12-year-old steals credit card and flies to Bali | A Current Affair Australia

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Cynthia : This is brilliant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Takes running away to a whole new level

Dana Karmella Tamayo : He's up for an adventure.I think it's very couragious and stupid at the same time tho.

Lvl. 4999 Soldier : This dudes a savage

robin karki : Moral of the story "HIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD" LOL

Star Pop dol : Danm this kid will have stories to tell his kids.

Cancer : Why not just freeze your credit card after the first 2 attempts?

Nixy Lindley : Good on ya mate!!!!

QwakeyQwak : What a savage!

Not a Kid : I can’t even ask for $5 to my parents HAHAHAHAH they will give me an hour lecture of life HAHAHAH

Marianne Salazar : i love this kid

Top Eliminator : Try find a comment older than 4 days haha.

Refined Phenomena : Why they keep mentioning he is a smart kid?? A smart kid would have thought it through all the way.

Kahlil Lawrence : It's not a problem with the system😂 it's a problem with your parenting wtf. Don't blame the airports because you child doesn't respect you.

Ava Shackleton : Savage kid!

Junsui : Woahhhh

Dhani Chalmers : Got a travel insurance ad before this vid

imma NZ blindman : 😂😂😂

Jacob Walker : "but this time, he up'd it a notch" 😂😂😂 Classic!

Mace Robertson : he is not in the gaol

Isaac Myers-Kay : This kid is a legit spaz

MoneyClub TV HD : The real life Kevin Macalister Dwl homeboy was out He decided to fly all the way to Bali 😂😂😂. I’m glad my credit cards would have bounced on my son bank account empty 😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Thank god he’s back home safely👍👍

Brayden Beames : He’s my mate you can see my house

Catify Corns : Why does it put the camera beside his mouth

Billy Hammerton : Aint no problem with the system, there's a problem with your parenting skills.

Sahar Ayoubi : WTF what is Trump doing there @7:02 hahaha

ROSALINDA Estrada : He needs a good spanking and take away his toys. Is not the fault of the system but the kid.

Sam Hillidge : This kid is a genius😂

STEVEN Dawood : Savage

Jealous Meister : Good kid..

Aduha Dx : The dig at Trump on the home alone hotel reference... criminals recognizes one another 🖕

T Wor : What’s a bastard!!

Tissa Happy : I will definitely whoop him if I was his mom. He could have been kidnapped or worst things could have happened to him. The world isn’t safe. And Jetstar is trash, I have experienced there incompetence first hand.

Sara Larsson : what a fkn legend, i tried to run away once and i wasn't even near as successful as him

Alpha Meow : This kid’s more of a man than a 25 year old man-child who’s still living with his parents and cries himself to sleep every night because words hurt too. I’ve seen children as young as 6 fly overseas alone every year, because their parents are living separately in different countries.

Fred Frederson : lol a current affair is clickbaiting

Lauryn Smith : it legit sounds fun to go and do this. grab your parents credit card a couple of friends and a passport and now we are golden

George's Food Review : Real life home alone

Karen Lowes : The mother should take more responsibility for her son's behavior. He's looking for attention and maybe she should be wondering why?

Aurni : What did you do drank a beer that made me poo myself

Riles : Game of scoot?

BS17 : She is seriously blaming the airport that he was able to fly across the country? My 12 year old isn’t even away from parental guidance long enough to be doing all of this!

Jade G : This is so serious. No one is in the right here. Why is the reporter laughing and joking as if this is not serious? This is not funny and should not be encouraged by treating it like it’s a joke. So disappointed in Brady Halls for this interview.