World fastest rapper Break ya neck george

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Kos Vas : Stop complaining that shit was fire

BubbleKing : This is a serious achievement considering he's WHITE.

CRAZYMAGOT YT : He said he was the fastest rapper... He lied...

ogLight : You guys are all hateing on him he is a good rapper

Easy Lifts : This guy is like Shakespeare from ERB.

ButTheToes : that burp tho...

Godly Royal : This is way slower than the Guinness world record fastest rapper.

Martha Toynton : He said he loved me. I have a boyfriend you pervert


Lazos Mavropoulos : 0:53 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH

Alana Fauth : I really like his voice. 😊

ryan : No where near fastest in the world

InjectedByNoodlez : I can do it too.Hold my beer.

Searinglamb : put speed on 2 enjoy

WazaGames : Epic Rap Battles Of History hahaha ;)

LordFridge : Lethal is to quick for this child.

bryrmeg : 2X time sounds like lag

Chopper Cabras : LOL PUT THIS ON SPEED 2

brandon gladish : Look up a guy called rebel xd

Andrew March : will the real slim shady please stand up?

Miguel Hernandez : this dude raps so fast YouTube had to slow it down that's what I heard

Cawh : #sir skitzo is way way WAY faster

Ahmad h alofi : brbrbr brbrbr brbbbraaa braaaa braaaa that what he said 👉

Jack davies-newton : if you put the speed on 0.5 you notice he doesnt pronounce the words properly. yet if you do the same with someone like mac lethal, he does.

Landyn Aslinger : He's not white he's neon white

Mark Andžejevski : Set it to 2.0 speed. Thank me later

Diego Smith : Did this guy do an epic rap battle??

PanchoMTP : Watsky it's not the fastest rapper :/ the fastest one is Mac Lethal

rampage the sneaky lil bitch : eminem is beter and faster + raps in supersonic speed longer

majasterkowicz : He can go 7SPS. But the fastest raper in the world can go 26SPS

Henry Vanlue : Your not the fastest I have seen but your pretty fast.....good job dude ps. Like the cat

A̢̛ ̣̈́s͉͝h̢̛i̪̋t̲͆ ͙̑Y̥̓ó̜u͂͜T̘̔u̪͂b̮̓e̤͝r̯̚ : Rebel XD is way faster.

Niraliziki 711 : Everybody is complaining but just remember that you can understand what he is saying unlike some other people

Lochlainn Hoare : eminem is faster

Ethan Valdes : your rapping is soooooooooooooooooo cool

Top 10 : Legends say that He's still burping...

Niraliziki 711 : I have watched this about 35 times

Daniel Aguiar : Isso pq não viram MC igu 552 sílabas em 1 minuto

َ ٰ : 2018 anyone? lol I remember first seeing this 😂😂 I was using my moms phone 😂nostalgia.

Mr Gian0125/rirukoh : Would've been better if was 60fps cause 30fps can't hold up with his mouth

OFFMIND : He is not even trying lel...

Om Narayan : lol. u burped in middle

Rohan Hayes : I can rap quicker...


Madison Crissinger : OMG it must take years to be able to do that

Tom Kellond : Mac Lethal Got world Record. For 2014 So hes the fastest rapper yet.

jakob bucar : far from fastes but still good

Rehman Tariq : Nice man your pretty good

The_Creepy Pasta_Channel : o.0 shit dis is good

Harald Thorsen : wat...