October Sky (11/11) Movie CLIP - This One's Gonna Go for Miles (1999) HD

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BeFlight : This is what America should be like.

Mimi Katzen : The soundtrack for this film makes me cry! The violin is a perfect compliment to this last rocket. It's bittersweet and beautiful, and I do love the fiction that John Hickam Sr. did make it to a launch.

Dank Happenings Productions : I think what makes this scene/movie work is because we all have seen 'kids with big dreams' movies before, but those movies are mostly about dreams about going to the big city, or to become a star or something self centered like that. Here it's about something more personal and that's something you don't see a lot of in movies especially for younger audiences. This is a GREAT movie for kids.

Soakingbook : For any son who was seemingly not that much like his father, this is such a beautiful scene.

ytcarol : Love this scene. So moving.  The father's pride at the end... not necessary for success but oh so heart warming for youngsters to stand on.

BM : I never saw a trailer for this movie when I first heard about it. I only heard it was about a kid that wants to build rockets and eventually work at NASA. I didn't even know the time period it was set in. So my immediate thought was some kind of modern sci fi movie with a lot of technical jargon. I was pleasantly surprised at what this movie turned out to be. No sc fi. No big special effects. Just a really great story about perseverance. One of my favorites of all time.

mrArchduke : 2:01 the moment me and my family freaked out thinking he was going to grab his butt. "Good job, son" LOL Those were the days.

CoasterRebel : This is easily one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. Just a boy of my age following his ambitions against all odds and winning strong in the end. I love that story line and even though it comes up in many films, this one may have pulled it off the best.

2SlowMusic : one of my most favorite soundtracks EVER.

LucidDream : I love this movie so much. It's based on West Virginia, but actually all of it was filmed here in Tennessee not far from where I live. I got to see some of it being filmed. My old town mayor is actually an extra in this movie. My father had a somewhat similar life, because his father was a coal miner. While my father didn't turn out to be some rocket scientist, he did have a better life than what his father did...he is retired Air Force and an engineer. But my father wouldn't be the man he is without the support of his father working in those coal mines. He did what he had to do, was a very tough man. His father in this movie reminds me a lot of my grandpa...working in the mines was rough on him.

Elk4theBeast214 : Prodiginous!

Jerimy’s Pop Culture Tops : A student of mine, his mother told me he wants to be an astronaut or a scientist for Nasa, and yet he's never heard of the start of it all. I'm going to give him this movie for Christmas, I just hope he feels some inspiration like I did when my dad showed me this years and years ago

sritger : One of the best "got something in my eye" scenes ever.  Too bad this clip cuts off before the triumphant segue to the thunderous Space Shuttle launch at the very end.

JohnnyDinh75 : Can i cry now?

Justin Suarez : The feeling Homer Hickam showed when his father showed up, was how I felt tonight, when my father made it to our last performance of our play "the servant of two masters". :) no greater feeling to me. I don't blame him for not making the first few, because of work. But that's what makes my father my hero. And it's not when he's there with us, it's because he's there for us. I mean tonight was the night almost teared up after the show and saw my father. I'm also proud to see my friends from when I was younger. We'll all remember, Conroe high school theatre department made history after 87 years of making it to regionals. And though we're not going to state, were proud of how far we've gotten. My father is proud of all of us, and everyone else in our city showed support.:)

The Keys321 : love this film inspires me to become something great

Leonard Shelby : This is an awesome movie the connection with the father and son is so sad in the end cause he's such a hard nosed basterd and the son just wants his dad to love and accept him and in the end he shows just a little and it's tearjerking great acting by Chris cooper he can do no wrong

TheSonicEnergy : best science movie.

TrueScore : Best movie scene ever. SO emotional

Zach S : I am so thankful to have a father who supports anything I do. This movie taught me this lesson.

Scott Pearce : No matter how much success I get, I will never be able to thank my parents for what they have done to make me a good and a respectful man!

Andy Wolf : Don't mind me, got a rocket in my eye.

Owen Holcomb : This always makes me smile 🙂

Eduardo Alvarez : When Donald Trump won. #MAGA

Kevin McD : and then the rocket fell into the coal mine and ignited the coal and everyone died. THE END.

ReVolutioN : Im crying a lot right now

Fatima Escobedo : I cried.

AMVGFan : Once it hit 0:06 and his expression changed as well as the music started playing the tears came like a landslide. As someone that grew up without the presence of my dad and him returning into my life I know the feeling that was conveyed at that moment. Sadly we aren't talking anymore because not only do I live away from him but the things that interest me just aren't accepted by him I hope one day he will learn to accept my interests just seeing this scene again gives me hope.

bananian : One of my favourite movies, *tears* ~><~

Kristo Martinez : this one is gonna go for miles -Quentin

Elener Johnson : I love this movie I love the music also.

nlwxp : Emotional scene

TheInternetBully94 : LMFAO 1:59 - 2:03

sam witwicky : This is a gr8 movie for aspiring scientst's

dburton210521 : I just lost 5 lbs in tears....I could only wish my ol man would wrap his arm around me like that to let me know I did a great job

Brock Sargeant : I wonder when we'll be able to look to the skies in wonder again, when human endeavor finally pushes us to go back into space and explore the unknown. It's a sad day when the general public is more excited about the release of a new phone than about space exploration.

Jim Dandy : My Mom was a teacher for 30 years. When she went in the hospital before she died there was a 20 something year old girl running the desk at the ER. She told me the effect my Mom had on her. I wonder if my Mom knew how many she impacted. I wonder if this teacher on her deathbed watching that rocket knew the impact she had. What an amazing scene. And more than just a father and son.

MOOG FAN : A man will work his entire lifetime, perhaps make millions of dollars- but to me that reassuring hand on the back would be worth much more.Fathers please remember this. Thank You

akhil gupta : last scene is still missing in dis video ..

TheOuterLimits : Hard working Americans who were always the back bone of America.

Lil Leslie : did the rocket go into space or it just landed and probably hit someone?

Collins Darkwa : I Remember this part

Joe Ferro : Boy... they look like they could be father and son ..? in real life.

Roncace : Auk 31, (Miss Riley as it is labeled here) was the biggest rocket the Rocket Boys made (as well as the last)

TheCompleteMental : 10... 9...

Kevin Lim : very impressive. the one who fought against pre-destined fate.

See3PeeOh : this makes me want to mine coal...

michael andrews : just saw this for the first time..wow. so good, poor miss riley. =(

Anand R : I will never get tired of this scene or this movie but I've seriously gotta stop cutting onions when I watch it...

w m : Only a real man would cry watching this movie.