Leaked Footage of Diablo Immortal - with All Haste
Diablo Immortal Leaked Gameplay

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Leaked Footage of Diablo Immortal Graphics Credit : FrostedGamerTM-https://youtu.be/y1w6cdXAxHo


Tyler Smith : This will get more likes then the Diablo Immortal trailer

ㅤㅤ : You have found a legendary! Please swipe your card to be able to equip it!

Kevin Wong : Error 37. Damn, what a savage.

Justin Y. : "Please pay $20 to access the updated, functioning version."

Casey C : Try paying more money. That's what we all want right, endless money swipes...

A Guy : Jesus thats savage. Nice work.

GOOZTAVOO : This video has more likes than the original Diablo Immortal ones

Hazy Marionette : Truly Blizzard North smiles on this day

Diablo Immoral : Outstanding. Mind if link this on DiabloImmoral.com?

theperk2007 : I am laughing and crying at the same time. How could u do this blizzard?? 😖😖

Abe But : Blizzard:immortal greed

Skull : Because nothing brings a family together like slaying your credit card balance!

Mazxlol : have you tried swiping the card twice? :D

PTRBDK : Great! :D

Andromediens : The announcement of this game is probably the best joke of 2018

Tist : Error 37!? Error 37!?

Harkonar : Making a black hole in your wallet, with all haste.

Bert Bargo : Hooooooooo excellent. Let me swipe it again- itll work this time!

Luka Šauperl : "What, don't all of you people have credit cards?!" -Blizzard

shingnosis : Here before it blows up.

Aggnog : Don't you have a phone to play on?

Iye Vice : Waiting for a FitGirl repack😂

thanos kirby : Wtf how do you only have 88 subs? This is quality content

syyhkyrotta : This is golden, ty for leak!!!

youtubasoarus : "Do you people not have credit cards?"

Dennis Dias : Is this an out of season April's Fool joke?

King Koopa : Holy shit this is great

adj789 : Owen Wilson WOW

Tabitha Bull : Hey,Bobby Kotick. You look so happy.

Troy Carter : Diablo Immortal: Pay now, cry later.

xXDrDistructoXx : May the Good Lord Brevik smile upon you this day.

葉郁智 : No king rules forever,my son But credit card will

dann462 : Absolute mad lad! :D :D


Ron Brunson : Genius. I approve.

Krazykov : I thought it was gonna ask to buy a crystal or some crap to fix the error. "Please swipe to fix the issue"

TheHatta : It ACTUALLY looks legit

Paul Badman : you need to swipe your credit card to get it to run-Activision

Matthias Fuchs : Great video, had a good laugh ;-) We're doing a segment on German WDR TV about microtransactions in games - can we show that clip there? (giving credit to you of course).

Rodigo Duterte : When there's no competitor for a game in card reader

Ferdinand S Sigurðsson : The game looks amazing, well done Blizzard

joemreyes : This video has AMAZING surround sound music! Holy shit.

Kyle D : This is a quality shitpost. Well done.


crankypipo : One of the many things that can make you go on a murderous rampage especially on a certain baldy

Santroff : This video is worth at least a free Blood Shard Booster Pack (tm).

Wholio's Studio : *[insert TBC meme here]*

liter : Quality meme.

Matthew Barry : DON'T DO ME LIKE THAT