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DikPix : Don't you dare talk shit about my boy Dustin. Your videos are garbage. My content is MUCH better.

lapaho ok : I wonder whose behind the door? Could it be El? *-NoOo WaAaAaY-* Bruuuh subscribed haha good content and funny with charisma. I like you :)

Obi-Wan Kenobi : But that's just a pix *A NIXPIX* Thanks for Watching

Gilli Weed : The show's failure to subvert tropes was very distracting to me. As soon as Bob was introduced, I knew he would either get dumped or be conveniently killed off - and then they telegraphed his death so obviously that I was actually laughing, it was so cheesy. Completely ruined that scene for me. Episode 7 didn't bother me that much until I found out it had no effect on the rest of the plot... I had assumed Kali would follow her back to town or prevent her from leaving, but nope! (Also that rip-off Professor X scene where El just had to ~tap into her feelings~ was very cringe for me.) It's also never fully explained how Kali gets away with these *very* serious crimes - her powers don't seem that impressive. But the thing that angered me the most, in terms of a singular moment, was when Dustin ignored the Demogorgon's obviously dangerous nature. His best friend Will was terrified of it, but he didn't seem to care at all, and then it ate his fucking cat and he just shrugged at that. Literally scrubbed cat guts out of the carpet with mild frustration. Also when Billy turned out to have an abusive father I was rolling my eyes, but it's possible he'll get more depth/character development in Season 3.

Woofy : if it had been my coach, Season 2 would be lucky to still be on the team

Carrie Marie : I think that Stranger Things would have been better if each season had a different storyline with different characters but overlapped with the previous season in small details to create a larger overall arch.

Will : No shout out for my boy Steve Harrington???!!!???

Julia : I mean...the idea for episode 7 wasn't bad they just executed it poorly

UmbraLin : I disliked Jonathan in both seasons, and I hated how they had to turn him into a creep to further the plot in Season 1. Like...really? That's so wrong, and then Steve gets kind of left in the dust.


HoustonProductions1 : Great stuff! I was worried for a minute here, because I quite liked S2, but the video turned out to be really balanced and nuanced. Far more nuanced, in fact, than I fear the commenters here will end up being. Your critiques of Episode 7 are spot-on, and everything you said about this season repeating much of the original is accurate. For sure, S1 is undoubtedly a much more well-thought-out and concise piece of television than S2. There's no question of that. That said, I think the emotional core (and the flat-out fun) still ring true in the sequel. And that - paired with the characters - is enough to make me love it despite its flaws. Additional note, just a nitpick (OR SHOULD I SAY NITPIX): I think it's valid to point out that the ending scene with the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down is accompanied by the song lyrics "every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you" and "can't you belong to me." I believe it's more than just a forced cliffhanger - it's a sign that El is being watched by the monster now, and she's on its radar.

CatsAndBears : I ended up disliking Max in season 2. I felt she didn't have much of a reason to be there aside from causing El to leave when she could have met with mike, and giving Lucas someone to have a romantic relationship with. Max also caused issues by creating s rift between Dustin and Lucas, as well as releasing Dart. It mostly felt like she and her brother and the rest of her family were unnecessary. I don't like how she was introduced either. "Oh, that game we are all super competitive over and work hard on improving ourselves with has a MysTeRiOuS nEw HiGh ScOrE?? I'M SO ANGRY! WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHO DID THIS! Wait, it's a girl? Sweet, I wanna get with her!!" It seemed artificial and honestly just made me think of Max as some special snowflake, and it became obvious she would only create more issues instead of helping the plot in some way. Her whole character and her family just seemed like an annoying, cheap way to add more drama aside from the whole Mind Flayer fiasco. I think season 2 would have been much better without her or Billy, or episode 7.

Zap : the suicide squad joke made me fucking fall off my chair ahahahahaha

Joska Odong : Yo, you forgot the red haired girl. What's up with her. She came out no where, and she was so damn stubborn and rude.... it was at a weird time right when Elle left they just wanted a replacement at the time. NO WAY BRO NO WAY YOU REPLACE ELLEN LIKE THAT.

Nicolás Riveros : Dude i just discover your channel... is like you take every word i want to say about some show and made it to a video... Keep going!

jordan roos : Very brave to go after this one bro I admire your courage

ultraviolatlove : I give your sense of humor a 10/10

Hail To The Chin : Season 2 was a letdown. Characters that didn't really need to be introduced for the story to flow as they felt thrown in. Plus, too many parts where the story seems to just forget about new side characters until randomly bringing them back into it.

rodster6 : I agree, it isn't as tightly woven as the first season. It's still a great show (other than episode 7). The stuff with the conspiracy theorist bored me and Max, though a likable character felt like a pointless addition. As much as a fan favorite as 11 is, I've never found her very interesting. She's pretty much a plot device that comes in and saves the day with her powers. I'd also have liked Will to have been more a part of the team to see how he really fits in with the other three rather than him ending up the damsel in distress again.

Lamb Thor : lmao i guess no one noticed subtitles at 11:05

ChardBotham : Very good video. I like that you established what made season 1 great so your season 2 criticisms had a baseline of quality attached. I do wish you had talked about Max and Billy more, though.

JustForTheTunes : I wanted to enjoy the gang from episode 7 because those actors I thought did a pretty great job, but the writing wasn't good enough or given enough time to make them actually compelling characters. Great actors, forgettable characters. The most unsatisfying combination.

Tous : Love your analysis. But just playing devils advocate here. Im goin to disagree with just one of your thoughts: that ‘The likelihood of her walking in on mike at this particular moment’ does happen in real life all the time. Bad things or even inconvenient things happen AT THE WORST TIME. Forcing us to ask “why now!?” When that troubling frustrating moment arises I’ve even had the feeling that this moment in my life was being filmed by some god watching me on a tv screen. I would say these moments in film give us the larger than life moments because the film itself is larger than life. How you suspend your disbelief for smoke going into a kid in the middle of his comatose-dream-upside down dimension and not this very human moment. Albeit sometimes it feels orchestrated which it is and maybe that was the problem. You are just very knowledgeable about film and have seen this moment too many times. And that’s a great thing. I have the same thinking as you and that’s why we can learn our own nature in real life from films. It allows us to step back and think: wait a moment, who orchestrated this to happen. (Also a rule from Pixar in storytelling is that a coincidence that gets the hero in trouble is a good thing. Getting them out. Not so much. Do it too often it becomes a cheat. I’m paraphrasing here but yeah; I’m sure this quote was said somewhere else)

Crazelord91 : Season one, at least to me, felt much more purpose driven and a deep and epic story in it's own right, while season two felt much more like an extension of season 1 and kind of felt a bit like a middle story

Clorox Bleach : Season 1 was definitely better season 2 sucked

The Truth : Why doesnt this channel have 1 million subscribers i dont understand

E. B. C. : The main problem is that the attempts to keep happy different segments of the audience ends up with an incoherent flow of events. Some audience segments: Teen romance fans. Family drama fans. Paranormal fans. Sci-fi fans. Kids stuff fans. Comedy thriller fans. Conspiracy theorists. Conservative nutjobs who want the sheriff to beat up people. Deep state nutjobs.

David Cantor : The reason it's not as good as the first is because the Duffer Brothers had no idea this show was going to turn into the pop-culture phenomenon it wound up becoming and they sortof blew their whole load and unloaded all their firepower in the first season. Once they realized they were as big as GoT or Breaking Bad they decided to use season two to build new plotlines and characters that would make the show much more sustainable in the long-run. I say wait till season 3 before we seal this show's fate. We don't want another Battlestar Galactica on our hands.

Speed Grump : My main issue with the second season is that there was not nearly enough group encounters, instead I feel like this season focused on two person groups, and it really could have benefited from more. Or at least make the duo's interesting and mix up the duo's, like Dustin and Steve being a great example.

Peter McCarthy : I was pretty disappointed by the "Mind Flayer". It didn't even seem that threatening and the dogs were more of a problem to most of the characters.

vxctoria : *STOP SAYING EPISODE 7 WAS IRRELEVANT!* The point of the episode was to show the hero's journey. El leaves home (Hopper's place) because she feels like she doesn't belong. She then goes out and finds her true purpose by being with 08. She then returns back home to carry out her purpose (saving her friends and Hawkins/the world). Now I know it wasn't executed very well but the point of EP 7 was to add more character development to El and portray her as a true hero.

John Cunningham : My problem with Billy and Max is that they set them up in the first season as if they would play some major, unexpected role. Either they had a dark history they were running from that tied in in some way, or there was more to them than meets the eye--a more nefarious angle. Either way, they hinted at some nefarious undertones in the entire first episode. And then... They were just normal characters. It was very strange, and threw me for a loop, and I know that this show is all about subverting expectations, but it didn't seem to work here. It really did feel like they set something up and then simply didn't pay it off. That's what bothered me about it: no matter what it turned out to be, it should have been SOMETHING. Instead, we didn't really get any payoff at all--only the vague hope that they will play more of a role next season.

happysmash27 : One thing which ruined it quite a bit were all the cheap hollywood tricks, like the fake jump scares in the beginning, and it drove me crazy how Bob just stood there before going outside in episode 8, rather than running to get away from the animals that can break doors like a rational person.

Thomas Daugereaux : Thank God I wasn’t the only one thinking this

Denorian Green : Season 2 was good but season one was way better

bartholen : 3:36 I was actually expecting Bob to be an undercover agent meant to keep an eye on Will by posing as a bumbling stepdad. It made perfect sense too: why wouldn't the government want to keep Will in their sights? It also would have made his dialogue in the car with Will have much darker implications: that he was deliberately misleading Will into letting the Mindflayer infect him, just because It would allow the government to experiment further with the effects of the Upside Down. When it turned out that none of this was true, and he really was "what you see is what you get" it felt all the more refreshing, and I was genuinely upset at his death.

Koisha Katrina : Your content is so good. Your points are well thought out and argued and your sense of humour is amazing. I binged your videos and ended up doubling back because it's just so good. Your content is completely underrated.

njdss4 : I'm actually a bit harsher on Stranger Things 2 than you are. I think it was a bigger, dumber version of Season 1 in almost every respect. Sure, we get some good character combinations like Eleven and Hopper or Dustin and Steve, but its at the expense of the trope subversion that Steve was shown to be in Season 1 by having him and Nancy split up so quickly. Mike was in a holding pattern the whole season while being a jerk, the new girl Max didn't add anything to the story except being a romantic object for Dustin and Lucas to fight over, Nancy and Jonathan's hook-up feels forced, Sean Astin is wasted as the cringey, cliche "nice guy that is definitely going to die", and Eleven is kept away from the main story until the end because she'd just instantly save the day with her powers again. Oh, and the #JusticeForBarb thing seemed to have seeped its way into the show and pushed the story in a way that the writers didn't know how to properly handle. Season 2 was mostly bad.

Will Loscutoff : *stands and starts the slow clap* subscribing to your channel based on this video alone. Well well done. I loved (and still love) ST1, but you nailed everything right and wrong with ST2. Bravo.

m smie : Ngl i found all of stranger things rather over rated. It's a fun story, but it's a story that's been played dozens of times. The answers are also just given to the audience so i never found myself thinking "huh, is there a higher meaning to this action the character just did?" I did like that in season one eleven is clearly traumatized by what happened to her at the labs, and that that trauma wasn't just brushed off like it often is in different shows/movies

Peterson Silva : Well, you know, of course you know El is behind that door. But I loved the scene anyway :) I think that when you're invested in the characters tolerance for clichés or predictability increases. It becomes more about the journey and less about the destination. I mean, surely we all knew Dustin's pet was evil. From the get go. But THAT'S what's awesome. The minute we see it we get this sinkin' stomach feeling of "oooohhhh this is not going to end well...", then you open up a smile in anticipation of all the shitstorm that's coming, and get even more excited. At least that's what happened to me.

Em Livingstone : I love season 2 except episode 7, it was mainly the style for me, it was so different to the rest of it (kinda reminded me of baby driver tbh) it meant we missed out on an episode filled with other characters. I think it would've been better for El to find Kali somewhere near Hawkins

Krust bag : If this was meant as satire, or similar, forget the rest of this comment. If these are actual things you think make season 2 lesser, I disagree. Plot - They don't really mess with it, they push back its growth as compared to the end of season 1, and then later find it has expanded under the lab, the tunnels and such are not actually in the upside down, they are the result of the portal being left open, like how it had spread in the first season. will wasn't even actually in the upside down the second season, the monster just made him see it. -No monster is released, it was always there, just not known to the characters. also the demodogs came through the already open portal, not a result of the scientists that took over from brennan. -Yes her house looks crazy again, and will suffers again, but this is all a direct result of the last time, not a lazy plot mechanic as you are implying. -In the first season eleven kills on creature, and ends up in the upside down as a result, in the second, she actually closes the gate SHE opened in the first place. You make it out to be just a lazy repeating plot, this is not really the case. -eleven behind the door, well ya, the audience was supposed to know, the others didn't expect it. It's not a surprise to the audience because she literally says she is going to save them in the previous episode. Did you miss that part? - that specific demodog didn't become evil, it didn't actually attempt to harm the kids at all, in fact it's connection to the kids is what saves them in the end. Coincidence - if eleven had arrived earlier, she wouldn't have gone to find her mother, she wouldn't then have found her sister, and as a result would not have learned how to unleash her powers, and they would all have died when the shadow monster got through the portal. pretty sure a realistic coincidence is a better story. -if you actually paid attention, you'll note that her decision to reveal the truth about barb, was directly after discovering that her parents where convinced she was still alive, after being missing for over a year. that coupled with seeing all the pictures of her in the house, made her suppressed guilt resurface. Jonathan goes along with it because he loves her. -dustin finding the poliwog is a little convenient, I'll give you that, but considering that there were so many of them, the chances are higher than you think. Side Plots -Eleven finding her mother, leads her to the sister she didn't remember, whom taught her how to increase her power, so yes it did help her with the gate/portal, and it also set up the next seasons with the other 9 possible powered people. as for changing her character, she made a major decision on her own, as opposed to others imposing their will on her (papa, Hopper, Mike), or her making a rash emotional decision (going to find Mike). I'm starting to wonder if you actually watched the show. -"irrelevant to the rest of the story" thats not true at all, their characters grow from it, they finally admit their love for each other, their actions reveal to the audience more about dr owens motivations, and help to get the audience to trust him just a little bit more than before. What If -yes because Dustin is totally capable of making real scientific discoveries (advanced biology). even though he hasn't even started high school... and needed advice to add salt to water to make eleven float (basic chemistry) - what makes you think that this guy would have any new info, when he was wrong about so much, and had never actually seen anything, just had hearsay about eleven... he didn't really know anything until nancy filled him in. -the tapes didn't arrive to the papers till after everything else happened, remember that they mailed them to various papers, and snail mail takes a few days, and the gate was closed the night of the same day nancy and jonathan left the journalists place. so many different things happen simultaneously because mike is too busy being sad about eleven to lead the others, so they all do their own thing. as for the rest, the converging stories bring different parts of the puzzle together for the final act. pretty good story telling mechanic, common among many great stories. The Upside Down - in season 2, no-one actually enters the upside down, we think Will does, until we see him in the field while he sees the upside down around him. the tunnels are not in the upside down, just like the lower floor of the lab wasn't. the gate just spreads the same environment around it, and spread under the lab as they were burning it back to the gates entrance. The characters cannot define something they still know nothing about. - they aren't really in any "fret" as you say, it's meant to confirm that it's still there, and still knows whats happening in the normal world with the gate closed. It seems it will take about 2 years for anything else to happen, the next season is supposed to take place in 1986 rather than 1985. Episode 7 -so if you are tortured and kept against your will, you wouldn't seek revenge? she is specifically targeting all the scientists from the lab, not "us vs the world" as you say... - not easy to find normal people willing to help you kill people for no reason other than you said they did you wrong... they are crazy criminals, what were you expecting, upstanding members of society? -axel... is obviously willing to kill anyone, for no reason. exactly why eight finds him useful. -no real care was given to the characters because none but eight will appear in another episode, they were just extras with lines. - eights character finaly grows when eleven leaves, because she realizes there is more to life than revenge. she can't be interesting before that because her story is reactive to eleven's. -in that episode she was just using eleven, the pay off of their meeting will happen in the next season, and is a direct result of eleven's decision to return to Illinois. - to show rather than tell, as you suggest, would require more than the 45 minutes that was available. and as I stated earlier, only eight matters for the future, no point putting time into the others. - we are not supposed to like these characters, only eight matters to the big picture. - right from the duffer brothers, the process was like making a pilot, not, they were making a pilot. they wanted to see how people would react to adding more of the powered kids, think of it like luke's training with yoda. -not pointless, a journey needed for her to actually learn more about her capabilities, and to grow as a character, as she previously would not have been able to close the gate... All said, I think that both seasons are equally better than 90% of all other shows out there, and most of the criticism I have seen, seems to ignore the fact that season 2 starts off the bigger picture story telling, because they now know they get a few more seasons. season 1 was pretty neat and tidy because they though it was going to be a one off.

Olivia Hanson : I was very disappointed with season 2. The incongruous plot points and random diversions from the story (ultimately the atrocious episode 7) were what did it for me. Also “now we have El dressed up as a cringy punky brat through the last episode as a bitter reminder of what we just saw.” Haha nailed it, that was exactly what I thought. Subscribed.

idk : I love the father/daughter vibe between El and Hopper. Reminds me of Joel and Ellie’s relationship dynamic from the Last of Us.

Leonardo Ruiz : I think you pinpointed almost every issue I had while watching the show. Most importantly how contradictory it is that they have worked so hard building up the characters we love as REAL humans, with their qualities and flaws, and then they write the story in the most coincidental way possible.. It takes away the realness of the character and makes it evident that the writers are pulling the strings to have charater A meet character B right when event C is about to happen. You know there are monsters and alternate dimensions and stuff... but they are supposed to feel real, this was achieved in season 1, but season 2 feels so much more like fantasy (or a template of another fantasy).... And what about the STUPID MAP??.... Will could tell the monster is spreading under the ground, but "hey I feel creative so just let me go through a pound of coke and fill the house with random sribbles" which are so vaguely drawn and can be matched however you want... It just makes no sense that you reproduce a precise map out of it. Not to mention all the sudden epiphany every character needs to have in order to solve the puzzle and realize "hey, it's a map of the town!" when it's been so obvious that it IS A F*ING MAP! Seriously, the writers need to stop it with the arbitrary puzzles where they're not needed.

Quasar Ulas : season 1 was self contained enough that it worked as a drawn out movie. season 2 didnt really need to happen at all because there was nothing left to say the cliff hanger at the end of season 1 where it should have happily ended was just tacked on to create season 2. there was no mystery or real adventure in season 2 just kind of a bunch of stuff loosely threaded together so the characters could interact as the plot very slowly unraveled. then had a predictable and pointless finale where ell just uses her powers and all the bad stuff just stops. i wonder how far they'll keep pushing the the series until calling it finished? regardless it was still nice enough to watch it just didnt really need to happen...

Jake Zingg : I got fifteen minutes into episode 7 and never finished the season... that’s how I felt about it😂

Jack Myles : The second season seemed to lack a fear factor that the first season had

Harry's Moving Castle : Despite enjoying the series for the most part (Especially the first few episodes) I now seem to remember several moments where I would be keenly interested, and in other scenes I would just turn off. I've now had my brain retuned by this video and I now understand why. Audio was perfect btw I didn't do as much squinting of the ears this time. ;))))))