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YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Furry drama is always infinitely more hilarious than normal people drama.

Cavi587 : God, who would've thought furries had such a backstory. I always assumed it started with the internet, but as it seems it goes back a lot more.

YellowPie84 : I like hearing the phrase “funny animal fandom” being spoken in a completely deadpan voice.

The Drizzle 404 : >Earliest illustrations were pornographic >Convention 0 had a dominatrix looking fursuiter >Where did all these perverts come from ruining our pure Christian fandom?

QBG : I was unceremoniously introduced to the Furry phenomenon in college. I was invited to attend a "costume party" on Halloween by a girl I had gone out with a couple of times. Obviously I assumed that a "costume party" meant people dressed up as vampires, movie and TV characters, and girls in various iterations of "sexy ____". When I picked up the girl to go to the party, she was wearing a full-body fur suit of some dog-like thing. Not knowing what Furries were yet, I complimented her on having such a dedication to a unique costume. When we arrived, though, it seemed that her costume wasn't so unique after all. In fact, the only one who stood out was me, dressed as a Highland warrior a-la-Braveheart in a kilt. Everyone else was in the same kind of big, plush animal costume as my date. If that wasn't weird enough, there was a couple in the corner of the living room, one in a turtle costume and the other in an anime-ish blue fox suit, who were _blatantly_ having sex in front of everyone. I quickly went right back outside. My date followed me out, took off her head piece and explained that this was a "Furry Party". I don't why she didn't explain this _before_ exposing me to it. Maybe she just needed a ride. Maybe she was embarrassed about her fetish and thought this was the best way to "come out" (it wasn't). Either way, I stopped dating her then and there. If you're a Furry and you're not sure how to talk about it with your romantic partners, I can tell you from experience that tossing them into the deep end without warning probably _won't_ result in a favorable outcome.

hotdiggedydemon : Is this a video about Dan from Game Grumps

dank_asian_snacks : why TF am I watching a documentary about furries right now? And why am i thoroughly enjoying it?

P1X3L D3L74 : “Degenerates like you belong on a cross” - Caesar’s Legion, Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Regular Shitposter : Moral of the story? Never get into any community

E100Omega123 : "To forgive Furries is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to Me." - Vladimir Putin

Night Mind : OwO

Linkthepaladin 520 : When you’re shooting up a furry convention and the cops show up and start shooting too

F.B.I : (·-·) (._.) (·-·) ̿̿̿(·-·)🔫

Rumenji : "Being a furry isn't a sexual thing" Me: Your first convention had a BDSM dressed furry

Hugh Mungus : Why am I not surprised that the furry manifesto was written by someone living in california? Not even demons enjoy living in hell

Bronze : Your series title and this topic go so well together or terribly depending on how you look at it.

TheSinfultictac : One of my closest friends who past in late 2015 had a pretty big following in the furry community. It's weird because during his funeral and the weeks afterward I did a lot more damage control than I thought I would, especially telling some of his closer fans and fandom friends of how he died. The furry fandom, or at least the following my friend attracted by doing porn commissions was pretty diverse but many from my limited view tended to be outliers of the norm or that's how their online personas felt. There also tends to be a sense of acceptance among furries that I find compassionate but not well placed, even with its growth and now a marketable subculture there is still a certain level subversiveness to the community as whole. I also observed there is still a strong homophobia that streaks through the subculture that is no longer a mystery to me. I will tell you many of them hold on to a certain artist as strongly as some Students hold on to a Guru. It's surreal as shit to login to FurAffinity go to his " in memorandum" profile and see fresh comments from people, talking about how they always admired his art and they wished they would have met him in person before his death. One more observation, many subcultures form their Economies, this extremely true of the furry economy. Commissions have been the lifeblood of artists since forever and one of the few ways they can make paycheck. This is more true in the furry economy than any other creative subculture than I have ever seen. The amount of sheer customization and specificity offered by artists, the speed of the art cycle, and control the commissioner has, creates a Randian Hell or Paradise, depending your economic theory preference. Also the sharp divide between artist and consumer how much power the consumer has over commissions is terrifying. Many times an artist, author or creative person will produce something and that is consumed by the public and depending on certain factors ( not all of them fair) the artist can live off of selling their wears ( ideally). However with furrries their exists consumers who have WHOLE FUCKING GALLERIES of just their fursona done by different commissioned artists. There is exist artist who don't draw their own fursonas or create their own unique or original content but instead ply their skills just drawing commissions,fairly elaborate and specific ones at that as mentioned.Fisk, realtivly well known artist in the subculture was final able to return to making his own unique SFW work after focusing on porn ( his own original characters but still). My friend worked art cycle, art cycle hoping to work on his own stuff, he was actually in the middle of his annual 48 hour New Years Eve art stream when he lost his life. Personally my interactions with my friends fans and the greater furry subculture is frankly mixed and tinged by his death and will be the rest of my life.

Cloudinyourbrain. : As “furry artist” who knows what goes on. Furry fandom or community = depression, attention, sensitive, lonely, homosexual, transsexual, closed minded individuals who take the Ethernet to seriously and should stay off. I love what I do, I just draw the art and socialize with others mostly a few in the community, We observed most furries “like to act accepting, but are not for the most part” and what I mean is they’ll cut you off quick if you don’t Exceed there expectation. I met nice people but I usually meet rude trolls and closed minded individuals that don’t know much about the community situation and what’s going on. This place the “furry community” is what it seems.

Appalachiosaurus22 : So they've been horny since the start? Not that surprising I guess.

Why Are You Reading This : *God has left the server*

Justin Y. : I always knew anime was behind everything

SR Brant : Regarding the comments here, is it _really_ more socially acceptable to make hateful comments and straight up _death threats_ against the overwhelming majority of Furries than it is to accept them as productive members of society that partake in a subculture that is not only harmless but constructive in allowing people to express themselves and sharpen their creative skills?

JcGross : I don't hate furries. I'm just completely disgusted by them.

Seth Upchurch : This disgusts me. If you want to be a furry, you can make the art. Do want you want. If you want to share it with others, don’t try to send out anything very sexual. You could just keep it to yourself unless it’s commissioned. But much of the problem from what I gathered was that people were being ignorant, rude, and sometimes just straight (pardon the language) dumbasses. Seriously. Nutting in an ELEVATOR?! A PUBLIC ELEVATOR. Do they know what manners means? Maybe there could be something wrong with them, but that doesn’t mean the person with them won’t have common sense. Manners people. Manners can fix soooo many problems.

Vedji : I went into this comment section expecting civil conversation on the video. I was wrong. I am dissapointed in myself, I should know better than to have positive expectation for YouTube comments.

MissMiia : At least furries made a better convention than Tumblr.

Brazoree.pfp : thank you furries, thank you for anime

Дмитрий : Internet is for porn. I see nothing wrong in such interest

Walter Sullivan : *d i s e a s e d b o t t o m - f e e d e r s*

Slimeustas The Slime King : 6:08 Yup this guy looks like a furry 9:10 Yup definitely also a furry

Pikapetey Animations : I always assumed they have been around for a Long Time. Just look at Egyptians! They considered furries GODS.

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY : Kinda feel sorry for the furries who got caught up in the mess and only wanted to appreciate the art and at least have a good time with people with the same interest and not doing degenerate activities like real animal sex and anthropomorphic fetishes . But then again they brought it on themselves by having the label "furry" stamped on their foreheads like an iron brand knowing full consequences and how the people perceive them to be. So they have my sympathy and only that

Rcbif : There are furry artists bringing in over $5K a month on Pateron - and that does not even include separate commissions. Pretty dang good gig IMHO, and you dont even have to deal with the suited weirdos!

xXRedLineXx : The detail DTRH puts into this is astonishing, along with the fact that he didn't drift into the view of 'all Furries are disgusting degenerates.'

B U C C : furries are an okay community, its just the cancerous minority that are problematic

The Rpg Monger : Wow this went super in depth, great video!

The Elephant of Doom : This proves that if you do something ironically long enough, you eventually forget and do it seriously.

Christopher Ballard : Imagine comparing yourself to MLK cause you don’t want people who like your art to screw each other in animal costumes

Charity Tea : I remember when I thought furries were just some eccentric people in costumes, oh how I wish I was still that innocent. :(

Joji The Buttered Salami : Degenerates.

ZimoNitrome : on all levels except physical i am a frog

Nolan Good : Hearing him say "funny animal fandom" is hilarious. It sounds stupid every time.

Rayar32 : Going back to this comment section was a mistake

Coolius Jeezer : Press G for Gas

• Riftis • : I never understood the popular hatred of furries, personally. I'm not a furry myself, but why should I care if people wanna dress up in animal suits and have weird, kinky sex? It's seriously none of my business and I hope they enjoy themselves. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Quoth : "Down the rabbit's hole"

Tony Goat : The comment section: 80% edgelords 10% defencelords 5% traitors 4% interest 1% spam

Ultima Fox : I love how people still think "Yiff in Hell" is still an insult "Well, yeah, what the hell do you think we're gonna do down there?"

_Bandit : I had no Idea deviantart was that old. No wonder its so messed up.

Burning Reminder : This is interesting but I think I'm done with the internet for today.