Weekend Update: Rachel from Friends on '90s Nostalgia - SNL

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Arceus Lord of Creation : “Oh, yeah yeah, what, oh yeah, oh oh, yeah uh uh, yeah, oh what, well, what, yeah, huh what, oh yeah” -Rachel, Friends

awakened_link : That small "Yeah..." at 2:14 kills me every time. xD

Neslihan Sunmaz : could that imitation BE any better

Jordan W : The funny thing is Jennifer Anniston was gonna act in Saturday night live but turned it down for friends

Amir Kashem Khan : Venessa Bayer excellently pulled off the Rachel Green. first I thought she was lip syncing. Top drawer performance from her.

Joshua V. Harding : Vanessa's Rachael Impression is actually spot on...

blachubear : Why people so nostalgic for the 90's? Because almost everything was perfect from T.V., music, movies, people were happy. It was all good. I would love to go back again.

Chiagozie Iwu : can someone tell jennifer anniston she is still hot

THE : The guy was genuinely confused 🤣🤣🤣😏😏

hmdwgf : If there was an award for Best Smile, Vanessa Bayer should get it every year.

Raqueeeeeelll : She does really sound like Jennifer Aniston

Kate Robinson : The voice was on point

Ribon95 : omfg she sounded just like her

Robert Rogers : Yall don't notice this but jennifer is so sick of people referencing friends and this was another stab at all those who do keep talking about it. She has had serious problems breaking apart from Rachel that it pisses her off. That's another reason why friends doesn't come back...Jen is done w it and been done with it forever. She's had trouble getting different types of roles in Hollywood, always the same character and it's because casting directors don't trust her to do anything dramatic or even be anything BUT Rachael. She is angry about that and it shows througg. Love her to death tho, as well as friends! All speculative by the way. It's just my take on it.

Sander Lansberg : The best Rachel impersonation in all the 4 billion years in all the universes

Deathpony9000 : Self depreciating humor at it's finest! Way to go! :D WHAT!? NO!? MON! PHEEBS! WHAT!?... ROSS!!!

Ipshita T : WOW if I close my eyes I can't even tell the difference. She did a REALLY good job.

Tony Draper : Venessa has Jen down perfectly. If you close your eyes & listen you would totally think its Jen

Daniel Stewart : the "what??" at @3:19 is actually so in sync taht it is creepy! this is one of my favorite things

joyful and bubbly : She sounds so much like Jennifer

DISNERD LAMBINATOR : 3:19 the way their voice harmonizes!!!

Bob Smith : "Is it a great bit though?..." Dude, Jennifer Aniston be a savage! YASSSSSSSSS!

Seal Team Ricks : Her mannerisms and voice are spot on

rioboy13 : I just can't get enough of this clip!!!!!!

Challengegirltwins : 3:08 kind of reminds me of Thor in Thor: Ragnarok going ’is he though?’

EPM 101 : Vanessa's impersonation is better than Jennifer's....

AlittleYorkie : Could her impression BE anymore spot on!? ;)

RorySeizeTheDay : Her voice is SPOT ON. I swear, close your eyes, and it really sounds like her :D

Totally not No One : How does she not AGE!?

Priscila Martínez : An ass ton of time later, these vids are available in Latin America

Luke : OH MY GOD, 2:15 that "Yeah" is killing me!!!

Jason Walter : A little disappointed.... hoped they would've done more with her being there. Love Vanessa Bayer though

Ellen R : She did a REALLY good impression omg 😂

Sunny Staryte : Jennifer Aniston is the best and a lovely lady!

Jennifer Webb : vanessa sounds more like Jennifer Aniston than Jennifer Aniston lol!!!

Eliza Sayers : this impression is so unbelievably spot on. vanessa bayer is amazing!

jeetinder sharma : 3:32 that oh ross!! 😂😂

hgxoxo : If I close my eyes... I can't even tell the difference hahaha.. love this.

kell lawson : Well, Joey had his hand twin. Rachel has her voice twin.

Duchampe : Oh Ross !

Sunspot Dawn : The sixth sense is a sense of humor that only ghosts have in this country.

Ldn Mamma : Love her impression of Rachel. 👍🏽 Love how Jennifer can laugh at herself.

KILYO : she literally sounds exactly like Jennifer Aniston OMG

roseanajjar : Jennifer bolts ASAP

Sara Love : Love these two women both are funny and beautiful and sexy

DearMakeUpDiary : Jennifer in the beginning sits down and looks at her and seems to be wanting to cry :-/ Nostalgia perhaps?

Simon B : It was more annoying than funny until Jennifer Aniston appeared

Adahop : Oh my god this was perfection.

Joe Ede : Brilliant 😍

Yojiv Iriak : Vanessa's face at 3:35😁 ROFL 😂😁😀