World fastest rapper Break ya neck george
Old but gold

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Artist: George Watsky Beat oringinally from artist Busta Rhymes Break Ya Neck


ogLight : You guys are all hateing on him he is a good rapper

Alana Fauth : I really like his voice. 😊

BubbleKing : This is a serious achievement considering he's WHITE.

InjectedByNoodlez : I can do it too.Hold my beer.

Easy Lifts : This guy is like Shakespeare from ERB.

bryrmeg : 2X time sounds like lag


Martha Toynton : He said he loved me. I have a boyfriend you pervert

CRAZYMAGOT YT : He said he was the fastest rapper... He lied...

Lazos Mavropoulos : 0:53 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH

WazaGames : Epic Rap Battles Of History hahaha ;)

Henry Vanlue : Your not the fastest I have seen but your pretty fast.....good job dude ps. Like the cat

hans yolo : Lyrics O hai. I'm that guy. Built so fly in a silk bow tie dont know why i'm built so fly but i am, no lie. Oh my. Rolled by on a low ride Huffy sitting on the pegs shelltoes puffy cuff rolled up to my caff class out the ass bad with the swag like Buffy. Gotta be the one to bite the bullet i'm sinner but i bet icoulda been a better man. I wanne be Zen but i go sipping on some medice instead of meditating but i get when i can. I don't wanne wind up in the gutter with a bottle of malt liqour, bitter cause i never got a call tellin' me that it's all figured out I'm sick of doubt but i'm looking at the wall. Part of me was hoping to be caught up in the moment and to be open to the good and the God in me but i got a labotomy and i get that i oughtta become a bit of an oddity when somebody get offended by the thought of me. Who's he? You gotta be kidding me. Do me like Gabourey Sidibe. If you see me with a chichadee no diggity, it'll be: giggity giggity giggity. Gonna send it like a letter from above with a woman that i love 'cause i get it like i live but if my baby's gay i''ll say you go gay baby work that crib work that bid burp that kid screw police flip that car I don't want a jesus piece but i want a Reece's Piece and a Kit Kat Bar. I want everbody focusing on getting me to letterman to kick it of the betterment of innocent Americans who never want to settle for their pop. Or not 'cause my bedroom rocks and the beat still knocks when i sort my socks. i'm five foot eleven of sex from the tip of my head to my gorgeous knees

LordFridge : Lethal is to quick for this child.

Landyn Aslinger : He's not white he's neon white

Cuhhf : #sir skitzo is way way WAY faster

Andrew March : will the real slim shady please stand up?

Searinglamb : put speed on 2 enjoy

Chopper Cabras : LOL PUT THIS ON SPEED 2

BanjoTheDog : I think we can all do this if we practice. But we will never be as good as him.

Ahmad h alofi : brbrbr brbrbr brbbbraaa braaaa braaaa that what he said 👉

Michael Gilmore : Lol. Go Head White Guy

Diego Smith : Did this guy do an epic rap battle??


Mr Gian0125/rirukoh : Would've been better if was 60fps cause 30fps can't hold up with his mouth

Godly Royal : This is way slower than the Guinness world record fastest rapper.


Miguel Hernandez : this dude raps so fast YouTube had to slow it down that's what I heard

Black Goku : Didn't he play William Shakespeare in erb?

Rehman Tariq : Nice man your pretty good

jakob bucar : far from fastes but still good

Yuskion : How to be goku 1.)rap like this 2.)translate to sign language

Samd Witch : Well done!!! Your better than me

Niraliziki 711 : I have watched this about 35 times

Sup : Omg he is so fast and that girl voice thow

A̢̛ ̣̈́s͉͝h̢̛i̪̋t̲͆ ͙̑Y̥̓ó̜u͂͜T̘̔u̪͂b̮̓e̤͝r̯̚ : Rebel XD is way faster.

Harald Thorsen : wat...

Hthe Wilde : if my man's could rap fast then whyd he retire💀

alex biushkin : 2 speed ALL The way!!

Madison Crissinger : OMG it must take years to be able to do that

Daniel Aguiar : Isso pq não viram MC igu 552 sílabas em 1 minuto

Lil Tvangstanke : no this gut george watzky is faster

Jack davies-newton : if you put the speed on 0.5 you notice he doesnt pronounce the words properly. yet if you do the same with someone like mac lethal, he does.

Lochlainn Hoare : eminem is faster

I am a Music Beast : This is mental! Tried to keep up and failed by three words!

TynEside : Up really arent the fastest have up heard double xd

りゅう様 : 最初見たときやばいと思ったけどsky hiの本気見てからsky hiなら楽勝にしそう

TJ Deso : petting a cat is your intro, your so white dude lol.

FuzzyThoughts : Not the fastest ever but definitely the best sounding fast rap I've heard in a while