"You F***ing What?!" Ant Furious With Recruit Who Lied About Being In Military | SAS: Who Dares Wins

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Do you have the lämps Bröther : 1:39 what the heck was that xD

Johnny Dickshot : Silly man, he admitted his mistakes instantly and told the truth but shouldn't use names in vain especially like the guy said, people have died being one. Just hope he's learned from it.

Michael Perry : Ant and Dec have changed...

Dana Pink : When he said "Tell us who you really are".... he should have said " I'm a Russian spy"

Surfacekilla 1 : some people lose good friends during war he shouldn't have lied

warriorprince101010 : I felt the same when a guy pretended to be a baker and it turned out he just defrosted the bread and reheated it. Scum of the earth....

MarkyW : Made for tv bollocks

Caitlin Pearson : *Parent logic* *Me to my mum and dad* Me: "promise you won't get mad" Mum and dad: 'We promise" *5 seconds later* 1:55

The Mac : That ant has got such a girly voice

nappy dappy : At least he never physically assaulted a female police officer.

Ryan M. : Stolen valour is taken super seriously by those who served. Don’t go on a show hosted by service men if you’re lying about your service

MitchCyanFilms : 1:51 Just tell us the truth, we won't get angry.

Krynictrace : "I did 12 weeks training for the parachute regiment, but I couldn't handle it" *Attempts to join Special Forces anyway*

the real truman show : More fake than wrestling

Callum Taylor : 1:56 guy on the left tried but failed 😂

partybiscuit : That 'anger' was a little too contrived for me. It was Instrumental rather than genuine. They had just spent time discussing how this recruit felt bad about his past and the mistakes he made upsetting his family etc.. They empathised. And then they flip out over a lie on his old CV they find online. Double standards. They can't expect him to then pretend he hadn't made mistakes in his past. I love this program but sometimes the egos are a bit tossy. This is what happens when u mix fame with uksf.

Xibalba_X59 : Ok the dude lied, hes a scum bag, but then again how can you take any of the other guys seriously when they pretty much agreed to become reality TV clowns

The Burger King : I get that these guys went through hell and served their country and they’ve achieved ore than I ever will... But they are pricks

Player 7421 : Mission failed, we’ll get ‘em next time!

Brio Brio : Plot twist : He’s a Soviet Militant Spy ...

Travelling Freak : Tough guys fighting for oil companies!! Keep up the good work lads. Whilst you struggle to keep a roof over your head and suffer from PTSD..some fat cat is getting rich of your service.

John Smith : When I hear people claiming to be a roofer I act like this . Do you know how many of my mates have fell of roofs and died ? Facking cants

elitedonk : So many keyboard couch potatoes here claiming they are tough as shit LOL Very few of you could even pass this diluted version of sas training let alone the real 6 months selection.

Atheism is the way : Couldn't handle 12 weeks of training for the parachute regiment *attempts to join special forces*

AHole InTheWall : Come on everyone lies on their CV

Tommy Cupra : Absolute load of scripted bollocks! The old SAS are you tough enough on BBC was much better. No way near as scripted and they done it all for a handshake from Eddie Stone!

DR B : Looks like idubbbz in the thumbnail

Slayer : Walter fakkin mitteeeeeee

Anees Niazi : Can't take the beardy guy seriously since he sounds like someone on Estrogen.

andromeda 128 : Wtf is the whole point of the show worst actors I've seen in my life yes they have military experience hi absolute cringe

buddyitsDerek 63 : Jesus the keyboard cocksuckers are everywhere here...

DoctorKillamassaLOGS : any man who puts his life on the line for what he *believes* is right..is a braver man than most, but fighting for what's unjust makes you a rich mans fool.

John Kimble : So many smudges on the macbook

Spencer Eagle : His voice is far too high for that beard.

Jack Firth : The paras are the second best regment in the British army. Don't lie about anything

John Izzy : I burst out laughing when they got angry 😂😂

BowenKnight 24 : I was scared for him watching this... He lied to the WRONG people!

Fred Sausage : He wouldn’t speak to Ronnie Pickering like that?

Cyka Blyat : The dark haired guy has beckhams voice, can't take him seriously

Pat Boon : Is this setup or what?? 😂😂😂

John Slade : Stolen Valor is one of the worst things you can do. I don't know how it is for those who served, but i still find those who lie about service is disgusting

Gazman997 : How can people say they are overreacting? Reckon people would have to experience everything they’ve experienced and then will understand the disrespect in claiming to have served when you haven’t.

rammen4 : 1:39 That's quite impressive *Licks lips*

John Dinsky : British Soldiers are nothing but cannon fodder and pawns for bankers. While they're killing civilians in the desert our own country is being invaded. They do nothing for this country.

VS : I love Ant, real passion and heart

Ben Ward : I love how one guy slams his hands down and then the other guy feels the need to copy him in the most pathetic way

Was : Ben Griffin, search him up. True soldier, fought for truth and freedom. Not for flag and ol'sod sitting on a golden throne.

Carlos : Did Ant forget to mention he was thrown out of the services and did time for knocking a woman copper about ??? Integrity honour self discipline yeah right oh Anth

Tom Blokland : Fake ofc

Zoe M : 1:55 ok i jumped