Furries | Down the Rabbit Hole

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YourMovieSucksDOTorg : Furry drama is always infinitely more hilarious than normal people drama.

Mittens The cat :/ : “Down the rabbit hole” has a entire different meaning with furries.....

CheesecakeLasagna : Egyptians are the OG furries.

Moon : Let's stop calling them Furries and start calling them Funny Animals.

hi there : im surprised the furry fandom is so old... i thought it was a recent internet thing

Nightmare Expo : 👁 W 👁

Azenji : *notices your rabbit hole* OwO what’s this?

Linkrock1234 : The original creators of the fandom look exactly like id expect them to

KamFails : Wait a video about furry culture that DOESN'T completely smear them??? Absolute legend. Subbed.

Piixel : honestly, did the people in the comments even watch the video? The entire fandom is not completely horrible at all. I've met some of the nicest people ever from being in the furry fandom, not everyone sexualises their characters. Literally any fandom has porn, and you ALL know it. Just let people enjoy their hobby and interests without bashing them for it!

MissMiia : At least furries made a better convention than Tumblr.

Alonso Sanchez : So... The first fursuit was dominatrix gear?

Cyanide : "he would let furries into his dnd games" bad idea

Dink The Wolfy Boi : This is so sad, alexa play Try Everything by Gazelle

fuzz duck : So I can blame Walt Disney for furries?

hotdiggedydemon : Is this a video about Dan from Game Grumps

BombaiBeast : I love how the first drama is about the division of adult rated furries and clean furries... the rage continues!

Sean Chambers : Man I don’t care what you get off to (unless it’s kids) just keep it in your own corner of the internet

Wow_ _It's_Me : Ive never really cared about furries. I mean I even have a friend who is a furry and hes a really nice person! But sometimes I see this stuff and think to myself that maybe some of these people are a bit wacky

francesca p. : you're the only youtuber i know who can keep my attention and genuinely interested in 'what happens next' while talking about furries for 45 minutes.

Night Mind : OwO

Travingel - Comedy Gaming : i cannot take any of this seriously, its so funny to me

Papillon Effect : Funny Animal fans Funny Animal F Funny AF FuNny AF FNny AF FNAF... Oh you clever Scott you...

Tow Wong : There was a furry in my school who was litterally the loniest kid. On field trips he would stand next to the teachers while everybody else were running around with their friends. He always took his furry-collar of his jacket and puts it in his pants like a tail. I tried becoming friends with him, he liked all the stuff like YouTube and Nintendo stuff. It went well, until he discovered that i liked anime He called me a weeaboo unironically and went away. (I also saw him talking with some people who started calling me a normie unironically. What the actual fuck)

The Triggered Cracker : 34:03 he was REALLY getting immersed in this reading

Pikapetey Animations : I always assumed they have been around for a Long Time. Just look at Egyptians! They considered furries GODS.

SaberTiger : So World War 2 created both weebs and furries, huh?

Chlori's Art : I feel as if the Furry Community gets a bad rep from people who misunderstand many things. Very important note: *I’m NOT a Furry* I’ve done my own personal deep-dives into the modern community and have come out understanding a couple of things that I find very important. 1: People will think things are hot. Despite the fact party A likes wide hips, party B likes smaller, petite hips. Everything, wether sexual or not, is a personal preference. You can’t truly control what you find hot (unless you like beastiality, then seek medical attention). 2: Not the entire Furry Fandom has to do with sexual content (as many people are led to believe). In fact, I found a very prosperous SFW side on many sites considered pornographic in nature, and spearheaded by artists that run NSFW blogs as well. 3: I’ve found not a single soul in my deep-dives that are into actual beastiality. Believe it or not, that’s not what the Furry Fandom is about. Even if they enjoy the pornographic side of the Fandom, they would never screw a dog. The most important thing I learned is this: *Anthro* is not the same thing as *Animal* Meaning That if you like anthro porn, you don’t also have to think that a real dog is hot. That shit is for psychologically damaged people. Once again, I’m still not a Furry, I just find this particular fandom intriguing, and misunderstood.

Sonicracer100 : Do you think God stays in heaven because he too fears what he created?

The InfinitySkull : So DeviantArt has BEEN a furry site? lol

Bronze : Your series title and this topic go so well together or terribly depending on how you look at it.

Viktor the Creator : Fritz the Cat: Bojack Horseman before its time.

Nuclear Facepalmer : The furry fandom is a hurricane of drama. The drama is like a cartoon. After all, they depict themselves as cartoon characters.

Wildzide00 : D E G E N E R A T E S

SCOTSMAN Productions : “Furries. They’re everywhere. And there’s many more of them than you think...” -Internet Historian, 2018

Justin Y. : I always knew anime was behind everything

AmericanRX : Was it really that difficult to have some control over the conventions? Like membership and controlled entry points? The heck. Kick the bad bunch out.

MangoBroadcast : Furries aren't ALWAYS bad, certain people make them look bad. Furries are a great, loving community of people who just wanna dress up and express themselves in a way that they can't. It's also a way of hiding yourself to just be yourself without people knowing who you are.

Soarel : The hatred for furries over sexual matters is kind of hilarious. It's always amusing to see people who jerk off to inflation and loli cock vore judging people for being into furry stuff.

somebloke2703 : A friend of mine was a volunteer at Q-Con in Belfast a few years ago and walked in on two Furries in one of the bathrooms. A public bathroom. At an all-ages convention. Keep your lipstick in your pants!

RANK10YGO [Rata] : Fredrik show us your fursona

Pixel Pudding : You misspelled "degenerates" in the title

Triangles : Yall mind if I 𝓨 𝓘 𝓕 𝓕

Umbra : So furries have been the scum of the earth since the start of the fandom? Not surprised one bit.

pdahandyman : It's too bad you missed the existence of an episode of CSI (the original in Vegas) that involves murder at a Furry convention. The overall tone clearly suggests that being furry is the same as being a pervert and that such conventions are barely veiled covers for orgies. Good video, though. Quite fascinating.

Pasteloween : lmfaooooo even the distribution of anime is linked to furries

hernameisprin back : All furries say “not all furries sexualize it” but sexualize it themselves.

Nyer : So in other words there a two main groups, the funny animals group (creators of media where the humans have animal characteristics like Tom&Jerry, Zootopia, the animated robin hood movie and various others) and the furry fandom which went beyond this but still keep the artistic aspect. The hate for furries seems to come from not the reaction of outsiders but from people within the fandom saw as others came in and used their conventions wrongly. Later as this became known outsiders spread information about the fandom as it was at the time. This still stick to this day as so many only recognize the fandom of what it ones were but never was supose to be.

Sir Hatter : AHEM. Degenerates.

Mel Gibsokarton : You missed an opportunity to go in depth into the world of commisioned work and show prominent and influential artists and talented artists worthy of note, like Seyorrol