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Down the Rabbit Hole on the origins of Furry Culture This channel does lots of weirdly interesting mini docs on the odd corners of the internet

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Furries have ingrained themselves in modern culture, but where did they come from? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fredrikknudsen Twitter: https://twitter.com/FredInTheKnud Merchandise: https://teespring.com/down-the-rabbit-hole-merch


Poisnu Ishere : America: lmao the japanese is so weird, they have hentai and shit. Also America: *Makes Furries*

YellowPie84 : I like hearing the phrase “funny animal fandom” being spoken in a completely deadpan voice.

Julian Christensen : Video: So where did it begin Me: Hmm, okay Video: By the 1940s... Me: wow were really starting at the beginning huh

The Drizzle 404 : >Earliest illustrations were pornographic >Convention 0 had a dominatrix looking fursuiter >Where did all these perverts come from ruining our pure Christian fandom?

YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Furry drama is always infinitely more hilarious than normal people drama.

Verum : Let's just take a moment to admire how well-researched and professionally done this video is. That is all I wanted to say.

QBG : I was unceremoniously introduced to the Furry phenomenon in college. I was invited to attend a "costume party" on Halloween by a girl I had gone out with a couple of times. Obviously I assumed that a "costume party" meant people dressed up as vampires, movie and TV characters, and girls in various iterations of "sexy ____". When I picked up the girl to go to the party, she was wearing a full-body fur suit of some dog-like thing. Not knowing what Furries were yet, I complimented her on having such a dedication to a unique costume. When we arrived, though, it seemed that her costume wasn't so unique after all. In fact, the only one who stood out was me, dressed as a Highland warrior a-la-Braveheart in a kilt. Everyone else was in the same kind of big, plush animal costume as my date. If that wasn't weird enough, there was a couple in the corner of the living room, one in a turtle costume and the other in an anime-ish blue fox suit, who were _blatantly_ having sex in front of everyone. I quickly went right back outside. My date followed me out, took off her head piece and explained that this was a "Furry Party". I don't why she didn't explain this _before_ exposing me to it. Maybe she just needed a ride. Maybe she was embarrassed about her fetish and thought this was the best way to "come out" (it wasn't). Either way, I stopped dating her then and there. If you're a Furry and you're not sure how to talk about it with your romantic partners, I can tell you from experience that tossing them into the deep end without warning probably _won't_ result in a favorable outcome.

Krista Gibbons : The guy whose hobby was bootlegging cartoons and showing them it in his hotel room looks EXACTLY how you would think someone who bootlegs cartoons and shows them in their hotel room would look

The Elephant of Doom : This proves that if you do something ironically long enough, you eventually forget and do it seriously.

EliTheGleason : The origin of furries: People liked a thing, so they met up with others who liked it, and, as is human nature, porn followed

benlibodi : "The furries are here to stay" Well that doesn't sound ominous at all

The Purple Lies : Can I just say, you skirted this controversy wonderfully neutral. The entire comment section is attacking each other rather than you. Good job!

E100Omega123 : "To forgive Furries is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to Me." - Vladimir Putin (probably)

abrr2000 : The only common factor between all furries and furry sub cultures, is that they are fans of anthropomorphic characters. How they express that fandom, is extremely varied.

OskarnikPL : Ah yes, finally, a 44-minute break from e621

Meadhands : I am shocked how neutral, well-researched, and interesting this is. I did not think I would care about a video on Furry history.

Dave : are you a research god? I love the proffesionalism within of your videos

Antonio Crouchelli : 27:40 * sees scp foundation folder * Ah I see you're a man of culture as well

Dv2 : More like "Up the rabbit's hole"

Hat and Cane Productions : Why does this read like the fracturing of Christianity in a way?

A Bear Punching a Shark : Well, I've now seen more erotic furry art than I planned to this decade

_Riot : I had no Idea deviantart was that old. No wonder its so messed up.

Stranger By The Minute : So... I think there MAY be a chance that some of these people took this whole thing a bit too seriously...

Mittens The cat :/ : “Down the rabbit hole” has a entire different meaning with furries.....

ZeeBunny : nice vid , now get out of my hole

Vibri : So basically Furries were weebs and the furry fandom was partly what made anime relevant in the west.

FTG222 : Personally, I think it should have stayed as the “funny animal fandom”

eltiolavara9 : >furries >down the rabbit hole i see the pun

Bronze : Your series title and this topic go so well together or terribly depending on how you look at it.

Lycareki : An actual informal video by a non-furry that isn't shitting and shunning them? amazing. 10/10 good job man.

Draco : Thank you for being objective and stuff for this video, it's nice seeing media about us that isn't just "haha furries bad"

godikynat : So furries exists because Hitler huh ....... GET ME MY TIME MACHINE LET'S GO *BACK*

Thrano : Ah, pornography. Bringing people together and splitting them again since the dawn of the arts.

Paul S : The first anthropomorphic man made creations were made in the late ice age with mammoth ivory figurines and later from the Egyptians to the Mesopotamians to today.

Rcbif : There are furry artists bringing in over $5K a month on Pateron - and that does not even include separate commissions. Pretty dang good gig IMHO, and you dont even have to deal with the suited weirdos!

Darwin Godfreed : I’m surprised that he didn’t mention the Howard the duck movie. That was a huge Anthro controversy because of the romance

Sorugou : Hey a furry history video I was able to enjoy! Not a cringe compilation 10/10 a really good look at the history of the fandom, thanks for not holding a biased view on the topic!

AMR15x : so basically, not even the furry fandom is safe from the furry fandom.

This username has already been taken : 2:36 So a depressed, famous and alcohoolic antropomorphic animal? Sounds weirdly like Bojack Horseman tbh.

DictatorPutski : When you realise that not only was the first real furry some obese, 80's hollywood director wannabe but also that the name for the entire fandom came from someone who wasn't even part of it.

TheLaundry : 27:40 The look in poor Mark Daly's eyes told me everything I needed to know about that ConFURence. That poor, broken man had seen what no mortal being should ever see, and that he had already found his own personal Hell, despite still living on this Earth.

Sunquad : everyone wants to reproduce alot even cringe culture people even Fredrik

Markrios N7 : Good documentary! Couldn't help but watch it with some trepidation given how many outside the fandom view us, but you have a good, unbiased documentarian voice. There is a dark side to the fandom. There's a dark side to any community. It's important for us to try and make the fandom better, but my experiences with the fandom have been very positive. Anyway, now I'm going to read the rest of the comments to see "edgy" 14-year-olds threaten to slaughter us all because that's apparently still cool for some immature assholes today.

CzarPeppers : I am definitely adding 'Christ on a fire engine' to my repertoire of phrases.

Coşku : the fact that furries and anime has same origins makes me happy

Brenndan McDonaugh : Damn you've gotta admire how serious Fredrik sounds throughout the video, as crazy as furry history can be, he treats it with respect.

hotdiggedydemon : Is this a video about Dan from Game Grumps

TheSP33DFREAK : "What exactly occurred at these parties is unknown." I'm guessing alot of drugs and a huge costume orgy!

Eggy Egggs : *most* furries are ok