered a choice of using her powers for bad or good and she was strong enough to not blame others for the horrible things in her past.

Joska Odong : Yo, you forgot the red haired girl. What's up with her. She came out no where, and she was so damn stubborn and rude.... it was at a weird time right when Elle left they just wanted a replacement at the time. NO WAY BRO NO WAY YOU REPLACE ELLEN LIKE THAT.

idk : I love the father/daughter vibe between El and Hopper. Reminds me of Joel and Ellie’s relationship dynamic from the Last of Us.

Alan J : Your videos are amazing

_Cutewolf _ : *sees title* Me: Rip M8

CRITICAL MAS : First off, lets get this out of the way. Season 2 is better than the still VERY EXCELLENT Season 1. I fortunately did not have a whole year to pump up my expectations for Season 2 as I watched Season 1 & 2 back to back so I had no feelings of Season 1 being unique over Season 2. The suspense is better. The stakes are higher and each character has amazing development over the course of Season 2 compared to the characters in Season 1 who were just presented "as is". This is probably due to the fact that a Season 2 wasnt originally planned as the show was originally going to be season long anthology series. Hence the title. "Stranger Things". Like Twilight Zone. THE standout this Season was definitely Noah Schnapp (Will). While he got somewhat short changed in the screentime department last season, that was rectified this season with an amazing character exploration with deep emotional stakes & impact for the viewer. This season lived or died on the quality of his performance & boy did he deliver. Steve overall was my fav character as he has the best character evolution between Season 1 and 2. Eleven was somewhat put on the backburner this Season, but you can tell theyre building her up for a bigger more important role in Season 3-4. Alot of people shit on Episode 7 where Eleven goes to meet her lost "sister". They state it was a useless episode that did nothing. This episode served two purposes. It devotes an entire episode to develop Els character as she had been a secondary character so far this season AND it is clearly setting the foundation for the story moving forward in Season 3-4. There are still NINE more missing kids & we clearly aren't done with The Upside Down. Who do you think is going to finally DEFEAT the Smoke Spider Monster? THESE 11 Kids with POWERS. Like I said. Laying the foundation. 2 years from now. People wont rate it badly. Infact itll be one of the more important episodes. In conclusion, this season was amazing and was further elevated by great music. Improved visual effects. Fantastic 3 dimensional performances by all involved. Heartbreaking & Heartwarming moments. Great Atmosphere & overall fantastic production designs. I also nominate Michael Biehn to be in Season 3.

James Wallis : I fucking love your channel man

Gale K : I hated suicide squad and I really liked Kali and her friends. Although they were very undeveloped, I liked their group and I thought the show would go into more detail on them.