Weekend Update: Rachel from Friends on '90s Nostalgia - SNL

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Arceus Lord of Creation : “Oh, yeah yeah, what, oh yeah, oh oh, yeah uh uh, yeah, oh what, well, what, yeah, huh what, oh yeah” -Rachel, Friends

awakened_link : That small "Yeah..." at 2:14 kills me every time. xD

Neslihan Sunmaz : could that imitation BE any better

hgxoxo : If I close my eyes... I can't even tell the difference hahaha.. love this.

Amazinc : How does she look so good at 47? Wow

RonnieLovesDemi RLD : When they both start talking the same way, I thought I was gonna die

blachubear : Why people so nostalgic for the 90's? Because almost everything was perfect from T.V., music, movies, people were happy. It was all good. I would love to go back again.

Hannah Coates : Her impression is better than actual Jen 😂

Mike M : That impression is flawless.

Eve Lynn : Wow, Jennifer Aniston does a really good Rachel impression. Yeah!

Jordan W : The funny thing is Jennifer Anniston was gonna act in Saturday night live but turned it down for friends

Joshua V. Harding : Vanessa's Rachael Impression is actually spot on...

Ribon95 : omfg she sounded just like her

THE : The guy was genuinely confused 🤣🤣🤣😏😏

Katie Dunlap : I've been binge watching Friends for all 10 seasons over the past few weeks and I can easily say after hearing Rachel's voice nonstop, her impression is on POINT.

SWALBERG : Tina Fey wrote in her book how this is the most unoriginal type of sketch that snl keeps doing; having the real actor impose on impression of them.

Gi O'Hara : Vanessa is such a gift to the world

Tony Draper : Venessa has Jen down perfectly. If you close your eyes & listen you would totally think its Jen

hmdwgf : If there was an award for Best Smile, Vanessa Bayer should get it every year.

Kate Robinson : The voice was on point

Deathpony9000 : Self depreciating humor at it's finest! Way to go! :D WHAT!? NO!? MON! PHEEBS! WHAT!?... ROSS!!!

Chiagozie Iwu : can someone tell jennifer anniston she is still hot

Sam Wolf : why is everyone saying her impression is bad? this is pretty funny.

Sander Lansberg : The best Rachel impersonation in all the 4 billion years in all the universes

Amir Kashem Khan : Venessa Bayer excellently pulled off the Rachel Green. first I thought she was lip syncing. Top drawer performance from her.

João Silva : the way she mimics Rachel is spot on.

RorySeizeTheDay : Her voice is SPOT ON. I swear, close your eyes, and it really sounds like her :D

Ipshita T : WOW if I close my eyes I can't even tell the difference. She did a REALLY good job.

Raqueeeeeelll : She does really sound like Jennifer Aniston

KingTray : member Friends ? yea I member

TralfazConstruction : Over the decades of enjoying Saturday Night Live's sketches I find Vanessa Bayer's characterizations the most endearing. I've missed her contributions.

Seal Team Ricks : Her mannerisms and voice are spot on

coffeespoons : i always feel this urge to push jennifer anistons hair out of her face

ceiling phan : Jennifer Aniston has not aged AT ALL. She owns the fountain of youth

Paolo El : Jennifer doesn't look like her former self. Still, she's cute.

rioboy13 : I just can't get enough of this clip!!!!!!

Ellen R : She did a REALLY good impression omg 😂

Washy Rose : Gilmore Girls began 2000. Literally not 90's.

EPM 101 : Vanessa's impersonation is better than Jennifer's....

Rómulo Figueroa : Her Rachel is SO on point

Scarlett Begonia : OH MY GOD I never knew how much that stuttering annoys me

KILYO : she literally sounds exactly like Jennifer Aniston OMG

Jinruigaku : Gilmore Girls came out in 2000 😒 lol I'm not really an asshole like that. But it did, so... 👀

lithgrapher : Spot on

Kyle Rainey : “The 90s are great, you go to work, you go on dates, and you go to the coffee house sitting on a couch facing the camera!” Unfortunately they’re making it seem like a Rachel was annoying, but she was so far from annoying. People especially young millennials and Generation Z look back on Friends and talk about how terrible it is because it’s just like every other sitcom in it’s style. But FRIENDS INVENTED THAT STYLE!!! It was completely out of the box, completely fresh and new, and that’s why it did well for 10 years!

s B : She really does talk like this

Ongo Gablogian The Art Collector : Jennifer Aniston does a horrible Rachel impression.

jonporter527 : I'm not a super fan of her, never found her attractive, but she does look really good. hasn't aged very much. good for her.

Jason Walter : A little disappointed.... hoped they would've done more with her being there. Love Vanessa Bayer though

Tani T : Loved Friends, still do. Can watch it anytime.