Rick and Morty in Pokemon (parody)

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Gumbino : I'm back!

Krusper : Welcome back man, this animation is the perfect comeback!

Angel Supreme : He's back!!!

Hackedtower : Hit that like button to help Morty escape the simulation!!

XDmemeMaster : That alrady exists its called: Pocket Mortys.

Mr . michael myers : I'M MR MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!

Choyn Guy : It's been too long my friend but worth the wait man. Glad you're back

Solid Bison : Rick sounds like a drunk Cookie Monster.

Funky Clasher amair Amair : Who is morty ?

You Ding-Dong : Gotta catch 'em all!

Alan Rodriguez : I expected Pocket Mortys....

FightingMario54321 : You gotta lick my pokeballs Mharti, it's the only way!

Luis Molina : Pocket Mortys 2 Leaked Footage

LASH : Noticing a lot of cartoons have the same bossy tall guy spaz short guy concept, dating back to at least the flintstones...weird. Is this a trope yet?

Luis Molina : Pocket Morty: The Pilot Episode.

Ace Trainer Josh : Is the simulation inside another simulation though?


LillayFran : Morty's voice is so On Point! And while I appreciate every second of this video, the credit scene is a very nice touch and a really great tribute to the last episode.

MrTheon : I struggle to see how people find this funny

Aidan RsR : We have something called “pocket Mortys” and it’s exactly like Pokémon

pikachu 41723 : Me:go boy metapod Trainer:go girl metapod Me:metapod use harden Trainer:metapod use harden Me:I thought your metapod was a girl Trainer: ...

אייל ג : Thank you for making my day a lot better


-Deben- : That Rick impression sounds like a mixture of KERMIT and RICK

Spineking the king o gamin : Both of my favorite shows mixed together..... fabulous.

Shurima is Everything : Rick sounds like Kermit

Lord Frieza & Malzar : I had so much fun voicing for this man! This was EPIC and WELL worth the wait! Glad to see this is your comeback video man! Kick ass! - Rick.

Owen Dunlop : Mondays and Fridays from 3pm central my arse

Bonnie : Ricks voice isn't very good and sounds a bit like Bert from sesame street and his voice just sn't low enough Dialogue feels very forced and a combination of a ton of the jokes from the first few episodes from the first season, because of that it doesn't feel very organic. Decent plot idea. Bad execution 2.5/5

XxAV612xX : This was f*cken awesome!

tristonrocks77 : gumbino is my dad.

MrBlob : Back to the future, Rick and morty, AND Pokemon. Instant turn on

FareShott : Rick sounds like Kermit the frog with a lot of burping.

Rexanimon : This was beautiful

grandpa baa : Is it just me or does Rick sound like Kermit

Shawn McMillan : Hell yeah I'm glad you're back

Oliver Cameron : Aka pocket mortys

Dovahkiin's sidekick : "She brough condoms shes prepared" lmao!!!

cipherGeneticist : 0:46 Rick almost turns into Kermit

Snqwy : ✔ Pocket Mortys? xD

Marshadow STAR : You are back!

Lunar bronerz : Rick kinda sounds like a muppet

Jaroli : voices on point!! and awesome story. really enjoyed this, good job man :) keep up the good work!

Enes Kaan Gül : 3:33 ım mr messek

Craig Geysman : Rick is definitely going to fail.😂

Theyoungladd : Gumbino You mixed Pokémon and rick and Morty Aw jezz

sasuke uchiha : Cool animation

ECGaming _ : It’s just a simulation,Oak Rick:You failed Me:dammit

nate Fuller : Aw jeez rick i i i dont know man

toxic cock : There should be a Rick and morty rom hack