Driver talks to Fox 4 following high speed chase
Driver talks to Fox 4 following high speed chase says I always got weed on me

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Story: FOX 4 is on Instagram - FOX 4 News is a FOX-owned station serving Dallas-Fort Worth and all of North Texas.


Blitz Wolf : You know you need to stop when you got five stars.

zac talks a lot : LEGEND ALERT

George Papadopoulos : This guy is awesome.

vaatc : Silly reporter says he wasn't taking responsibility for his actions. Sounded to me like he took full responsibility. Yet another shine example of how far down the tube 'journalism' has gone.

Igor Lebedev : lol at how many police the US police needs to stop a pothead

mattd00d82 : Real issue here is he can't get a job. No one will hire anyone with any issues with the law which makes them cycle through the system over and over and over

jim mitchell : Was the chase needed? Why not pull out onto the freeway ahead of him and shut it down? Or a spike belt? Thing is the Cops like the Adrenalin rush as well.

The New Travel : He stayed busy on snapchat and FOX 4 can't even share his snapcode.... that's just poor reporting

EnlistedReb : DANK

michael hunter : all over WEED Wake UP AMERICA!! LEGALIZE IT!!


Sarthak mohanty : Such a BOSS!

cort sport : Legendary

Broom : Cant wait for the remix.

Giancarlo Dittamo : WAIT... JONATHAN DAVIS!? Boom na da mmm dum na ema da boom na da mmm dum na ema.

Recreating Ransom : LEGALIZE IT

Anthony Richkas : I'm with him on this. +1 guy.

Mario1611 : He puts the high is 'high speed chase"...

Jonny G : At least he's honest.

OUT : Don't know if it's because he's high, but bless him for being honest.

bdplaya : Legalize weed.

Rem : a

Dog of Wisdom : He'd be less of a danger if they stopped chassing him. Idiots...

Slopkinz Slopkinz : A lawyer's nightmare.

Reginald Greene : LEGALIZE WEED! We shouldn't punish upstanding, good people like this young lad for partaking is such a delectable hobby!

Juan Reyes : why this video so fake

Kuroyase : lol dude actually thought this was grand theft auto. judge most likely went easy on him knowing he's crazy.

Thanos Bobotas : Finally the time has come!!! Southpark episodes and reality are becoming one!!!!! MUA HAHAHAHAHAHA

D Smyth : He's right you know....Going to jail for weed is ridiculous and a waste of tax payers money.

ActronJimmy : But if you have oxy or adderal, with a dealer's, um, I mean doctor's prescription, you're good!

TheLightBearer : "Damn they're shooting at me I don't even got no gun?!" Hahaha

Jman G : This is why we should legalize marijuana, look at all the resources wasted.

Tony32 : When they make a movie about his life, he should be played by Nicholas Cage.

ExeDuality : Hahaha! honestly this guy is awesome.

N3WE11 : Lawyer's nightmare

insertnamehere : Don't blame him at all for being fed up with stupid weed charges. What an absolute joke that's it's illegal.

Brandon : texas boy right there

SoWhoYou : Damn they shooting at me, I ain't even got no gun.

Robert O'Connor : Frigging honest straight talker.... IQ different story... #LegalizeIt

Diego Oliveros : am i the only one who has this guy as his spirit animal!?

Robert Vratarić : Jonathan Davis!? The dude sure changed since I last listened to Korn..

R13 : Come join us on Reddit! (Reddit is website about dog pictures, ars technica articles, and hydraulic press videos)

Christos Angelopoulos : Criminals are those who lead a guy with a joint to freak out cause he wants to posses it..

tearpear12 : it's like he doesnt comprehend the concept of lying

Lúcio Solar : wont have to worry about not having a job anymore

Solar Flare : VERY fast guy driving at incredible hihg speed

Logey BearFinz : Is this why Korn doesn't put out new music anymore?

ant G : they need to look at this as an eye opener, he put hundreds of lifes in danger cause weed. legalize!

David Ramos : Damn they shooting at me I ain't even got no gun! 😂😂