Logan's X-Men Timeline

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megamcee : I might be wrong, but Logan didn't really get to emotionally live for those ~50 years after the events of DOFP. His consciousness just jumped from the past to the future. Or at least that's how I interpreted that. Correct me if I'm wrong, comic readers.

Megumi Goose : 252 years old, mentally. Seen all his friends die at least twice. And I still wasn't ready for the ending of this movie. I cried like an emotionally disturbed child. I'm not exaggerating. I leaned my head on my best friend's shoulder and sobbed. She took me out for pizza afterwards.

Mason Elford : "You should take some time, feel it" The end of Logan "So this is what it feels like."

Jonathan Uriostegui : First Class: 1962 Origins Wolverine: 1979 X-Men: 1994 X2: 1994 The Last Stand: 1995 The Wolverine: 2013 Days of Future Past: 2023 (Dark Future) Time Travel back to 1973 ---------------New Timeline--------------------------- First Class: 1962 Days of Future Past: 1973 (Past) Apocalypse: 1983 Deadpool: 2016 The New Mutants: 2018 Deadpool 2: 2018 Days of Future Past: 2023 (New Future) Logan: 2029

Park Jin : Maybe the empty Xavier's School in Deadpool was because the kids were slowly dying off by the mutant poison set by the government. I remember Colossus being concerned with Negasonic Teenage Warhead's health. The mutant poison could have had effects on kids and elderly first before grown up X-men could have felt anything. Which might explain why seven mutants was killed by Xavier due to his seizures. (Scott, Night-crawler, Jubilee, Storm, Mystic, Colossus, Quicksilver)(my guess) In anyways, what a great movie it was!!

Vanessa Blanco : Who do you all think will be the next Logan?

Five_ly : I never seen any of these movies and im glad i didn't

Salmaan Lambat : How did he age so much from 2023 to 2029?

Khosruzzaman Ovi : logan got a sword in his house.... that might be an easter egg

DemonWhoo : Dude now explain the Kreb's cycle..

guilherme siqueira : I just hope we get 17 years of Laura.

Jack Milton : Logan was the best film in the X-Men series in my opinion.

ZeroDarkDirty 13 : Just watched Logan for the first time and loved it! Thank you so much for this Wolverine timeline overview

Don Cheto : 3 laughed at jokes 447,356 not laughed at

Kiel Enrique : So I got a question... If Logan got his claws cut off in Japan... how the hell did his adamantium claws grow back in DOFP? Also, does Logan have metal claws at the end of DOFP? If not then please explain how he got them back in LOGAN.

RealFreshDuke : If I'm not mistaken Xavier took his twin brother's body (that's why he looks exactly the same), he probably used the wheelchair because that body was laying around for a few years. Also, when Logan "went back to the future", his "young" body lost his future self's psyche, so probably lost all those extra memory, also I'm fairly sure he got his memory wiped in that timeline (too), so he wasn't as old mentally.

Liam Palmer Music : The thing is tho I actually love origins it's great 😂

daniel1505r _YT : Am I the only one who liked x men origins wolverin

I, Deadpool, want 10,000 Subscribers : Guys, wait a second. Where is the part where I slap Hugh Jackman in the face? I know it was in the videogame, but still should be in there. It was memorable.

Daniel Nester : props to you for connecting the timeline they massacred haha, pretty crazy how logan has been through so much considering the fact that he has lived through two different timelines mentally, the biggest buzzkill of all for Logan though has to be how this alternate timeline they technically only help the mutants survive another 6 years.

Marcos Nutella : Logan is the best Marvel Movie surely

Earth Is Not Flat : Now you gotta explain Dark Phoenix

Nicolas Brandon : X-Men movie timeline: First Class Origins: Wolverine X-Men X-Men United The Last Stand The Wolverine Days of Future Past Apocalypse Deadpool Logan

wade cochrane : i thought the logan movie was a stand alone movie seprate from the main time line

Eskinder Mamo : spoilers logan died but howw?? how did he lose his regeneration power?

Jonathan Uriostegui : He can't do math? He's 197 years old. Not 196.

EngBang : I have a question, in the Wolverine, we see his claws get chopped off. But how did he have it in Days of Future Past? Even before he went back in time, he still had them. So how’d he get them back?

Kacy's World : X-men came out in 2000.

Soft & Wet : I think Logan could potentially be a continuation of the original X-Men timeline, or one in and of itself. Point is, in the word of Deadpool. "These timelines are so confusing..."

Dominic Gomez : Mutant hasn't been born for 25 years not 20

Ella Madelyn : WTF I though X-men Origins was a good movie. The Last Stand was without a doubt an awful movie but X-men Origins gave a lot of good information and had a good story.

Eli Rafferty : wolverine looks kinda disabled in the thumbnail

The3lkku : I heard it got juicy

Colton G : To those who are confused about what timeline Logan takes place in: Original Timeline: *X-Men First Class *X-Men Origins: Wolverine *X-Men *X2 *X-Men: The Last Stand *The Wolverine *The f***ed up future in Days of Future Past (where pretty much every mutant is dead) New Timeline: *X-Men First Class (the events of this movie take place in both timelines, because the 60's were never changed) *Parts of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the parts before Logan gets adamantium) *The events in the 70's from Days of Future Past *X-Men Apocalypse *The happy future at the end of Days of Future Past *Logan (where pretty much every mutant is dead) So, no matter which timeline happens, the mutant race is nearly wiped out either way, thus confirming Hank McCoy's theory in Days of Future Past, that no matter what you do, the timeline will always re-correct it's course (his whole, throwing a rock in the river metaphor). Unknown Timeline: *Deadpool- It is unknown which timeline Deadpool takes place in, considering it's set in modern times (2015 or 2016), and the fact that Wade Wilson is about the same age that he was in Origins (which is set in the early 70's), and the fact that we have a different Colossus, it's entirely possible that Deadpool takes place in its' own timeline completely, and that the sequels and future X-Force movies will be completely separate from the X-Men timelines (there will be no more movies set in the original timeline, which I thought was obvious after Days of Future Past, but apparently a lot of people didn't get the memo, because a lot of comments are people trying to convince others that Logan is set in the original timeline, which it is in fact not.

FB Films : My theory is that Logan actually takes place in the sentinel timeline. Someway, somehow, they escaped last minute and repelled the sentinels and were able to start over. But since so many were already dead and they were weakened by the fight with the sentinels, they had trouble starting over. After Charles' little attack, they just gave up and moved to Mexico. In Days of Future Happy Sunny Days timeline, Logan is still alive and well, making love to Jean Grey behind Cyclops's back, and teaching history. Just a thought (well more like a desperate plea to let Logan be alive somehow.)

Kyle Carey : he accidentally shows his credit card at 15:35

dallascaballero : i unironically enjoyed X-Men origins wolverine. yeah its not the best, but it was a decent movie. too much hate imo

Der Benny HD : Why can't we have the Superhero Movie History in our History lesson ? I woul'd get just A

Collin Mach : I need this guy to be my teacher, he explains Things well.

Allen White : Xmen timeline Bits and pieces of origins First class Days of future past(kinda) Apocalypse Xmen X2 Deadpool Logan Movies that don’t exist anymore: Origins because just, no. But actually it messes up strykers timey The last stand because jean grey was alive The wolverine because jean grey didn’t die so he didn’t become a hermit The original 2 movies are iffy

Di Thom : I hate that everyone hates last stand. I loved it.

Mpampis Sougias : if wolverine lost his adamantium claws in 2013 how does he still have them in the beginning of days of future past??

Kevin Thomes : Why do Wolverine have his Metal claws??? (9:25)

ATTACK ON TITAN : "Logan, you still have time".

spex 188 : Whatch on ign channel is easier to understand and faster....

Nathan Fox : That was awesome you guys! Subbed

jeffrey ortiz : I think you got a small part of the dates wrong. when Logan is taking place in 2029 you said no new mutants has been born in 20 years but if you go to the part in the movie where he is carrying professor x to the bed Logan says there is no new mutants born in 25 years. if you don't trust me, go to cinimasins new episode on Logan and go to about 2:20 in and Logan said no new mutants has been born in 25 years.

thatotherguy271863 : During Days of Future Past When Charles(Mcavoy)reads his mind and says "You poor man", that is when he has seen the other time line. That is why during Logan he mentions events from that timeline. His mind eaten by the degenerative brain disease is making it hard for him to differentiate between logans memories he seen and his timeline.

Tyler Boone : Henry Jackman stated in an interview that if the mcu could bring the wolverine into their movies he would be wolverine again

Edwin Bejarano : This timeline is confusing