Driver talks to Fox 4 following high speed chase

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popinmycola : This man ensued a high speed chase because he didn't want to get caught with weed. Please legalize this plant so stoners can stop stressin'

Blitz Wolf : You know you need to stop when you got five stars.

DrStfuFool : He's an idiot, but I like him.

mattd00d82 : Real issue here is he can't get a job. No one will hire anyone with any issues with the law which makes them cycle through the system over and over and over

George Papadopoulos : This guy is awesome.

zac talks a lot : LEGEND ALERT

The New Travel : He stayed busy on snapchat and FOX 4 can't even share his snapcode.... that's just poor reporting

Igor Lebedev : lol at how many police the US police needs to stop a pothead

michael hunter : all over WEED Wake UP AMERICA!! LEGALIZE IT!!

vaatc : Silly reporter says he wasn't taking responsibility for his actions. Sounded to me like he took full responsibility. Yet another shine example of how far down the tube 'journalism' has gone.


Giancarlo Dittamo : WAIT... JONATHAN DAVIS!? Boom na da mmm dum na ema da boom na da mmm dum na ema.

jim mitchell : Was the chase needed? Why not pull out onto the freeway ahead of him and shut it down? Or a spike belt? Thing is the Cops like the Adrenalin rush as well.

EnlistedReb : DANK

cort sport : Legendary

Sarthak mohanty : Such a BOSS!

FOX 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth : ON August 8th 2016 Johnathan Davis was sentenced to 10 years for Evading arrest and procession of cocaine.

Anthony Richkas : I'm with him on this. +1 guy.

R13 : Come join us on Reddit! (Reddit is website about dog pictures, ars technica articles, and hydraulic press videos)

Broom : Cant wait for the remix.

bdplaya : Legalize weed.

Mario1611 : He puts the high is 'high speed chase"...

Elmo : This could be just done on behalf of the people who want to manipulate popular opinion, to legalise weed.

Recreating Ransom : LEGALIZE IT

dullrazor1 : I'll admit the kids about ignorant to say the least, but shooting at his car probably would not help the situation, not sure I can figure the logic in firing a weapon on a highway from a moving vehicle when there is enough danger already. Point being likely had his license plate and posibly had id the guy already couldnt they just back off let the situation become safe then go get him shortly there after?

06109633 : weed shouldn't be illegal.

Sean Shergill : Lucky he was white. Otherwise he might have been shot because police would have felt their lives were in danger because something might have looked like a gun.

Willow Martin : The one thing that stuck from this vid is "Well I cant get a normal job anyways.. Not with the weed charges from the past" I really dont understand how people can come out of jail and be expected to fit back into society when they are unable to get jobs, leave the country or vote... They are being set up to fail so they have no choice but to go back to jail. Our system is broken absolute.

ds37 : legalize it already for Christ sake!

Joshua Perry : Thank God we were able to chase down someone with weed, Republican economics hard at work.

TheBigH : I don't even..... wait..... what?

Jonny G : At least he's honest.

OUT : Don't know if it's because he's high, but bless him for being honest.

Croco : He reminds me of a young Mathew McConaughey.

TheReconRacoon : savage

Logey BearFinz : Is this why Korn doesn't put out new music anymore?

Cob Webb : How can you get weed charges in San Antonio? I thought it was legal in California.

KnivesOnly : I mean he's not wrong.

Gianluca Camilleri : this wouldnt have happened if bernie sanders was president

Thing Whas : It appears he injected too many marijuanas. Good to see justice finally being served to this dangerous man.

Rem : a

AIIUserNamesInvalid : if you smoke weed or even worse smuggle weed, you should get the electric chair.

molon labe : so. weed is more important than having a life?  Got ya.

Lucas : "Sick of being arrested for weed, can't get a job" Maybe stop taking weed everywhere you go and constantly being lit and you might find your life improves.

sklorbit : take away his license for life

World wide freedom 1st amendment audit : Yeah I always have weed on me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Version : Even if he goes to prison for life, this is a pretty badass legacy to leave behind

tearpear12 : it's like he doesnt comprehend the concept of lying

theMEGAsalad : I can sympathize with his point of view. His future prospects are ruined because of his criminal record. So the inconvenience to the legal system for this chase would be worse than his own personal inconvenience from the prosecution. He's a man with nothing to lose. It's pretty sad. He's like the Stoner Jean Valjean.

Kaito Shion : These reactions