Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE - JonTron

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Daddy Donald : Flex Tape could have kept the Roman Empire together.

Cool Gaming : *It even works underwater* But can it repair Youtube Rewind 2018

Lucas Rush : "Disclaimer: I'm not actually sponsored by flex tape in any way....although I wish I was, /call me/" *Actually gets sponsored by flex tape*

Hamba Allah : Im watching this in 2019 and still find it funny anyone else?

Hanakin Sidewalker : 1:01 The music played here is from the heavy metal song “Ghost Love Score” by the band Nighwish, if anyone was wondering.

LukeOrSomething : *_flex tape should be a religion_*

i tryed to find a good name but i failed : 0:00 this happens to me every time

its SquareTrader366 : PhIl yOu MaKe Me AnGrY pHiL

The AMV TOP 50 : I like to think that flex tape really did fix a broken marriage.. Flex tape made this video possible. Maybe a couple was arguing about money or something to the point that they were about to get a divorce. But then they saw this video together and laughed until they cried. That led to them being relaxed enough to talk through the issue without anger. They realized that agreed with each other more than they thought, and they finally worked through some misunderstanding. Flex Tape fixes a broken marriage by way of JonTron!!!! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨.

Banana Man747 : The sudden change in Phils attitude at 7:15 is hilarious 🤣 looks like he got some sort of flash back

Justin Y. : Can flex tape fix Jontron's upload schedule?

Jengo Peanut : I sawed t-series subs in half! And fixed Pewdiepies with only flex tape!

GunEmGaming : Fallout 76 needs some Flex Tape!!

Cool Gaming : Facts right here… Did you know you can’t breathe when you smile *Jk I just wanted you to smile today :)*

Mr. Lemons : Where was flex tape when the titanic sank?

Hanakin Sidewalker : What’s even funnier is the fact that the FlexTape company has embraced this meme.

I couldn't think of a YouTube name : 3:43 Top 10 Anime Plot Twists...

Vixar Gaming : Flex tape could've kept my family's relationship together One like totally not my like OMG thanks for likes most I've ever gotten

Lam Tran : 1:56 guy got an artery goin? F L E X T A P E

Kaden Smith : ThAtS a LoT oF dAmAgE

ninjalensings : I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF

Little Spider XD : Jontron:you could...but why...why would you do that? Me:I...I...don’t know 0_0

Farouk Musa : Anyone watching in 2019 F L E X T A P E

Tedothon : Anyone watching this in 2019?


Tahkos : I want to see more of Josephi Krakowski

Juan_taco12 : 5:17 That Sounds Wrong To Me o-0

Jordan Stanley : Dips fork into flex seal. Essentially what you've made is a spoon. You make me angry Jon you could have just gotten a regular spoon but no. You like spoons in your house and would eradicate all forks in history.

Tate Sweatt : But can it fix -Y-O-U-T-U-B-E- -R-E-W-I-N-D-?-

Rust Bucket : There something about his voice...

Tiffany-Chan123 : Who's here because of the newest Jontron video!

E6939 : Flextape could keep the Soviet Union together

Cole Kandula : 2019?

Killer Kirby : I sawed this bo at in half


Joonas Penttilä : Why have i watched this video so many times

Nick mrakovcic : Josephi krakowski

Grace Gustafson : This video is the only thing that represses my suicidal thots

Ethan Le : I didn’t get the “epic joke.” Who else didn’t

LetsParty // y u people : 1:01

ProtoMario : When your refrigerator is a Game boy, life's been good to me...👌

Commander_ Aztec : If only flex tape taped my parents back together

Bryce Werblo : Every once in a while we have to come back to watch this glorious video to pay our respects to our Prometheus

Nullarc77 : The fact they actually called him.

PrestonT2007 Vlogs : Flex tape could have keep the Soviet Union together.

STUDIO SPRIN - Jerry R. : there are kids walking around schools now screaming "tHATS A LOT OF DAA MIDGE"

2 SavageKittys : If you like this I will and 1 tape 🛢 🛢(1)

Pelliq S : Flex tape saved my marrige

• Useless Commenter • : If I inhale flex seal, could I stop breathing? I think it won’t kill me because it doesn’t work lol

Flamin' Gaming : t h a t s a l o t t a d a m a g e