"You F***ing What?!" Ant Furious With Recruit Who Lied About Being In Military | SAS: Who Dares Wins

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Ant Middleton is furious with an SAS recruit who lied about being in the parachute regiment for the British military. Watch the episode on All 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/sas-who-dares-wins

Comments from Youtube

warriorprince101010 : I felt the same when a guy pretended to be a baker and it turned out he just defrosted the bread and reheated it. Scum of the earth....

Do you have the lämps Bröther : 1:39 what the heck was that xD

Caitlin Pearson : *Parent logic* *Me to my mum and dad* Me: "promise you won't get mad" Mum and dad: 'We promise" *5 seconds later* 1:55

Spencer Eagle : His voice is far too high for that beard.

Ryan M. : Stolen valour is taken super seriously by those who served. Don’t go on a show hosted by service men if you’re lying about your service

Callum Taylor : 1:56 guy on the left tried but failed 😂

MitchCyanFilms : 1:51 Just tell us the truth, we won't get angry.

Fred Sausage : He wouldn’t speak to Ronnie Pickering like that?

Dana Pink : When he said "Tell us who you really are".... he should have said " I'm a Russian spy"

Player 7421 : Mission failed, we’ll get ‘em next time!

John Izzy : I burst out laughing when they got angry 😂😂

BzR : 1:55 when you didn’t take the chicken out the freezer like your mum asked

Brio Brio : Plot twist : He’s a Soviet Militant Spy ...

John Smith : When I hear people claiming to be a roofer I act like this . Do you know how many of my mates have fell of roofs and died ? Facking cants

Gavin Roberts : He was dying to say Walter Mitty all his life.

Slayer : Walter fakkin mitteeeeeee

Deja Keith : Parents: explain yourself Me: explains Parents: 2:02

1969cmp : He didn't flinch. Impressive.

Kieran Jenkins : “Tell us who you really are” Ronnie Pickering

Morgan Henry : 1:39 CVs quite impressive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 👅

MADDAZZA 95 : Stolen Valour is a serious thing and should be punishable by law in this country.

TheWhiteWizzard : "Tell us who you really are" Should of said Ronnie Pickering mate 😂

Barry Kami : He looked like he was gonna cry 🤣😭💀

Franny Ogo : I was in the SPECIAL NEEDS FORCES and was a Gunner on a submarine..Very proud of that tour of my back garden pond but the fighting we done against the seaweed was brutal..Got a medal of Bella Donna aswell..

Anees Niazi : Can't take the beardy guy seriously since he sounds like someone on Estrogen.

base icks : 2:04 charles bronson

Krynictrace : "I did 12 weeks training for the parachute regiment, but I couldn't handle it" *Attempts to join Special Forces anyway*

Bailey Pup : I feel the same way when judges in court pretend to be actual moral honest judges free of corruption here in America

rai puran : you guys.....front table ...have go school learn ......more ...or for jungle

Catherine McNeill : "UTRINQUE PARATUS" that joe Bag wasn't ready for that grilling 😂 Couldn't handle the sweat sessions in the corridors

hsaeedify : 1:55 when ur teacher forgets homework at class but then emails it to you to print off and do

Cyka Blyat : The dark haired guy has beckhams voice, can't take him seriously

pressar : 1:55 when mum saids she will get food for u on her way home but doesnt

Was : Ben Griffin, search him up. True soldier, fought for truth and freedom. Not for flag and ol'sod sitting on a golden throne.

The Griffin : And .... like they didn't know before he started! What, they didn't vet him for the series? Come on, what a load of wank!!!

Black hawk Film productions : “I joined the forces at 17-SHUT THE FAK UP!!! This makes me laugh all the time

Hamish MacSporran : Pffft Eddie Stone would knock all 3 of them out by just staring at them

Teddy N : 1:55 My reaction to the whole college admission bribery scandals.

ashley kay : 1:40 *licks upper lip* "I like that" Wtf 😂

Darcy Keeble Watson : Okay so I now have a crush on Ant

Hi Welcome To Chili’s : He yelled so loud that the mic was ringing.

Sconnie Panda : 'integrity is a massive thing...in the special forces community'.... good luck with that one.

Blxst Power : "I was parachute regiment" BOLLOCKS.

Bean Sauce : I didn’t know Rylan Clark was so fiesty jeez.

RedDevil92SM : Don't think I could take Rylan Clark shouting in my face seriously

Bill Proud : Well, that was a tough job interview

Chris Gustafsson : I'm super impressed he managed to stay calm when the 2 DS lost it!

ShiFTy : Tbh nowadays a lot of people are joining the army just for the title not because they want to serve their country.

Jake rockerdude2016 : "I like that" rolls tongue seductively;-)