Rick and Morty in Pokemon (parody)

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Gumbino : I'm back!

Aidan RsR : We have something called “pocket Mortys” and it’s exactly like Pokémon

SuperSonic Kid : Marty sounds like that time traveler guy from Gravity Falls

hahacheesecake : this video is better on 1.25 speed lol

Vanny Ley : Morty: Come on click it! Me: oh geez morty, i-i'm feeling real nervous oOoh

billy bob : Wait if he had a gun why use the posin

Pokemon Trainer Mikko : How do you these voices?

Ricky Sanders : Good job

Schwinn D. : I don't get it

Logan Funk : 0:53 oh look a pixel rick and morty opening *aaaand its over*

Eliina Quante : This is an incredible video, i give you a thumbs up

mike : how is this suppose to be funny?

Andrew Colin : This is so funny, but I don't get it, are their a lot of easter eggs here or is it an inside joke? The video is odd.

Team Emblem : is it strange that I think Mr meeseeks is like every Pokemon rival Gary oak: I'M YOUR POKEMON RIVAL LOOK AT ME

louveteau3333 : This couldn't be more terrible

PORTAL : I absolutely love it!

Johnny Bam : wow this could easily be a new episode, what an amazing work! :)

Murr Wolfe : please make a series

Laurențiu Moroșanu : Name of the song at the end ?

SwordsmanMike : I like this canon.

Josh Jess : Rick kinda sounds like Bert and/or Ernie from Sesame Street.

Decaticon Lord : voices could use a lil work otherwse great writing and animation

Rahul Nagar : plzzz view this video and sub me..... https://youtu.be/nBWfQrSsbLk

wolfVFV : well that was pretty good O.o

Adiraj Singh : the pixel art is on point, sooo amazing!

Tweeter : how do you get their voices

Pasty's Bakery : Oof, the Evil Morty theme in the background.

Tharon Bug : Make more what really happens Pokémon

justin fontenot : But speeches are for campaigning now is the TIME FOR ACTION

Toadster 64 : This made my day man thanks!

Doomslayer : its kermit trying to be Rick

Rainbowpaw 9000 : Why does RICK sound like a robot

dipperpines_su : Nice animation and story but otherwise this was so bad lol

Gengavari : voices are shit animation is shit channel is shit just a shit dorkly

Dezon97 : not funny at all. Just boring

TheMSW1291 : Doesn't Rick sound a bit like Telly Monster from Sesame Street??

srinivasa nayak : Why did u even went em to say fuck even if u censored it

Timothy D. : You guys are like dorkly, but somehow worse

Riverxz01 : Actually Rick sounds more like Stan Pines

ethan hemingway : yur morty was way better than your rick

KetchupIsBae : Um has anyone in this comment section heard of or played pocket Mortys?

berry mckockiner : god damnit I hate when other people try to do Rick and mortys voice it's completely unwatchable

JaySweetZ : Was anybody else blue balled with that intro being cut short?

fart tart : Y do these voice sound like the same as the rick and Morty like it perfect

sodaboii bo : The voices are off, can't do it

Emily Tomson : You're back! :D Though, "Gumbino's the subscribe button!" xD

Matrix29bear : The stealthy middle-aged woman is after my Poke Balls. She's after my BALLS, MORTY!

Chrisjw2001 : What was the song at the end

THECRIMSON FUQER : Isn't poket morty's already the official rick and mort pokèmon parody?

Bonnie : Ricks voice isn't very good and sounds a bit like Bert from sesame street and his voice just sn't low enough Dialogue feels very forced and a combination of a ton of the jokes from the first few episodes from the first season, because of that it doesn't feel very organic. Decent plot idea. Bad execution 2.5/5