Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE - JonTron

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Justin Y. : Can flex tape fix Jontron's upload schedule?

Zemoy Itgel Khosbayar : Guys lets just admit that flex seal is the spray that gave Flint Lockwood from *Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs* his permanent shoes.

Pumfey : And thus a meme is born

Tony Stark : This is a meme reacting to a meme. love it.

r ə ə s ə : weird flex, but okay.

Hanakin Sidewalker : What’s even funnier is the fact that the FlexTape company has embraced this meme.

K C : Put this over Lil Tay's mouth and we're A-OKAY!

Dylan Connolly : don't mind me, just watching this for the 132nd time

AdamDaBoss 7809 : 420 days without uploads.

Keyla Calzada : Can it fix JonTron's uploading system??? Please i want more *CONTENT*

Daddy Donald : Flex Tape could have kept the Roman Empire together.

ItzGone : Maybe flex tape could bring this channel back.

Max the cat Vlogs : Doctor:I have some bad news you have cancer . Me :Don't worry I have flex tape. Doctor :That won't work sorry you have ten days to live Me :but I have flex tape Doctor: No you also have learning disabilities Me : ok I'm going to kill phil swift for giving me false info

Otaku Kat : *jon hasn’t posted in 10 months* THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE but flex tape can’t fix it :(

THAT ONE GUY : Not even with the amazing power of flex tape could Jon’s channel survive

LukeOrSomething : *_flex tape should be a religion_*

Jamie Webb : *weird flex but ok*

AlextheRaven : I need the power of Flex Tape to fix my grades

Nick Brennan : This is literally my favorite video on YouTube. I’ve probably watched it like 150 times. Me and my friends at school always joke around with it. Thank you Jontron for making this piece of art

mangagod123 : Can flex tape fix Jons Upload Schedule

Hank Hill : The only thing that's really caused a lotta damage is that devil's fuel butane. Teachin' people that they don't need propane, but I'll tell you what, you do.

Jack Hainey : Weird flex but ok

Calvin Howard : Could you fix the current music industry with Flex Tape?

Dutch The Dominator : I built a whole plane with extreme flex seal

Stephany Chan : The last part of the video is hilarious 😂

ninjalensings : I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF

ShadowFOX : Hey did you know Stan Lee passed away today?

XxtatsumixX : Jon please post again youve been gone for 10 months cant handle it

Cool And Fun TV : The easy way to get a bowl (grabs a pot)

TheHell Raiserof2018 : Can flex tape fix my depress-I MEAN CRAPPY XBOX!

Minifridge : It’s me, Josephi Krakowski with flex-tape! Back in Kazakhstan, we would always have very large bear attack us through wall. Since we got Flex-tape, no bear attack. It is shame we don’t live in Kazakhstan village. We ran out of ruples during the collapse of Soviet Union.

TaeTae Meep : I watch this video almost everyday, and it never gets old

Expert Gamer : It’s a colinder you just made a bowl phill I have seen this video 11 times

Angel Sotelo : I sawed the twin towers in half but with the power of flex tap i went back together like nothing happend

struppens : That's a lot of Damage

ProtoMario : When your refrigerator is a Game boy, life's been good to me...👌

Gorgon Gorbon : this is a great video for all the wrong reasons

Jonathan Langham : Weird flex, but okay

Z con Films : How does he NOT have a script for this or at least some of this video

abc xyz : We need some flex seal to seal t-series back to the hell it spawned from

Salokin : Confirmed, Flex tape is great at sealing groin wounds, I haven't lost too much blood!

Sidoni Fruity : The reason jon has not posted is because josephi was really a russian spy and killed our meme GOD for his american flex tape.


Brock Newnam : I’ve probably watched this 16 times

Charlie is Random : tHaTs A loT oF dAMagE!

Tahkos : I want to see more of Josephi Krakowski

Pew DiePie : *Gets rejected to prom* NOwTHAtsAloTofDAMagE

David Wrigley : Phil had a bad experience with boats as a child


Sharky Vlogs and gaming : Dat TARDIS shirt tho