Furries | Down the Rabbit Hole

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YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Furry drama is always infinitely more hilarious than normal people drama.

Linkrock1234 : The original creators of the fandom look exactly like id expect them to

CheesecakeLasagna : Egyptians are the OG furries.

SCOTSMAN Productions : “Furries. They’re everywhere. And there’s many more of them than you think...” -Internet Historian, 2018

CynicalRevs : I want to know exactly how much furry pornography you had to sift through in order to make this video.

Justin Y. : I always knew anime was behind everything

Random_User_237 : truth is the fandom was rigged from the start

Kekerino GD : Team mascots are professional furries.

Wow_ _It's_Me : Ive never really cared about furries. I mean I even have a friend who is a furry and hes a really nice person! But sometimes I see this stuff and think to myself that maybe some of these people are a bit wacky

Soarel : The hatred for furries over sexual matters is kind of hilarious. It's always amusing to see people who jerk off to inflation and loli cock vore judging people for being into furry stuff.

Night Mind : OwO

Iarus Goldleaf : As a furry I find it really neat that this video managed to tell the smeared history of this backwater fandom but not totally devolve into a “this is a disgusting thing” kind of perspective. Like many fandoms there are some that give a rather regrettable name to it and other who just want to have fun. So yea very well done.

Jimmydog : It's good to know that furries have always been degenerates.

Piixel : honestly, did the people in the comments even watch the video? The entire fandom is not completely horrible at all. I've met some of the nicest people ever from being in the furry fandom, not everyone sexualises their characters. Literally any fandom has porn, and you ALL know it. Just let people enjoy their hobby and interests without bashing them for it!

Knirrax : So they were perverts from the begining. And from the begining people said "FURRIES WERENT ALWAYS PERVERTS THE CURRENT FANDOM IS A DISCRASE" and it hasn't changed since

hotdiggedydemon : Is this a video about Dan from Game Grumps

PASTRAMIGIRLS : If flurries consider themselves animals, do we have the right to hunt them?

goatmagnum : And then there was Kero the Wolf-

Pixel Pudding : You misspelled "degenerates" in the title

Julius Caesar : Man I don’t care what you get off to (unless it’s kids) just keep it in your own corner of the internet

Bronze : Your series title and this topic go so well together or terribly depending on how you look at it.

Eoin TheDwyer : Furry since 2006, making a living off illustrating the art, and I gotta say this was a real good video! very very well researched. Plenty that I already knew, and plenty I had no idea was actually a part of furry history. Thanks for taking the time to make this!

Michael McGlade : *me watching this video* This better not awaken anything in me...

Sammy w : ok but i love the name "funny animal fandom"

Adude601 : Well, scrolling through the comments, I got about what I expected. A lot of people making OwO jokes, people saying degenerate this and degenerate that. The video itself is amazingly well-done and researched. Hell, I learned a bunch of stuff I never even knew about the fandom. You did a really good job. I do have to ask. Are you yourself a furry? That isn't something you ever addressed.

MissMiia : At least furries made a better convention than Tumblr.

TheCyberwoman : I have a weird relationship with furries. I like cartoons in general, and that includes anthros, but I have no specific love for them beyond what I feel for any well drawn and well written cartoon character. However, I love furries. Especially those who wear fursuits. Anyone who puts that much time, money, and energy into a fandom has my respect and enthusiasm. And furries put so much effort into their fandom, I think more on average than most fandoms. It just brings me joy to see people involved in something they love and participating in creative ways. So I always tip furry buskers, and politely ask to take pictures with those who seem amenable to it. I just love that they love what they're doing.

Stormy Jackson : Donald throwing a tomato at hitler 10/10 👌

The Reprehensible : This is a fandom. They dress up, some are cringy, some are perverse, some only like the art and characters.

FortuitusVideo : Its horrifying to see how the problems and crises of a fringe group have become mainstream. There was a time when veganism was confined to California! Otherkin is now the main focus of tinder! How far we've fallen.

Nexpo : 👁 W 👁

Travis Williams : Why did I just watch 45 minutes if furry history?

Ever Grim : THANK YOU for tackling this subject in a respectful and factual way. I'm glad you didn't do 40 minutes of bashing them but instead brought up the history, even the bad stuff (I never knew there was a group who were so rampantly homophobic). Great video, man!

Emperor Palpatine : What are furries? A Cancer on Society.

Miles Bockelman : Down the Rabbit Hole: Bronies

Quoth : "Down the rabbit's hole"

dank_asian_snacks : why TF am I watching a documentary about furries right now? And why am i thoroughly enjoying it?

747Grant : god damn x'D All these furries think they are Shakespeare on their blog rants.

Adam Thompson : most of the time they're alright just overly excited and the suits are pretty cute just these extreme examples give them such a bad name its really sad actually

Lyra BonBon : Kero the Wolf - Down the Rabbit Hole

Pikapetey Animations : I always assumed they have been around for a Long Time. Just look at Egyptians! They considered furries GODS.

MangoBroadcast : Furries aren't ALWAYS bad, certain people make them look bad. Furries are a great, loving community of people who just wanna dress up and express themselves in a way that they can't. It's also a way of hiding yourself to just be yourself without people knowing who you are.

Griseus Lupus : Furries are mentally ill degenerates. They are literally the harbinger of the collapse of Western civilization. We've reached the stage of decadence and tolerance for it. Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society.

Kyle Hart : As an outsider looking in on the drama surrounding furries, I definitely understood that there were definitely some weird fetish shit going on in some areas, and people who simply liked anthropomorphic animals among others. Everything else was just a blur of diapers, bronies, obscure erotica, misunderstandings, and hate. After watching this video, everything makes sense. Anime. Fursuits. Erodica. Even the loose affiliations surrounding them. Even obscure stuff, like how most Furries are into Computer Science, or enjoy roleplay. It's as if I've seen nothing but dots and you just connected them. Thank you, Fredrik.

Alberto Barbosa : Furries should be treated as animals

The Rpg Monger : Wow this went super in depth, great video!

ReloadPsi : "Furries ruin everything." They even ruined furries apparently.

Theroux : Very few people today even know about Fritz the Cat it would seem.

Chad Kleckler : Well, this is going to need a "Kero the Wolf" update special.

White creamy Milk : With kero this is about to get more views